Discover Korean Food #49: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s "Tteokjjim, Braised Rice Cake Rod Stuffs"

Tteokjjim is a dish of rice cake rods, beef, and vegetables braised with seasonings. It is said that in olden days, the court kitchen ladies prepared tteokjjim for the king, who lacked physical exercise and sometimes suffered from indigestion, because it was thought to ease stomach troubles.

[Ingredients & Quantity]

300 g white rice cake rod, 40 g beef (top round)
60 g carrot, 400 g (2 cups) water, 1 g (¼ tsp) salt
60 g (4 ea) chestnut, 5 g (1 sheet) brown oak mushrooms
3.5 g (1 tsp) pine nuts, 16 g (4 ea) jujube, 25 g (12 ea) gingko
60 g (1 ea) egg, 15 g watercress, 2.3 g (1 tsp) wheat flour, 4 g (1 tsp) edible oil
100 g beef (shank), 800 g (4 cups) water
* Sesame soy sauce : 3 g (½ tsp) soy sauce, 4 g (1 tsp) sesame oil
* Seasoning sauce ① : 6 g (1 tsp) soy sauce, 2 g (½ tsp) sugar, 2.3 g (½ tsp), minced green onion, 1.4 g (¼ tsp) minced garlic, 1 g (½ tsp) sesame salt, 0.1 g ground black pepper, 4 g (1 tsp) sesame oil
* Seasoning sauce ② : 27 g (1½ tbsp) soy sauce, 12 g (1 tbsp) sugar, 7 g (½ tbsp) minced green onion, 5.5 g (1 tsp) minced garlic, 2 g (1 tsp) sesame salt, 6.5 g (½ tbsp) sesame oil

1. Cut the white rice cake rod into 6 cm-long, and put knife slits on 4 places, taking care not to apart both ends. Season them with sesame soy sauce (280 g).
2. Clean blood of beef (top round, shank) with cotton cloths. Mince the top round finely and season with half of the seasoning sauce ①.
3. Cut the carrot into 2.5 cm-square and trim the edges (46 g). Skin the chestnuts (40 g). Stir-fry the gingko and skin. Soak brown oak mushrooms in water for about 1 hour, remove stems, wipe water with cotton cloths and cut it into 2~4 pieces (12 g).
4. Remove tops of the pine nuts, wipe the nuts with dry cotton cloths. Wipe the jujube with damp cotton cloths, cut the flesh and roll up (14 g).
5. Panfry egg for yellow/white garnish. Pan-fry watercress after coating with wheat flour liquid and beaten egg, then cut into 2 cm-long of diaper shape.

1. Insert the seasoned beef into the slits of the rice cake rods.

2. Put the shank and water in the pot and heat it up on high heat. When it boils, reduce the heat to medium, simmer it for 30 min. Take out the meat and cut then into 2 cm-wide, 3 cm-long and 0.7 cm-thick. Mix them with remained half of the seasoning sauce ①. Strain the broth through cotton cloths (300 g, 1½ cup).
3. Pour water in the pot and heat it up for 2 min. on high heat. When it boils, scald the carrot with salt for 2 min.
4. Put the shank, carrot, chestnuts, brown oak mushrooms, broth and half of the seasoning sauce ② in the pot. Boil it for 5 min. on high heat, add the rice cake rods, jujube and remained seasoning sauce ②, reduce the heat to medium and boil it for 13 min. Put the gingko and pine nuts.
5. Place in a dish, garnish with yellow/white egg strips and fried watercress.

* If the rice rod is dried hard, scald it in boiled water to be soft.
* Do not put the rice rods in the pot from the beginning, or it may be burst.

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