Drama Review: Flower Boy Next Door

Park Shin Hye as Go Dok Mi
Yoon Shi Yoon as Enrique Geum
Kim Ji Hoon – Oh Jin Rak/Oh Jae Won
Park Soo Jin as Cha Do Hwi

Point of View:
Flower Boy Next Door is super entertaining. It definitely has a feeling of a girl & boy romance in it, but in a modern setting because it is at present. The storyline is kind of cliché and expected but it is entertaining to watch so I didn’t actually mind, but it some kind of boring in some parts of the story. Now this days, many people are interested of Romantic/Comedy setting, not just drama alone, but a bit funny and as same time has a twist of romantic on it, just to remove the same old D-r-a-m-a thing.

Park Shin Hye is one of my favorite Korean actress. And Yoon Si Yoon is really great on his part of the drama, it feels like, it’s so him, because I watched almost of his drama from Baker King till here. Sadly, I don’t actually like their chemistry in this drama and I didn’t get a romantic vibe for them even though they have a love line in this drama but that’s just because I still believe she is best paired with her past lead actors like Jang Geun Suk or Yonghwa. Maybe it’s also because their relationship started more as a noona and a dongsaeng compared to lovers so I was unable to switch gear and see them as a couple. But regardless, I still enjoyed it and I liked how it ended with both of them living happily.

I just hope I was able to get a more romantic feel from the main characters. I know they can’t be real couples in reality but I was hoping for something like the feeling with Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun in Faith wherein you can feel their chemistry and “love” on-screen even though Hee Sun already have a husband in real life. I guess Yoon Shi Yoon still needs to develop those techniques in acting since he’s still young and I have to admit that the drama became lesser engaging in the later episodes, where I lost most of my interest when the story circled around some petty issues, and it took too long to reach its final conclusion. It lingers too long on certain issues and the fun is lost somewhere in that way.

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