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This drama explains about the love between a Goryeo warrior and a present female doctor. A love that transcend through time and space. Yoo Eun So (Kim Hee Sun) is a 33 year old plastic surgeon in the year 2012. She used to be a surgeon but because she overworked and get low salary, she decided to work as a plastic surgeon which allows her to earn more money. Her dream is to have her project successful and have her own hospital. One day, Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) comes from the Goryeo period and kidnaps her as he wants to take her back to his own time. This is because he needs her medical assistance to save people. Their love develops as days go by but troubles come in their way. For Choi Young, he forgets about love so that he can be a strong warrior who protects the country.

Episode Recap

An animation starts off in this episode. This is a story about the legendary doctor, named Hwa Ta. He cures any illness which he encountered. Needles jab into a brain and a scalpel slices open a torso. Because of his talents, he was well known in surgery. There was ruler named Jojo who suffered from very painful headaches which was heal by Hwata. Jojo was impressed and offers Hwata to be his royal physician but Hwata fled because he doesn’t want to medical assistance on just one person. Jojo sent his warriors to capture him. He urges Hwata to return a live a life of wealth and glory. He will be known as the man who saved Jojo’s life. If he refused, he will be killed. Hwata chuckled as the world will remember that Jojo is the one who killed Hwata, the man who save lives of the world. Then, the sun darkened in the sky and the heavens sent down a strong wind. A portal opened up and Hwata entered it while laughing.

Now, we see a live action moment. A guard is blown back form the force while the portal pulses mystical enery. It’s the year 1351 and we’re nearby the Yuan-Goryeo border.

A ‘VIP’ travels in the rain while being guarded by warriors on horseback. One guard notices the red light in the sky and wonders if that’s Hwata. One rider feels that they are being followed. Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) half yawns and replies that he knows. The royal carriage wheel stuck in a puddle and he comes over like a boss. A young man zooms through the town and returns to report the bad news. Choi Young announces that they have to spend the night. Woo Dal Chi unit is the group which comprised of warriors who guard the king and Choi Young is the leader of the group.

They go to an inn and take it over. To protect the royal privacy, they lie that the travellers are a newlywed couple. They give the money to the innkeeper to kick everyone out. The royals are ushered in quietly and Choi Young enjoys himself a bottle of liquor. His second-in-command, Bae Choong Seok doesn’t understand as (1)he knows that they are being followed (2) he knows that the followers are responsible for messing with their boat plans, and (3) the followers are expecting them to spend the night at the only inn around the area. Choi Young talks back and asks whether they should wait at the street with a flag. Choong Seok asks for instructions to guard the inn. Choi Young lies down and mumbles to him to handle it himself.

King Gong Min (Ryu Deok Hwan) silently does a charcoal drawing while his advisor, Jo Il Shin, keeps on talking. Il Shin thinks that the leader should be removed as he is the one who orders them to travel in secret while covering their identity. He proclaims that the King should be welcomed with royalty since he has been taken away as a child. Choi Young interrupts with his yawn and informs King Gong Min that he needs to be together with the queen so it will not be difficult to guard them individually. He understands that the king and queen aren’t on the best terms but he needs to ensure their safety. The queen enters. She’s Princess Noguk. She was a Yuan princess and she’s married off to King Gong Min. Both of them exchange their cold stares.

Late at night, shadow warriors break into the inn and they found that no one’s around. Woo Dal Chi warriors spray iridescent liquid that spatters their clothing. Then, they start to fight with glow in a dark while having ‘lightsabers’. Choi Young tells the king that more will come. He persuades the king to not to run away and assures him that he’ll be able to protect him. Outside Woo Dal Chi fights off against the invaders. Choi Young gets himself ready and waits at the king’s room. The defense is breached and the attackers arrive at the king’s room. Choi Young starts to battle. He takes down the intruders but more of them arrive. The king is scared but he doesn’t run away while Choi Young defends himself successfully. The court ladies and royal doctor joins the fight. However, Princess Noguk is slashed by a sword before Choi Young can kill her attacker. She slumps to the ground. Jang Bin (Phillip Lee) goes to provide medical help for the queen. He asks Choi Young for some ‘energy’. Choi Young nods and holds his hand above her body which we see a mystical force from his hand.

The energy pulses into an acupuncture needle in her hand and we see her bloodstream and to her heart. Jang Bin points out that he is slowing down her heartbeat. Jang Bin places another needle while Choi Young puts in more energy to control the bloodflow. The Woo Dal Chi warriors chase after the retreating intruders so they can get information but the intruders commit suicide.

