Come Rain, Come Shine (2011)

Director: Lee Yoon Ki
Casts: Im Soo Jeong and Hyun Bin
Genre: Melodrama and Romance
Running Time: 105 minutes
Certi: 15 (South Korea)

Hyun Bin plays a very considerate but ‘hard to understand’ kind of person while Im Soo Jeong plays a role of a woman who decides to leave him because she loves another man. One day, when Im Soo Jeong is ready to move out, a heavy rain storm comes and stops her from leaving. Both of them spend time together for the very last day. Within that day, the couple, who has been married for five years, play around with how they show there true feelings with each other. This film was selected for the 60th Berlin International Film Festival.

Director Lee Yoon Ki pointed out that this film is adapted from a Japanese short story because of his interests in the US and Japanese films and culture. However, he changed slightly on this film’s storyline which is based on the Korean audiences’ situations. Throughout this film, Lee Yoon Ki focuses mostly on the body language and the facial expressions. Even though the whole film itself is in a slow pace of long take shots and silence, the main point is how the characters feel just by reading their actions and expressions that we could tell immediately. This film allows us to understand how a couple expresses themselves and doing daily things (eg. cooking dinner, packing things etc) within a single day. While at times, when they are alone, they are in their own deep thoughts. Thus, it somehow link to our everyday lives.

Based on the characters of this film, I’m trying to understand what they’re saying. For me, I only know that both of them can’t show their real feelings among each other. Again, it’s a slow pace while they converse among each other. The woman insists that she’s going to leave him while the man agrees with that. The man should have asked her not to leave but he’s reluctant to show his true feelings for her. Also, you can compare these two characters on who’s quite independent or not when it comes to being independent such as the man can cook while the woman can’t. Looking at this couple, I sigh like the woman’s mother that I don’t understand what they’re thinking. I feel sorry for them but it’s their hesitance to reveal their feelings among each other.

Even though this is a Korean independent film, I’m surprised that Hyun Bin is in this film. Like what we see him featured in the previous dramas like ‘Secret Garden’, he played the playful character. For this film, we get to see the other side of him. He’s being the calm and serious character in this film. Lee Yoon Ki has chosen Hyun Bin as the man in this film because he has the potential and the voice colour. He was impressed with Hyun Bin after watching a drama where Hyun Bin acted as a TV producer in a drama (not sure what’s the drama’s title). I’m glad I get to see the other side of Hyun Bin who is a caring and considerate character in this drama. Who wouldn’t want a man like that especially when he knows how to cook? Hyun Bin is able to portray the character who’s is considerate yet unable to reveal is true feelings. At the same time, he is able to portray his body language and face expressions really well.

Overall, although the casts are able to have the opportunity to show their acting capabilities especially in serious independent films, I tried to hold my patience in this storyline. It’s the long take and silence with no music that tests my patience and understanding in this film. The storyline is fine but it’s the slow pace that troubles me while watching this film. So, if you’re the type of person who appreciates a film that has a slow pace and have a deep understanding on storylines like this, go for it. If not, like Lee Yoon Ki said, you’ll asleep after watching this films within 10 minutes.

Rating: 6/10

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