Discover Korean Food #42: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s "Yong-An-Yuk-Seol-Gi"

Yong-An-Yuk-Seol-Gi tteok is a steamed rice cake dish mixed with steamed rice cake powder and a Longan. The taste of the Longan is sweet; it does not contain any poison. It relaxes the body and helps the function of the internal organs. It is a useful supplement for Aeremia of the Heart and Spleen. Therefore, it is especially good for Stroke, Arterial, Insomnia, and Anaemia.

* 30g Longan
* 260g steamed rice cake powder
* 3 tbsp sugar
* 3/4 tsp salt
*3 tbsp water

1. Wash and dry the Longan. Chop it.
2. Season the steamed rice cake powder with salt. Strain them.
3. Pour water into the steamed rice cake powder. Strain after rubbing them. Add the Longan and the sugar into them.
4. Lay a piece of cotton inside the bottom of a steamer. Place a rice-cake-frame on it. Spread the powder evenly.
5. Steam it for 15 minutes after boiling.

Literally, Longan means an eye of a dragon as its fruit looks like an eye of an animal; Aril is thick like animal skin.
The taste of the Longan is sweet and it keeps the body warm. It is good for the stomach. It is Anti-biotic, Anti-cancer, Anti-ageing, and Anti-oxidant. It, also, boosts robustness. Therefore, it is especially good for shortness of memory, heart trouble, and digestion problem.

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