Faith Episode 3 Review

Episode Recap

Choi Young gets the stab from Eun Soo. Eun Soo comes and save him. She gathers her supplies and tries to do surgery on him but she’s stop by Jang Bin because of the unfamiliar medical methods. They argue until she finally asks him to trust her. He does what he can help her in surgery.

Eum Ja visits Ki Chul who is fuming because Noguk is still alive since they have their evil plans which they organized it for so long. Their main goal is to overthrow the king and take over the country. Eum Ja asks Ki Chul to wait for one day because Hwa Suin, one of the baddies, never fails to fulfil the mission. Ki Chul leaves Eum Ja to kill the man in the room who heard too many things. Eum Ja leaves the man behind in the room and starts to blow his flute. The song of death causes the man to die from the sharp piercing tone.

During the surgery, Eun Soo finds that there’s no severe damage to Choi Young’s internal organs. Since they don’t have advanced medical equipment, she uses acupuncture needles burn cauterize the wound and then stiches the liver up. While she does that, Jang Bin looks at her with respect and amazement.

The next morning, Choi Young wakes up and holds on to the pain in his wounds while heading over to get his sword. Eun Soo wakes up; grab the scissors and points at him. She warns him not to move. He points out that she’s the one who stabbed him and then treated him. He asks whether she is going to do the same thing again. Dae Man rushes over to help Choi Young. Dae Man informs him that he has been unconscious for one day and the king is still around. The king insists to wait for Choi Young. Choi Young isn’t happy since he expects the rest to bring the king over to the city without him. He joins him men who are relived that he is alive. Choi Young orders them to arrange an immediate departure while Eun Soo keeps asking him to take care of his conditions. She continues to tell him while pushing Dae Man aside.

Choi Young ignores her as she warns him about the ripping faces. She faces Choi Young and gives order: take bedrest before he can walk healthily. He stops her by leaning closer to her by the wall. While holding against the pain, he tells her that if they don’t move as soon as possible, they’ll all die. Looking at his wounds, I don’t think he can fight in his condition. She is confused with what is happening and Choi Young warns her that the enemy may have known who she is. So, they should go to the kingdom as soon as possible. He reminds her about the promise he made that he will make sure that she returns to her own world. He asks her to stay by her side. Eun Soo refuses to leave the area where the portal is. Choi Young tells Dae Man to keep an eye on her.

Later, Eun Soo is sitting in the queen’s sedan chair. The group continues their journey to the country. While
traveling, Eun Soo keeps bickering about Choi Young.

Hwa Suin enters the inn to kill Noguk. The lackey reports that the king’s party has already left. If she came earlier, then she has the opportunity to sabotage their departure. She doesn’t seem to be worried. She thinks that he blames her which makes him stutter in fear. She decides to give a ‘good’ explanation for failing her mission: the lackey betrayed them. She takes out her gloves and sits on his lap. He caresses his faces while telling him that he is taking sides with the king’s party. His face starts to burn and dies. She has the fire power which comes out from her hands.

Eun Soo tries to make friends with Noguk. She asks for her name and calls herself that she is the unni to Noguk. Noguk informs her that she’s the Yuan princess and the main at the front carriage is the king. Eun Soo whines about the ‘dream’ she is having even though she learns in history that Yuan places her in the Goryeo era. She figures out that she time travelled to the Goryeo world and asks Noguk what year is Goryeo. Noguk apologizes that she does’t know and Eun Soo continues to whine while throwing tantrums on the sedan bench.

Ki Chul is informed that the king’s party is on his way over to the palace. He smiles as he is looking forward to testing the king’s party.

Choong Seok informs the queen that they are approaching to the castle. He delivers the king’s message about meeting the government officials immediately. Noguk replies that she needs to wash up and change first. So, Choong Seok will pass Noguk’s message back to the king. Worried Noguk looks at herself in the looking glass. Eun Soo gives her Hello Kitty mirror and helps her to be beautiful by putting makeup on her.
The party arrives in the capital and enter the palace grounds. They find the courtyard is empty while there are a few guards at that palace. There are no government officials greeting them. Choi Young steps up to make sure that there are no dangers on the palace grounds. Il Shin goes talking about his return while the others walk calmly to their next destination.

Gong Min and his gang walks along the inner chamber of the palace. They reach to the king’s seat and none of the government officials are there. Gong Min walks up to the king’s seat and is in his deep thoughts. Choi Young asks one of the guards why nobody has come since they have already sent the messengers in advanced to inform the government officials to welcome the king. Three court ladies enter and the most senior one asks the king whether she remembers her who used to be by his side when he was really young. He remembers her as court lady Choi and smiles. Court lady Choi ushers Gong Min and Noguk to their
chambers and asks them to rest. She approaches to the others and she goes up to Choi Young. She points out that he’s in a terrible condition.

