Discover Korean Food #29: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s "Matrimony Vine Seed and Vegetable Porridge"

1326It is a kind of porridge with plain rice, matrimony vine seed juice, yam, carrot, and buchu leek

Material and Quantity
* soaked rice 1 cup, sesame oil 1 table spoon
* matrimony 10g with 7 cups of water
* yam 20g, carrot 20g, buchu leek 20g

1. Wash plain rice and soak for 2 hours and drain.
2. Put the matrimony vine seed and water in the pan and boil until its juice decreases to 6 cups. 3. Wash and trim the yam and carrot. Peel off their outer crusts and cut them into 0.5mm thick slices.
4. Cut the buchu leek into 0.5cm lengths.
5. Put the soaked rice and sesame oil into the pan and pan-boil until the rice color becomes somewhat transparent. Add matrimony seed juice to it and boil further on the strong heat, and then lower the heat to the medium, boiling for 15 minutes more with the lid covered.
6. Then add the carrot and yam, boiling for 15 minutes. When they are mixed well with other materials, add the buchu leek and salt, boiling for 2 more minutes.

* Instead of matrimony seed juice, matrimony powder may be used.
* Do not add the buchu leek earlier lest it should loose it green color.
* The buchu leek juice made with the mixer may be used instead of the fresh buchu leek.

The overall function of the arrowroot’s root is fair, and it tastes sweet and hot; it’s powder contains a lot of starch. It helps warm the body, lessen the body heat and relieve thirst, and therefore is used for treating indigestion, headache, anemia, dysentery, diabetes, colitis and malignant tumor.

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