Discover Korean Food 173: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s “Dak-Galbi-Bokum”


Dak-Galbi-Bokum is a chicken dish with tteok, vegetables, and gochujang sauce. A chicken contains high protein with low calories; it is good for brain.

[Ingredients & Quantity]
300g chicken
50g tteok, 400g (2 cups) water
100g cabbage, 15g (1) green chilli, 100g sweet potato
70g (½) onion, 20g spring onion, 40g sesame leaf
13g (1tbsp) vegetable oil
* Seasoning soy sauce: 10g (½tbsp) gochujang, 12g (2tsp) soy sauce, 2g (½tsp) salt, 12g (1tbsp) sugar, 7g (1tbsp) chilli powder, 30g spring onion juice, 19g (1tbsp) honey, 30g (2tbsp) refined rice wine, 11g (2tsp) minced garlic, 2g (½tsp) minced ginger, 6g (1tbsp) sesame salt, 13g (1tbsp) sesame oil

1. Remove the chicken bones; cut in 3cm wide and 4cm long.
2. Wash the cabbage; cut in 5cm long and 1.5cm thick; cut the green chilli in 2cm long and 0.3cm thick.
3. Clean the sweet potato; cut in 5cm long, 1.5cm wide, and 0.7cm thick.
4. Cut the onion in 5cm long and 1cm wide. Cut the spring onion in 3cm long and 0.3cm thick. Cut the sesame leaves in half.
5. Make the seasoning sauce.

1. Soak the chicken in the seasoning sauce for 1 hour.
2. Panfry the tteok on the water for 1 minute.
3. Panfry the chicken and sweet potato with vegetable oil for 5 minutes; add the tteok, cabbage, green chilli, onion, and seasoning sauce; panfry for 4 minutes.
4. Add the spring onion and sesame leaves; panfry for 1 minute.

* You can add rice and dried seaweed to make a mixed rice dish.


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