Discover Korean Food #15: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s "Pork Rib with Sukjiwhang and Sweet Pumpkin" (Jjim, Steamed Dish)

This steamed dish is made with the sweet pumpkin, pork rib and sukjiwhang, which is effective in generating warmth in the body. The sukjiwhang is sweet and non-poisonous, and one of representative blood nourishing herbs. It improves greatly insufficient blood supply, nourishes the marrow, strengthens muscles and bones, and also corrects crumbling symptoms. It helps clean blood vessels to the extent that the function of ears and eyes can be improved.

Material and Quantity
* sweet pumpkin 1 each, pork rib 600g, chestnut 4 each, jujube 5 each, ginkgo 10 each
* water 5 cups, sukjiwhang 3g, cheongung 3g, sansa 3g, arrowroot 3g, ginger 5g
* sauce: soysauce 2 table spoons, sugar 1 table spoon, black pepper 1/4 tea spoon, matrimony vine seed 3g, deer’s horn 1 piece

1. Cut the pork rib into 4cm thick pieces. Remove its tendon and fat. Soak in water for 3 hours to remove the blood in them. Boil water for 3 minutes over the strong heat, and add the pork ribs, boiling again for 2 minutes and rinse.
2. Cut off the upper part of the sweet pumpkin and remove its inner elements.
3. Peel off the outer crust of the chestnut. Clean the jujuge surface with wet cloth.
4. Spread oil on the hot pan, and roast lightly the ginkgo in it, peeling off its endodermis.
5. Boil the pork rib, water, sukjiwhang, cheongung, sansa, baekchul and arrowroot over the strong heat for 40 minutes until the pork rib is well cooked. Then remove the pork rib and sift the soup.
6. Boil down the pork rib, its soup, sauce, deer’s horn, matrimony vine seed over the medium heat for 10 minutes
7. Add to the sweet pumpkin the pork rib, chestnut, jujube, and residual soup in the steamer and steam over the strong heat for 15 minutes.
8. Remove the cooked food to a vessel and put the ginkgo over it.

* Top the pork rib with seasoned juice during cooking to give glazing effects.
* Pumpkin seeds may be added in the steamed pork rib.

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