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Ki Chul arrives at court and demands to know who has been lying to the king about the Heavenly Doctor. He points at Eun Soo and orders to answer his questions. She wonders how to respond while Jang Bin advises to stay cool to avoid getting into trouble. Gong Min starts to laugh as he finds that how Ki Chul is whom he heard so much about. He points out that he owes his current position to Ki Chul and his sister, Empress Qi. The empress told him that her brother will look after him and not to be alarmed if Ki Chul refuses to bow or boldly walks up to him at the throne. Gong Min takes his action as the act of loyalty to the king. Ki Chul asks if they really believe that the healer is from heaven. Princess Noguk speaks out that she believes it. She shows her neck injury and says that Eun Soo is the one who saves her.

Jang Bin whispers that Eun Soo should behave like how she did at the heaven. Eun Soo questions how on earth is she going to do that. Ki Chul sighs as the king has been fooled and wonders if Choi Young is the one who make them believe about the Heavenly Doctor. He demands to bring Choi Young out immediately. Eun Soo stands up and says that it isn’t possible because, as his doctor, nobody is allowed to do anything without her permission. She stays firm even though she stammers a bit. Ki Chul believes that she shouldn’t order him around and until she starts to turn on her ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude because of his wording. Eun Soo says that she’s way too old to put up with this and questions him how old he is. She adds that she had dealt with difficult patients before so she is okay in having a ‘good’ conversation with him. She warns him that they should stop quarrelling because the king is here. When Ki Chul growls, she wonders if he is actually Ki Chul. She recalls back the history she had learned and tells Ki Chul that the Yuan Dynasty will end. She decides not to tell him how he’s going to die because he’s a rude person. She goes up to him in his face and spell out the F word and tells him to go to hell. She walks out and she start to stumble because she had used up her confrontation energy. Jang Bin helps her up and praises her for a job well done.

Eun Soo returns to check on Choi Young. She determines to save him since he is the only one who is able to get her back home. His sword wound is getting worse. She decides to cut it open to remove pus and rotten flesh. Jang Bin makes a medicine to treat the wound.

Choi Young is still in his dream where he is fishing with his father. His father asks him whether ‘she’ is still in his heart and he replies yes since he hasn’t been able to let go of ‘her’. A flashback gives us an idea about his times with ‘her’ who is his comrade and lover. Choi Young practices fighting with her while flirting among each other. She tells him not to worry about his back as she’ll always be there. Choi Young whirls her around and down to the grass. He says that he’ll never lose sight of her so he can protect her this way. He leans in to kiss her but fade into another scene where he tries to find her in the woods. While looking for her, she uses her whip and goes up into a tree. That is after their leader was killed by the previous king. She throws her red moon bandanna in the air and commits suicide. The bandanna lands into Choi Young’s hand and he realizes that she is dead.

Back in the present time, Choi Young’s body starts to convulse. The royal hospital staffs hold down his limbs to keep him steady. Eun Soo walks out while wondering why he won’t wake up. She complains to Jang Bin and he reminds her that Choi Young has been injured before and managed to heal himself without much medical treatment. He points out that the lesser doctor fixes the wound, but a better one fixes the person. Thus, she’s treated the injury, but not yet the person. That quote reminds her that she used to hear that when she was a medical student. She shares her previous career at the general surgery but she’s tired of it because of the lack of salary for working long hours on doing surgery. She decided to do cosmetic surgery to earn high salary. Jang Bin asks if she’s ever killed a patient and she replies no. He wonders if she is afraid that she’ll kill Choi Young who will be her first death patient.

Meanwhile, Choi Young is covered in frost while he is fishing alone in his own dream world.

On the other hand, Ki Won and his advisor talks about the Heavenly doctor. Ki Won admits that he got scared when she confronts with Ki Chul especially when she says the ‘death spell’. Ki Chul decides to meet Eun Soo again and scolds Ki Won for not bringing Choi Young to him as he had ordered him to do so before. The advisor reports that Choi Young is in bad shape and thinks that he is under a spell. He adds that Choi Young and Eun Soo can’t be touched because of the King’s order. Ki Chul decides to visit Gong Min.

