Discover Korean Food 125: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s “Na Bak Kimchi”


[Ingredients & Quantity]
200g Chinese Cabbage, 200g (⅕) Radish, 10g (2½ tsp) Salt
20g Spring Onion, 50g Dropwort, 20g Garlic, 10g Ginger
30g (1½) Red Chilli, 3.5g (1 tsp) Pine Nut
Kimchi Soup: 1.2kg (6cups) warm Water, 18g (1½ tbsp) Salt, 4g (1 tsp) Sugar, 14g (2 tbsp) Pepper Powder

1. Clean the Cabbage and Radish. Cut them into 2.5cm wide, 3cm long and 0.3cm thick. Salt the Cabbage for 5 minutes. Add the Radish. Leave them for 5 minutes. Drain them and reserve the Saltwater.
2. Make the Kimchi Soup with the Saltwater: Add the warm Water, Salt, Sugar. Wrap the Pepper Powder with a piece of Cotton. Add the wrapped Pepper Powder. Squeeze it about 10 times.
3. Clean the Spring Onion and Dropwort. Cut them into 3cm long. Cut the Garlic and Ginger into 0.3cm wide and long. Remove the inside of Red Chilli. Chop them into 3cm wide and 0.3cm thick.
4. Clean the Fine Nut.

1. Mix the Salted Cabbage with the Spring Onion, Garlic, Ginger and Red Chilli. Place them into a Jar.
Pour the Kimchi Soup.
2. Serve the dish with the Dropwort and Fine Nut on top of it.

* You should use Saltwater to prevent the Cabbage to become too soft.
* You can reserve the wrapped Garlic and Ginger in the Jar.





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