Princess Noguk’s condition does not look good. Jang Bin reports that a major artery was cut into. Jo Il Shin goes talking about what will happen if she dies including the fact that Goryeo might be taken over by Yuan. Jang Bin notes that without the divine healer, it is impossible to save the queen. Il Shin remembers about the red light in the sky. King Go Min points out that if she dies, Goryeo dies. Choi Young sighs with regret. Gongmin sighs as he will be the great king who ruins the country. Choi Young asks where to find the divine healer so he can bring him here. Il Shin points out that he stays in heaven and there’s portal gate to the heaven. King Gong Min hesitates. Princess Noguk needs to stay in bed. Choi Young will move out and leave a number of guards behind to protect the queen.

The king stops Choi Young and asks his thoughts about him. Choi Young answers that he was a good thing and will bring fortune to their people. The king asks again whether he hates him and orders him to give an honest answer. Choi Young drops his false smile and says that the previous king was dethroned by the Yuan because he’s too young. Now that Gong Min spends his time at the Yuan territory. Now, he’s here to rule the Goryeo kingdom. Choi Young feels that the people are unlucky to have him. King Gong Min holds his tears and asks whether the people think like that. Choi Young replies that Gong Min is the fifth kin in eleven years and people will not care. The king thanks him for his honesty. Choi Young comments that he doesn’t dislike him.

Il Shin leads the group to Hwata’s portal. He has set up the altar. According to the myth, once in every 300 years, the portal allows faithful worshipper to pass through it. The portal starts to pulse and strong wind comes. Choi Young stands guard as the gate starts to open. Il Shin asks the king to move forward so that Hwata can see him but nobody moves. Choi Young volunteers to enter the portal. He asks the king to give him the order so he can go. With a bow, Choi Young heads into the portal. He ends up at the shrine. He looks up at the stone statue and bows. Surprisingly, a tourist snaps a photo with her phone. He walks and makes his way down the hill while understanding the surroundings.

He has arrived in Seoul in the year 2012. He sees tall buildings and flashing lights. He tries to cross the street but is knocked down as cars and motorcycles zoom past him. He stops at a temple and spots a singing monk. He grabs the monk’s attention but the monk is listening to his mp3 player and can’t hear. Choi Young introduces himself as he comes from ‘a different world’. He asks for help in looking for a divine healer. The monk believes that Choi Young is looking for a doctor and asks what specialty he requires. Choi Young makes a knife slash motion at his neck. The monk leans in and points out that he needs a plastic surgeon. Choi Young asks where to find them and the monk says that there are a lot of them since there in Gangnam. Choi Young points out that he wants to get a very special doctor. The monk says that he can find the famous doctors at Coex. Choi Young asks how to get there and the monk tells him to just go. He walks off and the monk answers a call on his mobile phone while wondering whether he is on candid camera.

Choi Young goes into full warrior mode and he walks straight through the traffic. He dodges sppedy cars while pedestrians take photos off him which makes him think that they are following him. He arrives at the international plastic surgery convention.

At the expo, he sees a lot of displays of medical equipment, X-rays, and other modern things. He finds a lecture hall where a surgeon, Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun), gives a lecture about plastic surgery. She shows the audiences a facelift procedure through visual screen. Choi Young’s appearance causes a commotion and the security guards escorted him out. He goes quietly but Eun Soo is in a bad mood because he causes distractions in her talk. She complains about it over the phone. We find that Eun Soo is setting up her own practice and is looking for investors.

The security guards interrogate Choi Young while he looks at the CCTV screens. He spots Eun Soo in one of the screens and immediately goes to it. He needs to go through it as he wants to see the doctor. The guard gets upset when Choi Young shoves him away and he’s going to arrest Choi Young. Choi Young slices his security stick and runs to meet the doctor.

He goes to look for her at the medical equipment floor at the expo. He immediately asks Eun Soo whether she can save the queen’s injuries. She ignores him but he keeps following her. The security guards arrive with their guns. He draws out his sword and persuades her again. She asks how she supposed to save when she can’t see the injury. Choi Young starts to slash the guard’s neck and carries the guard over to her. He shows her the guard’s injury which is the same as the queen’s. He notes that if Eun Soo cannot save him he will try again with another person as he points his sword to that person.

