Discover Japan: a free one-day course for teachers

Are you interested in using Japan in your teaching? In this course, we will look at where it fits in the curriculum and where to find useful teaching materials and supplementary resources. Practical workshops with experienced tutors provide the skills needed to incorporate new materials into your scheme of work. The day will comprise separate strands for primary school and secondary subjects’ teachers.

PRIMARY: Discover the true essence of haiku with Paul Conneally and come away with tips and techniques to allow your pupils to use this form creatively to prevent it being a mere syllable counting exercise. Be inspired by the Japanese soroban, learning new and exciting ways to engage your pupils in Numeracy lessons, with Kimie Markarian. Captivate your pupils with Manga techniques from Manga artist Chie Kutsuwada and explore Japanese culture through ‘Japan Detectives,’ a new primary Japan resource.

LANGUAGE: Introducing Japan(ese) in your classroom. Be inspired by Japan and introduce Japanese into your curriculum by discovering Japan through language and culture with Dr Thomas McAuley.

SECONDARY ART: Add a Japanese flavour to your art curriculum as you learn about various Japanese art forms, presented in a practical way by Japanese specialists. You will explore the philosophy and the world of Nihon-ga (ink-wash painting) with Peter Cavaciuti, the wide range of manga styles and traditions with Chie Kutsuwada and discover the art of Japanese woodblock printing with Hiroko Imada.

SECONDARY GEOGRAPHY: Explore Japan from different angles past and present. Inspire your students by bringing a flavour of Japan to your teaching through a series of geo-political and environmental seminars by Dr Peter Matanle, Professor Hugo Dobson and Dr Mark Pendleton from Sheffield University’s School of South East Asian Studies.

Date: Friday 19 July 2013, 9.10am to 3.45pm
Venue: Sheffield University, Management School, Conduit Road, Sheffield S10 1FL

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