Discover Korean Food 127: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s “Jook Soon Chae”


[Ingredients & Quantity]
150g Bamboo Shoot, 600g (3cups) Water, 0.5g Salt, 0.1g White Pepper Powder
70g Bean Sprouts, 20g Dropwort, 800g (4cups) Water,2g (½tsp) Salt, 10g (½) Red Chili
50g Beef, 10g(2) Shiitake Mushroom
60g (1) Egg, 26g (2tbsp) Vegetable Oil, 4g (2) Pine Nuts Powder
Seasoning Sauce1: 6g (1tsp) Soy Sauce, 2g (½tsp) Sugar, 4.5g (1tsp) Minced Spring Onion, 2.8g (½tsp) Minced Garlic, 2g (1tsp) Sesame Salt, 0.3g (⅛tsp) Pepper Powder, 4g (1tsp) Sesame Oil
Seasoning Sauce2: 12g (2tsp) Soy Sauce, 8g (2tsp) Sugar, 10g (2tsp) Vinegar

1. Cut the Bamboo Shoot into 4cm long, 2cm wide, and 0.3cm thick.
2. Trim the Bean Sprouts. Clean the Dropwort. Devide the Red Chilli; cut it into 5cm long, 0.2cm wide and thick.
3. Clean the Beef. Cut it into 6cm long and 0.2cm thick. Marinate them with the Seasoning Sauce1 (½).
4. Soak the Shiitake Mushroom into the water. Remove the Pillar. Cut them into 0.2cm wide and thick. Marinate them with the Seasoning Sauce1 (½).
5. Fry the Egg. Cut it into 5cm wide and 0.3cm thick.

1. Boil the Water for 3 minutes. Blanch the Bamboo Shoot for 2 minutes.
2. Boil the Water for 4 minutes. Add the Salt. Blanch the Bean Sprouts and Dropwort for 1 minute. Wash the Dropwort and Cut it into 5cm long.
3. Fan-fry the Bamboo Shoot with the Salt and White Pepper Powder for 2 minutes at medium temperature. Fan-fry the Red Chill for 20 seconds.
4. Fan-fry the Beef and Shiitake Mushroom for 2 minutes at medium temperature.
5. Add the Seasoning Sauce2. Mix them well. Serve the dish with the Pine Nuts Powder.

1. Clean properly when you use canned Bamboo Shoot.
2. Use Rice Water to remove the smell of Bamboo Shoot: Boil the Bamboo Shoot for 30 minutes with the Rice Water. Soak the Bamboo Shoot into Water for 2~3 hours.


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