Ki Chul goes to the palace on a late night and gives a proper bow to Gong Min. Gong Min is surprised to receive such respect. Ki Chul comes to pay a visit because he has interpreted the secret note which Choi Young had shown to him. That is related to the murder of the king’s government officials. The whole meaning of the letter is ‘the previous king will die if Gong Min becomes king’. This means that it is a request to support the previous king and it’s an act of treason. Ki Chul admits that he was the one who killed the government officials to protect Gong Min and the country. We know that the secret letter was faked including the blood wasn’t human. Gong Min wonders, based on Choi Young’s advice, whether to confront him with the lie or pretend that he didn’t know and go along with it. He makes up his mind as he laughs and agrees with Ki Chul’s intentions. He proposes to give Ki Chul an award for his service.

Ki Chul makes a daring request: he wants to get Eun Soo to cure a patient in his household who is suffering from a serious illness. He does that to see whether Eun Soo is really from the heavens. If she succeeds, then she is the Heavenly Doctor. If she’s not, he will secretly eliminate her. Gong Min tells him to get to the point and Ki Chul replies that he wants him to be by his side while getting rid of the obstacles along the way. Gong Min wonders if he should be the king who obediently follows Ki Chul’s order. However, he says no and points out that he wants his heart. He enjoys taking people’s hearts as the harder to obtain, the more thrilling the chase. The king agrees to play this game. They start of by trying to get Eun Soo’s heart which means taking her to be either Gong Min’s side or Ki Chul’s side. Gong Min gives him a week to win over her. If he wins, he keeps her. If he loses, he has to return Eun Soo unharmed.

Choi Young’s body starts to get cold but she is unable to treat without the proper tools. She is left behind while she talks to him. She understands how he has been going through hard times in the past. However, she reminds him that he’s not the only one who’s struggling. She pauses as he notices that he stops breathing. Eun Soo starts to do CPR on Choi Young while, at the dream world. Choi Young sits covered in snow. Jang Bin tries to stop her and tell her that it’s over since he’s not breathing. Crying Eun Soo insists that she’s not going to let him go. She continues to do CPR and her tears fall down to his face. In the dream world, the tear breaks the icy cover and her voice rings his ear. His warm skin is revealed. Just Jang Bin is about to give up hope, they find that Choi Young starts to breathe again.

Noguk storms into the king’s quarters because she heard that he’s giving the doctor to Ki Chul. When he points out her lack of respect, Noguk throws back at him by saying she concerns about him. He asks if her manners are to blame for this rudeness or if it’s because she’s the princess of the powerful Yuan while he’s the powerless king. She replies that he can’t send away Eun Soo and Choi Young who are supposed to be by his side. Gong Min sarcastically asks her whether she worries about him and questions her for secretly asking Choi Young to meet her at her chambers. Noguk replies that she didn’t know that he worries about her. He demands an answer and she points out that she really worries about him. That’s why she ran to see him and ignore the manners because she couldn’t sit still and do nothing. Gong Min is shocked to hear that and tries to talk to her but she stops him with her apology and leaves.

Ki Won brings his private men to the hospital to take Eun Soo away. The Woodalchi men draw their swords out and Jang Bin steps out to requests to show the royal command as proof since they are the ones who protect Eun Soo under royal orders. Ki Won orders his men to attack and the fight begins. Eun Soo hears the noises and comes out from the room. She sees a few officers are injured and calls a time-out to see if the injured ones are alright. Ki Won tries to command to follow his orders but she ignores and tells him that he needs to take care of the injured officers. Before the fighting continues, Choong Seok comes out and confirms that Gong Min has given the royal order for letting Ki Chul to take Eun Soo. With that, Eun Soo is dragged off. Noguk hears the new in the morning and wonders if Eun Soo will be killed. If that happens, she wonders if Choi Young will die too.

Choi Young is finally awake. Even though he’s in pain, he suits up and decides to get Eun Soo back. He tells Jang Bin that he should have knocked her unconscious and argued that she couldn’t move. Jang Bin asks if Choi Young is really going to disrespect the king’s command. In the end, Jang Bin hands him a pouch of medicine and warns him not to use his inner energy or else he will not be able to use it ever again. He adds that Ki Chul’s intention is to get rid of the doctor and warns him that he’ll be accused. Jang Bin asks Choi Young what he is going to do. Choi Young is going to do the frontal attack.

He rides to Ki Chul’s front gate and announce that he has arrived.

Ki Chul is unhappy to hear as he thought that Choi Young is in bad shape. He wonders if Eun Soo is really from the heavens and Hwata’s true disciple. His advisor argues that they’re insane but Ki Chul is not convinced. He questions if anybody dares to order him to kneel and bow his head, as Choi Young did. Since Eun Soo and Choi Young are here, he grins and looks at Eum Ja.

