Desire to Kill (2010)

Director: Kim Sang Hwa and Jo Won Hee
Casts: Cheon Ho Jin, Yu Hae Jin, Seo Hyo Lim, Lee Jeong Heon, Ra Mi Ran, Kim Seo Hyung, and Ahn Eun Jung
Genre: Thriller
Running Minutes: 92 minutes
Certi: 15 (South Korea)

Min Ho (Cheon Ho Jin), who witnessed his lover’s death, has attempted suicide many times but failed. In the hospital, Min Ho tried to recall the memories of his lover’s death including the killer. Sang Up (Yu Hae Jin) suffers from memory loss and is paralyzed. Min Ho remembers that he is the killer and attempts to kill him to seek his revenge even though Sang Up doesn’t remember what had happened in the past. Suddenly, Sang Up remembers some parts of his past which he has totally forgotten. Both men sleep in the small hospital room. Once both of them realize about the past, they kill each other.

I enjoyed the moments when my tensions rise while watching the film. At the beginning, it was quite humorous to see that Min Ho tries to kill Sang up numerous times but Sang Up somehow regain his consciousness. On the other hand, sometimes, Sang Up can be quite funny and annoying even when he flirts with Nurse Ha. Later, as two of them start to remember what happened to the lover’s death, they start to kill each other which are the intense climax. I started to go a little bit jumpy and tense when I watch that climax but it is a good thing. That is because of their expressions and actions while they are killing each other. The glare from their eyes, the words that they spoke out, and the actions which they had shown gave me the goosebumps.

Not only that, the concept of this film makes think of this question: who is the one who killed the lover? I thought that Min Ho is the good guy while Sang Up is the bad guy. In the end, the truth was revealed as Dr Paik, the daughter of their lover, voices out that they’re the ones who kill the lover. That is shocking but in a good way. The whole story about the lover’s death burns my heart in rage while I was watching this. Thus, I feel really sorry for the lover and Dr Paik. Dr Paik’s revenge is successful as she purposely put the two of them, gives them the medicine to remember what exactly happened, and letting them kill each other. Even the ending goes well as Nurse Ha goes to the room while the whole scene started to fade and we all know what happen when Nurse Ha saw both of them in blood.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of horror and thrillers film. However, this film is acceptable since the storyline development is good and I get all exciting especially when it comes to climax. Also, it is good to see the mystery behind the lover’s death which I like because I like to think a lot. Well, if you’re planning to watch this film, then all I can say is that there’s humour at the beginning and then the storyline starts to build up with intense and killing between Min Ho and Sang Up.

Rating: 8/10

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