Discover Korean Food 66: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s “Omijapyeon, Omija-flavored Jelly”

Omijapyeon is a Korean cookie made of a mixture of omija liquid, mung bean starch and sugar, that is boiled down into a jelly. It has a pretty color and shape, soft texture, and sweet and sour taste. Omija is a fruit that has five tastes. The skin is sour and sweet, the stone is spicy and bitter, and the whole body is salty.

[Ingredients & Quantity]
33 g (⅓ cup) Omija, 400 g (2 cups) water
32 g (4 tbsp) mung bean starch
53 g (⅓ cups sugar
1 g (¼ tsp) salt

1. Wash Omija cleanly, soak in water for 12 hours. Sieve the water through cotton cloths (300 g (1½ cup)).
2. Mix mung bean starch with 100 g of Omija water thoroughly.

1. Put sugar and salt into the 200g (1 cup) of Omija water, boil it for 5 min. on medium heat, then add mung bean starch dissolved in Omija water, boil it with stirring for 5 min. on low heat.
2. When the liquid concentrated into droplet viscosity, steam for 2 min. Pour into a square container and let it be solidified.
3. When it solidified as jelly, cut into 3 cm-wide by 4 cm-long.

*Omija cookies may be served with plentiful shred chestnut and/or fruits on the bottom.


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