Dancing Queen (2012)

Director: Lee Suk Hoon
Casts: Hwang Jung Min and Uhm Jung Hwa
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 124 minutes
Certi: 12

Dancing Queen is about the story of a married couple. Uhm Jung Hwa dreamed to become a singer since young but she put her dream aside after she is married to Hwang Jung Min. Hwang is a lawyer who earned low income and worries about the rent. One day, Hwang rescues a drunken man, who falls off on a subway platform, and becomes the hero. Instantly, he is selected to be the candidate of the Seoul Mayor. On the other hand, Jung Hwa has her dreams come true because she is scouted by an entertainment industry. She has to choose between hers and his dream. In the end, she decides to support him while pursuing her dreams. This film is about dreams can sometimes come true even though we are either young or old.

One sentence to this film: I absolutely love it. At the start on the little kids, I was really looking forward to watching the whole film. It’s interesting to see how the married couple romance bloom when they were elementary school kids. Let’s start with Hwang. He’s a sweet and jovial guy who says with a Busan accent. He tries to be nice to Jung Hwa but failed to do so which he gets the beating from her. At the beginning, he doesn’t support her dreams until he realize what he did wrong. My favourite parts would be from when he entered into the political field till supporting Jung Hwa. During the political campaign, although he says funny with his accent, he voices out his words with inspiration to the people. That makes me nod my head on whatever he says make sense about the society in Korea especially when it comes to the young generation. He is a funny, nice, and sensitive husband so Jung Hwa should be happy about it.

As for Jung Hwa, she’s my favourite character in this film. She can be a mad and enthusiastic person at first but as the story develops, I realize that she has been through a lot as a daughter, a wife, and a mother. She has no choice but to sacrifice her dreams as a singer just to make everyone happy. However, she is not happy at all. Now that the opportunity is in front of her, she has to grab it. At the same time, she has to support Hwang’s dream. I am impressed with how she sings and dances at her age. Every time I see her sing and dance, I can see the emotions in her eyes which touch my heart. So, I find that she is really inspirational.

Besides that, I like the official soundtracks in this film. I was tapping my feet and grooving along with the song. I was moved by the songs. Some make me happy while some make me have tears in my eyes. Therefore, I decided to purchase the soundtracks and put them in my music lists because these songs are seriously good. I’m glad that I stay on until I watch the ending. The ending is really good that I cried a little bit. It’s by far the best ending.

Honestly, there’s nothing bad about this film because I was in a serious emotional rollercoaster ride which I truly enjoyed it. I love the inspirational married couple. I love the official soundtracks that make me groove along with these music. I love the storyline. I did whack the empty chair beside me because most of the scenes are too funny. So, I would suggest that you guys should watch this film. Trust me, it’s an inspirational and emotional (happy and sad) film that dreams sometimes can be come true while we try to make everyone happy even though we prioritize ourselves to become happy.

Rating: 9/10

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