Discover Korean Food 84: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s “Kkakdugi, Diced Radish Kimchi”

Kkakdugi is a type of Kimchi made with cubed Korean radish, ground red pepper, salted anchovy, green onions, garlic and minced ginger. Pregnant women would eat jeong-kkakdugi, made of regular cubed radish, in hopes their child would grow to be honest and upright like a cubed radish. Suk-kkakdugi, made with steamed cubed radish, is good for the elderly and others with weak teeth.

[Ingredients & Quantity]
1.5 kg (1½ ea) radish, 18 g(1½ tbsp) salt, 6 g (½ tbsp) sugar
Seasonings: 42 g (6 tbsp) ground red pepper, 60 g salted shrimps, 24 g (1½ tbsp) minced garlic, 8 g (¾ tbsp) minced ginger, 100 g small green onion, 100 g watercress, 6 g (½ tbsp) salt

1. Trim and wash the radish, peel the skin and cut it into 2.5 cm-wide/long/thick dice.
2. Add salt and sugar to the diced radish, marinate it for 1 hour and drain water for 10 min. (1.3 kg).
3. Trim and wash small green onion and watercress, cut them into 3 cm-long (small green onion 80 g, watercress 70 g).
4. Mince salted shrimps finely.

1. Add ground red pepper to the marinated radish, mix it evenly until colored in red, add salted shrimps, garlic and ginger, mix them together thoroughly. Add small green onion and watercress, mix them softly, season with salt.
2. Put them into a jar and press down.

* Add sugar to the spring radish, not to the autumn radish, because autumn radish tastes sweet already.
* Fresh oyster may be add to the radish Kimchi for immediately serving. Kimchi juice will be clean and cool in taste.

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