After Court lady Choi left, Eun Soo looks closer at his face and finds that he’s having a fever. He ignores her and asks Jang Bin to take care of her. When he’s alone, he slumps to the ground. Jang Bin brings Eun Soo to the palace hospital while she explains to him that Choi Young might get sepsis. She is not so sure whether Choi Young has it or not since it is difficult to do a blood test on him and can’t find the right medicine to cure him. Choi Young is in his room to use his energy to circulate his qi to heal him.

Court Lady Choi brings Noguk to her chamber. She asks her whether she wants to take a bath of have a meal. Noguk keeps quiet which makes Lady Choi assume that she can’t speak their language. She comments that Noguk has quite a temper but she’s pretty. A translator arrived but as soon as she wants to translate, Noguk speaks up in Korean.

Flashback: Before her marriage, she meets Gong Min for the first time. He thought that she is a Goryeo woman because she can speak in Korean and the hard times she had in Yuan. He apologizes for the disturbance. He asks her whether she wants to return home or not. He takes her hand and leads her to their escape route. Noguk didn’t get the chance to tell him the truth. Noguk asks Gong Min what he is escaping from and he replies that he wants to escape from marrying to the Yuan princess. He is forced to marry a Yuan princess. She asks if he hates the idea so much. With his disgusted face, he informs her that the Yuan has been playing around with the Goryeo nation by enthroning kings and tossing them away. He can’t stand to bow his head to the Yuan and letting them have the power to control this nation.

Noguk places her hand on his arm and asks if she will be able to help him to regain his power back. For him, marrying a Goryeo princess will make the nation remain weak. By marrying a rYuan royal he will have the chance of becoming king. Gong Min points out that he won’t marry a Yuan bride whom he doesn’t know and seen before. He proposes to her to be his first wife because they speak the same language and wants to get the support from her. So, that Yuan girl will not take over her place. This flashback is in her mind while she sees the king walks by without even looking at her.

Eun Soo follows Jang Bin to the medicinal herb garden. She asks if there is a cafeteria around here. Jang Bin asks whether the other divine healers like her who determines a person to live or die. The healers on earth can’t do that as they will not abandon their patients just because there is no medicine. They will try the next method if the first one didn’t work while they hope that person stays alive. He leaves her in the garden for a while. She notices a shadow in the building so she brings out the garden tool as a weapon while looking around. She accidently hit into a small wall and gets a cut on her knee.

Outside, Choi Young asks the mute servant girl whether Eun Soo is inside or not. The mute girl replies in sign languages and he finds that she is. He takes a peek inside the room and Eun Soo pulls her pants up to check her wound which reveals her bare legs. He looks away and then observes while she keeps whining about herself. He asks the mute girl to keep an eye on Eun Soo. He tends his wound. Even though it looks like it’s healing but it’s still bleeding.

King Gong Min is informed about the previous happenings in palace. He finds that Ki Chul is the one who attempted the poison ambush on the government officials. That is why none of the government officials come to welcome King Gong Min. They know that Ki Chul is the leader to have plans to attack the King. Il Shin orders Choi Young to storm Ki Chul’s house and kill and enemy. Gong Min asks Choi Young whether it’s possible and Choi Young replies that it’s not. Ki Chul has thousands of warriors and he can ask for more reinforcements if anything happens to him. There is a rumour that he also kills anyone who is still loyal to the king. Il Shin boasts that he is the most loyal servant to the king. Gong Min points out that there’s only one person that he could trust: Choi Young. This proven through his order on keeping the doctor to test Choi Young’s loyalty. Gong Min announces that Choi Young is his very close friend and asks to treat him with loyalty.

However, Choi Young sighs and hands in his resignation letter which is stamped with approval by the pervious king. Escorting Gong Min to the capital was his last mission. He plans to live as an ordinary citizen. Gong Min asks how could he be leaving him like this and thinks that he’s abandoning him. He gives him the last order to complete the mission. If Choi Young fulfils it, Gong Min will reconsider his resignation. Choi Young protest that the previous king has ordered him to do so. Gong Min asks him whether he obeys the previous king or the current one. He wants Choi Young to find the evidence on the government official’s assassination and investigate who is planning to kill the king so they can counterattack their evil plans.

So, Choi Young orders his Woo Dal Chi men to search the council chambers for the evidence. Dae Man finds a blood spattered letter hidden in the room. This letter is left by one of the dying ministers. Choi Young doesn’t think that this is the evidence but this letter is useful for his next move.

At the banquet hall, Ki Chul enjoys the feast with his fellow men. They greet the arrival of the king’s men with no interest. Choi Young steps up to address Ki Chul and points out that this is the royal order from the king whom they should respect him. His voices grows louder as he shouts that when they meet the king, they should touch the ground, bow their heads, and show some respect. Ki Chul gets the scroll from Choong Seok. Choi Young approaches him closer and requests that they should end the party earlier as they are going to receive more royal commands.

