Codename: Jackal (2012)

Director: Bae Hyeong Jun
Casts: Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jae Joong, Oh Dal Su, Han Sang Jin, Kim Sung Ryeong, Ju Min Ha, Ra Mi Ra, Seo Dong Won, and Seo Yi An
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 107 minutes

The female killer (Song Ji Hyo) is hired to kill a Hallyu singer (Kim Jae Joong). She tries to kidnaps him tries to kill him but the police arrived. Meanwhile, the police try to capture the ‘Jackal’ who has been planning out deaths previously.

The film is…..BORING. I gave so many sighs toward this film. Even though this film has popular idols like Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jae Joong, I got a bit tired with the long and dragging storyline. There are some back stories about the two main characters. There are some love and laughter between the two of them. There are polices who are trying their best to catch the jackal. There is a saseng fan who is after the Hallyu star. However, again, it’s still boring. I wasn’t even moved and impressed with the whole storyline. The one good comment which I would like to make is that the two main casts have tried to be themselves. Both Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jae Joong have portrayed the character really well.

Although I was impressed with Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jae Joong did well in having great chemistry together in this film, but the long storyline made me fall asleep. It’s not much of a comedy that made me laugh. I was actually looking forward to this film after I watched the trailer. Yet, I was disappointed with this film.

Rating: 5/10

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