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Episode Recap

Previously, King Gong Min gives order to Choi Young who walks into the portal to ‘heaven’. At the other side of the portal, the people are waiting for Choi Young and the ‘divine healer’ to return while Choong Seok is second-in-command to lead the army. Their task is to protect the king. Dae Man walks out and says that he doesn’t want to let Choi Young go alone so he decides to follow him. Choong Seok advises the king that they need to return safely but the king refuses to go back. He insists that he’ll wait for Choi Young to return. He adds that they’re supposed to pray at that very spot. Suddenly, the portal opens again and Choi Young returns while carrying Eun Soo over his shoulders. He presents the divine healer from heaven to the knight. Everyone stares at her because of her clothing and style. She escape from his grasp and escapes to the portal. Choi Young drags her back.

He brings her to the queen whom is taken care of by Jang Bin. He informs them that her conditions are getting worse. Eun Soo looks around her and then comes up with a conclusion. She points out that this place is a drama set and they’ve had an accident. They don’t want to report it. She decides that she wouldn’t help them because she worries that she’ll lose her medical license. She suggests that they should call emergency. She picks up her mobile and promises them that they’ll put in a good word. She heads toward the door but she is blocked by a line of soldiers. Choi Young goes closer to her. He asks her through his gritted teeth as he tells her so many times that he will bring her home after she saves the queen. She has no choice but to start to prepare for surgery. She wears her surgical glasses with flashlight which freak the viewers out. Eun Soo and Jang Bin are doing the surgery while Choi Young is sleeping. Later, the surgery is done. The lady-in-waiting runs out to meet a man with a scar.

The men ask if the queen will make it and Eun Soo isn’t sure but advices them that the queen needs some bedrest. She says a lot of medical terminology in English which makes them confused. She tries to escape again but Choi Young stops her. She sees him bow to the king. King Gong Min asks about the queen’s conditions and Eun Soo reminds him that this patient is not legally her responsibility. Gong Min calls her the divine healer and announces that the fate of his nation rests with the queen’s survival. Eun Soo looks around and turns to Choi Young. She squirms as she points out that Gong Min is even weirder. She hits her head so she can wake up from the ‘nightmare’. Meanwhile, the soldiers find that the portal starts to close and worry that she’ll not make it in time.

Il Shin tells the king that he’ll regret if he let the divine healer return to heaven since they saw her amazing ‘powers’ in surgery to save the queen. By having the divine healer, the king will be able to protect his country. Choi Young pushes Il Shin aside and reminds the king that, as a Goryeo warrior, he keeps his words (linking with his own life) that he’ll bring Eun Soo back to where she belongs. However, the king protests that isn’t the country’s life more important than the words of a man. Choi Young shares his opinion: For country, a senior statesman like this will tell you to throw your promises to the dogs. And I, as a warrior for my country, will kill people by the sword. But a king… a king should be different from us. That is what I believe.

In the capital city of Goryeo, the main bad guy, Ki Chul is surrounded by wealth but he wants to have more power. He has the power to control the government officials as puppets or throw them away. He proposes to ‘finish what they started’. Hi flute-playing brother. Chun Eum Ja demonstrates his ability which makes the cockroach die by the sound of his flute. Meanwhile, the rumour about the queen’s death spread throughout the palace and the government officials worry that Yuan will blame their country.

At the border town, Eun Soo is held captive in a room. She fails to get coverage on her mobile. She bribes the lady-in-waiting with cash which doesn’t exist in this world. However, the girl opens the door without a word and lets Eun Soo escape. Choi Young puts Dae Man in taking care of Eun Soo but when he checks in on her, she escapes through the street as she makes her way to the portal.

At the marketplace, she starts asking people around where she can get a taxi. She asks whether they can speak English or Chinese but they don’t understand what on earth she’s saying. She asks again and again for a telephone and wonders why on earth she can’t get a signal on her mobile phone. She spots Dae Man catching up on her so she hides. On the other hand, the man with the scar also chases after her. The lady-in-waiting goes closer to the queen and pulls out a knife on her but she’s interrupted before she attempts to kill her.

Dae Man informs Choi Young that Eun Soo has escape and Choi Young sets out to find her. He brings the police shield along with him. Choong Seok protests that he shouldn’t leave at a time like this but Choi Young orders them to protect the queen. When they ask about the king, he smirks and reply that they need to guard him. Choi Young starts to search for Eun Soo. Dae Man shows him whre Eun Soo is hiding but they find that she trade her clothes with the woman in the shop and runs off. She climbs to the top of the hill and sighs that the drama set is so big.

She makes her way to the village. She knocks on the village houses to ask for help. When the man with the scar and his minions surrounded her, she fights back by using her own high heel as a weapon. However, she gets knocked out and the bad guys carry her away. Later, Choi Young finds her shoe and notice that there’s blood on the ground. He finds that she has been kidnapped by the same gang who ambushed last night. They wonder how the bad guys know that they have the divine healer. Dae Man points out that there might be a spy in the group. He plans to run off and investigate but Choi Young knows there isn’t much time for that since they don’t know who the spy is.

