Citibank Korea sponsors 530 million won to support ‘Learning and Experiencing Financial Class for Youth – Think Money’

Citibank Korea held an agreement signing ceremony with the YWCA of Korea for ‘Learning and Experiencing Financial Class for Youth – Think Money’ and delivered a Citi Foundation donation of 530 million won (USD 419,000).
Around 40 related individuals including the YWCA of Korea President Kyo-ja Kang, Citibank Korea CEO YK Ha and Standing Auditor Sung-Ho Lee participated in the ceremony, held at the YWCA hall in Myeong-dong, Seoul.
‘Learning and Experiencing Financial Class for Teenagers-Think Money’ is a social contribution activity that has been conducted since 2006 in order to help Korea’s future leaders, teenagers, to establish the proper sense of finance and promote their understanding of finance by integrating the financial institution’s know-how and professionalism in campaigns for teenagers. Citibank Korea has donated a total of USD 1.285 million dollars (1.2 billion won) so far through Citi Foundation over the past three years.
The program, which had been conducted mainly for elementary and middle-school students, is now expected to expand the target to high school students in its fourth year, 2009. Around 150 executives and employees of Citibank Korea and around 150 volunteers from YWCA will serve as lecturers in programs such as school courses, finance experience classes, after-school class, cooperative school, multi-cultural home financial class, special courses for middle school third graders and high school third graders, set up through schools and YWCA branches in 35 areas nationwide.

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