Discover Korean Food 108: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s “Dalrae Beef Salad”

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[Ingredients & Quantity]
100g Wild Rocambole, 300g Beef (Sirloin), 1/2tbsp Salt, 1tsp Pepper Powder, 1tbsp Refined Rice Wine, 2tbsp Juicy Onion, 2tbsp Vegetable Oil
Soft Persimmon Sauce: 6tbsp Soft Persimmon, 1tbsp Honey, 1/2tbsp Juicy Lemon, 1/2tbsp Sugar, 1/4tsp Salt

1. Wash the Wild Rocambole. Cut them in 4cm length.
2. Cut the Beef in 4cm width, 5cm length and 0.2cm thickness. Season them with the Salt, Pepper Powder, Refined Rice Wine, and the Juicy Onion.
3. Pan-fry them.
4. Make the Soft Persimmon Sauce by mixing the ingredients together.
5. Serve the Beef with the Soft Persimmon Sauce.

* You can use Juicy Pear instead of the Juicy Onion for tenderness.

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