First, he needs to know who is responsible for stopping the boats to run suddenly yesterday. Dae Man brings him to the boatman and Choi Young drowns him in a barrel of water until he talks. The answer brings them to the bad man’s hideout. He finds that Choi Young is coming and gags Eun Soo. They hide her away at knifepoint. While Dae Man searches the place, he couldn’t see her. Choi Young waits downstairs. Suddenly, a man attacks from behind with a sword. Luckily, he takes him down by hands and brings the man’s face near to the fire. He squeals as he is going to tell everything. He shows them a stash of chemical weapons which they’re using for their next attack on the king which is happening right now. They immediately rush back to the inn.

Choong Seok walks around the inn and calls out each of his posts but he finds one of them didn’t answer back. He blows the whistle to sound the alarm and everyone is ready to battle. However, they get gassed out by smoke grenades which force them to get out of the inn. The problem is that every exit is covered by archers who are ready to shoot them. Dae Man comes to the rescue as he takes down the bad guys at the rooftop.

On the other hand, Jang Bin carries the unconscious queen while the lady-in-waiting sees the opportunity to separate them from the group. The king notices that they have gone missing and runs back to look for them. Once outside, Jang Bin puts the queen down to fight against the bad guys with his special fan. He uses his own powers and fight with his fan and the bad guys are hit. Too bad for him as the lady-in-waiting raises her knife to kill the queen. Princess Noguk slowly opens her eyes. The girl is surprised to see that until she is knocked down by Choi Young with his police shield which he throws at her like a boomerang. The king runs up to find that Princess Noguk is safe and awake. Choi Young asks again so the king can allow him to keep his word. The king didn’t reply but it looks like the portal is going to close very soon.

The government officials discuss about what they’ll do when Yuan demands that they will take responsibility for the queen’s life. They believe that Yuan will take over Goryeo. They also find that Ki Chul is behind all this and argues that they need to do something about him before the king arrives. In the end, they are gassed and murdered in the room which is locked by Ki Chul’s men.

Choi Young and Dae Man returns to the bad man’s hideout and figure out where they took the divine healer to. They find that the place is empty. Choi Young holds his fist in anger while there’s electric energy around his hand. Then, a cute and strange voice comes out from Eun Soo’s mobile phone. The man who holds Eun Soo as hostage jumps back in fear and tries to shut her phone up. The man brings Eun Soo out from the hiding and threatens her with a knife. Choi Young doesn’t budge and chucks a knife right into the man’s chest. He knocks him down while Eun Soo screams in terror. He unties her hands and her gag and sighs that she is a troublesome one as he has to run and rescue her. He lifts her chin up to check her face but she pushes away from him angrily. She throws her other shoe and walks toward the door. She stops as he tells her that the queen is awake. So, he will bring her back to where she came from. She wails that he can go ahead and take her. He picks her up in his arms to shut her up. He warns her that she’ll get hurt if he drops her and she keeps quite. He smiles to himself as he carries her away. While he walks away, the bad man comes out from his hiding place and looks on as Choi Young carries the healer away.

He brings her to the portal. She says she remembers this place but she is not sure how they come from Gangnam to here. He tells her to go through that door before it closes forever and he has no way of getting her back. She doesn’t know but she roughly understands what he means. He bows to her and apologizes for troubling her. She heads toward the portal but Il Shin voices out to stop her. He shows up with guards and announces that the divine healer cannot return. Choi Young steps in and shouts out that he is sending her in his name of the warrior. He draws his sword which makes everyone step back. He tells them to go ahead and try. Il Shin orders the men to stop Eun Soo but they hesitate because they don’t want to disrespect their general. He screams out that this is a royal order from the king which makes them pull out their swords. Choi Young stops and looks back at Eun Soo who is making her way to the portal. In the end, he runs after her and holds her back. He sticks his sword to the ground and holds her while she kicks and screams. With regrets, Choi Young has to respect the king. The portal to heave closes and he lets her go. She tries to look for the portal at the stones but she finds nothing.

He walks back and tells Il Shin that he has followed the royal order and stopped the healer. Eun Soo calls him a bastard and screams that he is the one who has kept his promise. She takes the sword out of the ground and cries the he’s a psycho and a murderer. She weakly runs toward him holding the sword out in front of her and Choi Young run himself into the sword. Everyone is shocked in horror. He puts his hands over her and pulls the sword even more all the way into his chest. He holds in the pain while she cries about his stubbornness.

Choi Young collapses to the ground. Eun Soo rushes in to check his conditions and asks the men for something to secure the sword to his body so the bleeding will be slow down while they move him. However, Il Shin says that they don’t have time to take care of him as they need to bring the king and the divine healer to the city immediately. When the men refuse to move, stupid Il Shin asks Choi Young what he would order his men to do. Choi Young tells them to go. Eun Soo tells Il Shin that she won’t leave him. Thus, he decides to be the killer by pulling the sword out from Choi Young’s chest. Eun Soo freaks out and orders the men to compress the wound. She sends Dae Man to get her surgical supplies. She has to operate at the very spot. Il Shin orders the men to take the divine healer away. Thank goodness for Choong Seok as he shouts that the divine healer is ordering them to hold the wound.

