DIOTEK released memo application, DioMemo for Android Market

DIOTEK, a mobile software provider(www.diotek.com), has released a memo & note-taking application, DioMomo™ for Google’s Android Market.

DioMemo is a very useful handwriting memo application with handwriting recognition feature. DioMemo can convert handwritings to text and also recognizes and corrects the shapes and colors of figures drawn by hand, which makes it fun to use.

Users can memo with a wide range of lines and colors by using fingertips.

Moreover, DioMemo can export memos in jpeg, rtf or txt file format, and offers an intelligent function which recognizes website addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, and connects to the corresponding website address.

Various other special functions connected with Google’s services are also supported: importing map images connected with Google maps, capturing images, inserting a memo on a map image.

DIOTEK is a mobile software company dedicated to developing specialized software for enhancing the use of mobile devices, including handwriting recognition software and multi-language electronic dictionary and OCR technology-based business card & document reader application.

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