Discover Korean Food 146: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s “Dalrae Doen Jang Jji Gae”


Dalrae Doen Jang Jji Gae is a soy bean paste soup added with a wild rocambole. A wild rocambole is used for appetiser in spring. And it is also good for insomnia.

[Ingredients & Quantity]
150g wild rocambole, 200g (½) bean curd, 30g (2) green chilli
20g (1) red chilli, 20g spring onion
900g (4½ cups) rice water, 30g anchovy
68g (4tbsp) Doen Jang, 1g (¼tsp) Salt

1. Clean the wild rocambole. Cut them into 4cm long .
2. Wash the bean curd. Cut it into 1.5cm thick, wide and long.
3. Cut the red and green chillies into 0.1cm wide.
4. Trim the anchovy.

1. Boil the anchovies in salt water for 5 minutes; 15 minutes at medium temperature; take out the anchovies.
2. Add the Doen Jang in the anchovy water; Boil for 7 minutes at medium temperature; add the ben curd and boil another 3 minutes.
3. Add the Chillies, wild rocambole, and spring onion. Season with salt. Boil for 2 minutes.

* For the better scent, do not boil the wild rocambole too long.
* Depending on the type of the Doen Jang, the amount of salt usage can be varied.
* you can add selfish.


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