Eun Soo gathers the necessary supplies while the police and SWAT team arrive outside. The police get on the PA and ask for a status update. He calls to a nearby phone. Choi Young hears the ring and smashes the phone. Eun Soo concentrates on suturing up the wound. Choi Young is impressed that the guard’s pulse is still beating. Then, he starts packing up the supplies and tells her that she has to come with him. He ignores her whining and expects her to follow him but she tries to escape. Choi Young starts to drag her out. Eun Soo says that there are police everywhere. Choi Young decides to break through and takes her hand.

In the lobby, they’re blocked by the SWAT team from all sides. Choi Young holds out his hand and throws some energy wave at them which makes them out of their feet and shatter the glass doors. He apologizes to Eun Soo, tosses her over his shoulders, and grabs a police shield. He takes her back to the portal.

As soon as they reach the portal, she cries and begs to let her go. He tells her that all she has to do is to save one person so she can go back home. She cries as she has seen too much movies that the person will be killed by the killer. He vows with his name as a warrior that he will make sure that she returns to her home. They enter the portal. Then, there’s the freeze and rewind back to ten days ago.

Eun Soo visits a local fortune teller because she wants to find her future rich and handsome boyfriend. The fortune teller starts his reading while she keeps talking about her ideal type of boyfriend. In the end, she gets an answer: the heavens will send a man whom she met in the past. He advices her to look for her ex-boyfriends. She starts to think back about the boyfriends whom she used to date. Boyfriend 1. She dated him when she was an intern but he broke up with her because he met a girl from a rich family. Boyfriend 2. He proposed to her during a plastic surgery consultation and she dated him for three months.

The fortune teller points out that she is the one who wants a man with money and wonders if it’s Boyfriend 2. She clarifies that she doesn’t need this relationship to end in marriage. She borrows the money and make her research project succeed so she can set up her own practice. Then, she gets some earnings to pay back the money and break the engagement. The fortune teller is speechless. He tries another reading and says that she will go through a very long travel. She gives up and asks if there’s another good tarot reader in the building before she leaves.

Choi Young’s story. Seven years ago, Woo Dal Chi meets the new leader and feels upset because he’s only 22 years old. Still, he already has an impressive military record. Animation time. The men talks about his amazing accomplishments and swordmanship skills. They knew that he shoots energy from his hands. However, he has a terrible temper as he once beat down someone for waking him up. Choong Seok used to be the previous leader and he’s handing over the position to Choi Young. There’s nothing they can do about it because they have to follow the royal order. Dol Bae complains about Choi Young. Choi Young arrives and asks two questions: (1) Are you the boss? and (2) Where can I go to sleep? The men looked at him with disgust as he lies down to sleep for three days. Dol Bae wants to test Choi Young but Deok Man holds him back because of the rumours. Dol Bae doesn’t believe those rumours and start to approach. At the same position, Choi Young throws a stick at Dol Bae faces, leaving a wound on his forehead. Choi Young continues to sleep.

Point of View

Another drama for me to be hooked up on it and it’s way better than Dr Jin because of the time travel concept where a future person is in the Goryeo period. Finally, nothing for me to criticize as much as I want to. The Goryeo world is perfect with fantasies, myths, politics, magic, and visual effects. Don’t forget about the amazing characters that’ll catch your attention. I’m in love with this drama. At least, there are animations that make us understand about some history and stories. This has to keep going in this drama. All the exciting elements must be in there.

It’s interesting to see the history of Goryeo and Yuan politics. It sparks my interests because of the characters, stories, and visuals that make me hooked up with this. That’s the way to make us love about this history. Visuals are the way to go. The use of the settings is simply magnificent. Each character is focused well. We get to know that the king is giving the cold shoulders to his wife while he tries to get back to the throne where he supposed to be. I’m curious to know what happens between them.

For Eun Soo, at first, I find it annoying because of her whining and nagging. Then, I started to like her because of her being funny and being so determined to save people, including the queen, from dying. When she freaks out that she’s in a different place, that’s understandable as I’m sure might feel the same that if you are in a different world and meeting people. I might freak out a bit if I was there.

Lee Min Ho as Choi Young. OMG!!! I love his character a lot. He can be serious when it comes to protecting the king and his fellow men but he also can be funny such as he gets angry when someone disturbs his nap. I also laughed when he was in the future. He can be serious and funny when he is in a different world. Overall, the characters including Choi Young are my favourites in this drama. A lot of things are going to happen to him and I’m just so excited to see what’s going to happen to Eun Soo when she ends up in a different world. Let’s just say this drama makes me feel like I’m in another world where I’m going to a wonderful adventure.

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