At the Woo Dal Chi headquarters, Choi Young lies down for a nap and tosses over a roster of assassinated government officials to Choong Seok. The men wonder what he showed to Ki Chul and Choi Young replies that he used the ‘letter’ as bait. Flashback: Choi Young passes the blood spattered note which they found at the council chambers. Ki Chul feels ‘sorry’ about the ambush and Choi Young starts the trap by saying that he’s not good at reading Chinese characters and he’s here to ask for Ki Chul’s help. The king’s order is that Ki Chul should help Choi Young to investigate the murders. Choong Seok is impressed with the plan and he keeps asking Choi Young for more details. Sleepy Choi Young doesn’t want to explain more as he wants to sleep. They keep talking until Choi Young throws books at them and yell at them that he needs some peace and quiet.

Eun Soo goes looking for Choi Young and makes her way to the Woo Dal Chi quarters. She runs into Dae Man. He is shocked as he sees her wearing shorts which revealed her bare legs. He brings her to the quarters where all the men are surprised to see her legs. Eun Soo didn’t care and insists that she wants to look into Choi Young’s injury whether he likes it or not. Eun Soo instructs Choi Young to take off his outer clothes even though they are in the men’s quarters. She tries to feel his pulse but he pulls his hand back and ignores her. He demands to know who let her in to the quarters. He orders his men to take her back and walks away. Then, angry Eun Soo throws things at him and calling him a crazy bastard. She asks what did she do wrong and points out that he is the one who take her happy life away. She cries that she wants to go home and shower in her own bathroom and sleep on her bed. However, he kidnapped her and brought her here and won’t even get proper food. At first she thought it was a dream but it’s not even though she sleeps and wakes. She is trying to treat his wounds but he’s not cooperating as she feels sorry that she stabbed him.

He moves and pushes her against a wall. He looks at his men and they leave. He leans in closer and asks why she wants to save him. He continues saying that her actions has affected him but he gets the pain at his wound. She points out that he might be having sepsis. He asks her to shut up or else he will make sure to shut her mouth if she continues to talk. Then, he leaves her and informs her that she’ll be send back to her quarters. He holds an arm out to stop her and asks her to keep her legs covered. Eun Soo grabs the opportunity by taking his hands in both of hers. Then, checking his temperature with her won. She finds that he is having a high fever and hands him a bottle of aspirin. She instructs him to take it three times a day. She asks him not to die. If he does, what will she do when she’s alone? She wipes her tears, places the bottle in his hand, and leaves. He falls to the ground as the pain is getting worse.

Point of View

I am in the fantasy world with people wearing amazing costumes and people with superpowers. It’s taking me on an adventure. Don’t you think it’s almost reminds you of Final Fantasy games? Choi Young (the warrior), Eun Soo (the healer), and Dae Man (the sidekick) are on their adventures. I have no complaints on anything in terms of editing as this whole episode is smooth sailing.

One scenario which I like in this drama is the flashback of Gong Min and Noguk. This lets us know how they know each other. We find that Gong Min hates being with the Yuan people and doesn’t want to marry with a Yuan princess. Their relationship is painful yet interesting at the same time. Even though they ‘gently’ talk with each other, you can see the angry intense in the air between them. I can understand why he dislikes Yuan so much because he has been sent off to Yuan and be a puppet to them. Thus, he doesn’t want to marry an unknown Yuan bride because he doesn’t want to be a puppet to the Yuans. On the other hand, you can see how Noguk understand his hard times in Yuan while talking to him with her own concerns and making him looking at the bright side. He just needs to open his heard a little. I hope to see more of their flashbacks of their ups and downs of the relationship especially when he finds out that Noguk is the Yuan princess.

Noguk is one of my favourite characters because of her spicy personality. Although she talks sarcastically but she has her own dignity especially her words do make sense. I am excited to see this character’s development as I know she did had hard times lately especially when she is with Gong Min. It would be great to see an interesting friendship between Noguk and Eun Soo. You have Eun Soo as the jovial one while you have Noguk as the serious one. Also, it would be great to see girlfriends having the quality time. We might see Noguk’s character blossoming with the help of Eun Soo who will definitely be always there to help out like how she helps Noguk to make herself pretty with makeup.

Eun Soo. I can’t stop loving her silly and joyful personality. For her being in the different world, she tries to make friends with people in a different world. Even though she whines a lot of getting what she wants, but I love how she says with her voice that makes me laugh. She even worries so much about Choi Young’s injuries and health conditions. Yes, she would obviously say that she doesn’t haven’t have feelings for him. However, wait until we say that she is going to admit that she loves him. Eun Soo, I love you. Keep going with your sparky attitude and personality.

Choi Young is still my number 1 favourite character in this drama. Lee Min Ho fits well for this character. You can actually see his serious, stubborn, and funny personality. I got excited throughout this episode because of his personality. I find Choi Young has many complications in his journey at the moment while his emotions are shown with no problems at all. Lee Min Ho, good job. I am looking forward to his expressions in the upcoming episodes.

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