Dae Man rushes through the town and makes his way into the king’s room to get the medical supplies. They ask what happened and Dae Man, in tears, informs them that the leader is dying and he needs to be saved. The furious king gets up and asks if Woo Dal Chi didn’t follow his order. He assumes that one of the men cut him down because he refuses to obey. Dae Man makes it clear that they would never hurt the general and Choi Young doesn’t dare to not following the king’s order. He pleads them to let him go. The queen jumps into the conversation and points out that Choi Young saved her life. By her power and authority, she allows him to go and tells Jang Bin to accompany him. The queen sarcastically asks the king whether she can give orders. In a rush, Dae Man drops a little bottle from the bundle of supplies and step on it.

The men carry Choi Young through the woods on a makeshift stretcher. Eun Soo pleads him not to be unconscious. He’s bleeding but he manages to grab her by the collar and begs her to leave him behind. He notes that she wasn’t the one who stab him and he’ll try to figure out to stay alive. She asks him to shut up in English which makes Choi Young confused. Eun Soo asks him to shut up and listen to her order: she has to save him and then he can live or die as he wants to do.

They finally found a place from him. Eun Soo prepares for surgery. She looks for the little bottle which turns out to be an antibiotic. So, they have to go on without it. She asks if there’s anything they can use as antibiotic or painkiller. She names a variety of drugs which Jang Bin has never heard of.

Meanwhile, the rest of the men guard the king and ask him to stay put for his safety. He’s left alone with the queen and tells her that she can’t give orders. She is not doing anything without his permission. He understands that she hates from Yuan princess to a queen in a foreign land and she must have hated him. However, she has to follow the law. He asks her why she isn’t answering and she replies that he didn’t command her to answer him.

During the surgery, Eun Soo asks why the anethesia is not making Choi Young fall asleep but Jang Bin notes how to make it faster. He points out that Choi Young can take on the pain but she says it’s not helpful if he fights against the pain while she’s doing surgery. Then, he’s unconscious. She gets ready her scalpel but Jang Bin grabs her hand in horror because he wonders why is she cutting the knife wound. She explains that she needs to cut open the whole chest so that she kind see if there’s any damage to the organs. Jang Bin looks at her in disbelief and asks whether he has to trust her who stabbed Choi Young. Eun Soo reminds him that she was told that she’s from the heaven and asks him to trust her ability.

Point of View

I’m shocked to see that Choi Young take the stab of the sword from Eun Soo. I know that it’s his fault that he stops her from going back because of honouring the King. But still…. Anyway, Eun Soo admits that it’s her own fault to stab him and she’s willing to save him through surgery.

Again, I love the fantasy concept and characters in this drama. It makes me feel that I want to know every single one of the character who wants to shine in this drama. Dae Man is another favourite of mine who is the perfect Choi Young’s sidekick and he’s funny. You could say that he’s a friend that you could depend on. I do enjoy the dramatic quarrel between the king and queen due to their different personalities.

It’s funny to see how Eun Soo insists that she is in a foreign country and tries to figure out how she goes back to Gangnam. Her comical acts make me laugh especially when she tries to speak to people in different languages and tries to get coverage on her mobile phone. I’m keeping my fingers cross that she’ll not be like Dr Jin who is stubborn and want to mess with history. It’s a good thing that she’s the funny and confident character who is the divine healer in Goryeo world. Please, Eun Soo. Don’t get be so stubborn and just go with the flow while you try you upmost best to find a way to get back to your own world.

However, there’s one character in this drama that I seriously hate: it’s the King’s advisor. I know that he’s doing things for the sake of honour and country but he’s seriously annoying. He’s shouting here and there while others stay calm and keep quiet. Sometimes, he just needs to shut up. Also, his actions and words make me feel so frustrated. He persuades the king to force the divine healer to stay and he takes the sword out from Choi Young’s body. It makes me so angry that I really want to hit the advisor like mad.

Choi Young fits to be a true warrior who fights by the sword and respects the king’s orders even though he sometimes have complicated feelings including the fact he did promise Eun Soo to bring her back to her own world. Anyway, he is just doing his job as a warrior. Also, the point that he tells the King honestly of how he thinks about him ruling Goryeo. It’s a good thing that Choi Young tells the King so he can understands and vows to keep the country safe and sound. Another point is that I understand he rather take the stab of sword from Eun Soo because he doesn’t want to be an unfaithful Goryeo warrior but still doesn’t he know that he has to live to protect the King and bring Eun Soo back to her world. It’s great to see the code of warrior. Let’s see what happens to the great warrior Choi Young and divine healer Eun Soo in the next two episodes, shall we?

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