Discover Japanese Food #3: Atsuko’s "Dashimaki Tamago" (THE EAST Campaign in Association with Atsuko’s Kitchen)

Dashimaki is a great dish for packing into your bento (lunchbox). It’s made with dashi, making it soft and juicy. You can serve it with grated daikon (white long radish) and soy sauce, or mayonnaise.
The sweet egg roll found on top of Nigiri sushi is made with the same method, but it is much sweeter.
In Japan we make this dish with a square frying pan, as it’s easier to roll evenly. You will find a square frying pan in the Japanese grocery shops in London.
Also you can use a normal frying pan, but you might need bit of practice to make the perfect egg roll. A teflon coated frying pan will make it easier.

* Ingredients: serves 4
4 large eggs
Seasonings: 60 ml dashi, 1/2 tsp light shoyu (soy sauce), A little of salt, 1 tsp mirin
For frying:2 tbsp vegetable oil
Garnish: Grated daikon (white long radish if available), Shoyu (dark soy sauce)

* Preparation:
1. Mix the dashi and other seasonings in a cup until the salt dissolves.
2. Break the eggs into a large bowl and crush the eggs yolk then cut the egg white using the chopsticks.
3. Mix 1 into 2 then stir gently.
4. Grate a daikon with grater then squeeze out the liquid, set aside.

*Method: This needs to be done quickly to work. Ready?
1. Heat the small frying pan ( 18cm width ) with high heat, then wipe with a paper towel soaked in oil. This makes sure there is not too much oil in the pan.
2. Make sure the frying pan is hot enough then pour a quarter of the egg mixture and tilt the frying pan to spread the mixture.
3. Break the bubbles on the egg with your chopsticks. When the egg is half cooked, roll the egg towards you, then push to the back of the pan.
4. Spread the oil ( using the paper towel soaked in the oil ) on the pan. Repeat 2, 3 action 3 or 4 times. But leave the egg roll in the pan when you repeat it. Try to pour the mixture under the roll so that it sticks together. This makes it easier to roll the egg.
5. After the last roll turn the heat off. Put the paper towel on the plate and wrap the egg roll in it to be left for 3 mins.
6. Take it out of the paper and cut into 2cm thick slices. Serve with shoyu (soy sauce) with grated daikon.

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