Gong Min is disappointed to hear that Choi Young left to save Eun Soo by using the frontal attack because he thinks Choi Young is disrespecting the king. He had told Choi Young before that he trusted him but he finds that Choi Young doesn’t trust him. He adds that Noguk goes and shouts at him because she doesn’t trust him. Gong Min gets worked up because Choi Young thinks that the king is useless and cowardly. With his tears in his eyes, he wonders whether he has made the right choice to let the doctor go. He questions how he’s supposed to endure as king when there’s nobody who believes in him.

Choi Young waits outside in the courtyard until Eum Ja arrives and leads him inside. Choi Young looks around the surrounding and spots Eun Soo from afar who is tied to a chair. He immediately heads toward her while knocking down the guards. He reaches for the chair but he finds that it’s not Eun Soo. Hwa Suin whirls around and throws a red hot cup at him. It bursts into flames against his shield. They smirk at each other. She wonders if she did well in disguising as Eun Soo. Choi Young points out that the woman he knows would never have just been sitting there quietly.

Hwa Suin leaps onto the rooftop and leaves Choi Young battling with the soldiers on ground. He fights the soldiers from one place to another while the baddies look on. Ki Chul notices that Choi Young hasn’t used his inner energy and orders Eum Ja to play the ‘death’ song. His advisor thinks it’s not a good idea but Ki Chul gives the signal. Eum Ja starts to play and the sound makes everyone suffer. Choi Young holds onto the pain while the soldiers are dying. Ki Chul uses his ice power to frost his ears as a shield. Choi Young starts to bleed from the ears but he slowly stands up. He has no choice but to use his lightning power which Ki Chul is happy to see. Choi Young recharge his shield to block the ‘death’ song. He feels the powerful energy but swings it back to Eum Ja. Before they continue to fight, they hear a whistle sound. Dae Man is the one who signal it from the rooftop.

Meanwhile, at the palace, the entire Woodalchi force kneels before the king and begs for permission to send reinforcements to help their general. Gong Min refuses. Choong Seok points out that they have deep loyalty to Choi Young and believes that he has reason to ignore the King’s order. They need to save him so they can know Choi Young’s reason to save the doctor. Gong Min still rejects and makes it clear that if anyone disrespects his orders, they are traitors. He reminds them that Woodalchi is aware of the king’s order but Choi Young is not because he wasn’t around since yesterday. They also don’t know where he is.
Dae Man has located Eun Soo and leads Choi Young inside the house while fighting the remaining guards. He breaks the lock and opens the door. Eun Soo greets him with relief. She touches his face and is happy that he’s healthy because the fever has gone down.

The baddies, which are led by Ki Chul, arrive. Choi Young reminds them that Eun Soo is the king’s royal doctor and Ki Chul should remember his manners. Ki Chul asks if he considers it more important than life. Choi Young replies that it isn’t it and points out that she is going to take her and run away. Ki Chul laughs that it is impossible to face against his ‘kids’. He wonders if Choi Young brought his secret reinforcement. Choi Young answers that he is on a personal mission. Ki Chul asks about his personal mission. Choi Young confesses that he is here to save Eun Soo whom he loves. Everyone is shocked and confused. Choi Young adds that the woman he loves got dragged off in the night and he shouldn’t just stand idle. He asks Ki Chul to let them go before more people get hurt.

Point of View

Wow, that was a surprise when Choi Young announces his love confession to Eun Soo. Like Gi Chul and the bad guys, I have the shocking expression on my face but I laughed at the same time because of their reactions. On the other hand, I’m sure he has reason why he does that but, later on, the love relationship between Choi Young and Eun Soo soon will start to blossom.

Eun Soo, I still love you. Yes, I do. That’s because of your serious and comedic style especially when you confront with Ki Chul that leaves him confused. I admired her ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude of hers. She also has her own sensitive side as she cares about Choi Young a lot when she takes care of him. She tries her upmost best to save Choi Young from dying. Also, she understands how Choi Young has been going through hard times in the past. So, we can see little bits of pieces from Eun Soo’s personalities.

So far, I enjoyed the show with a mix of comedy and action. You have Choi Young who fights off against the baddies to save Eun Soo from the bad guys. Then, you have Eun Soo show her spicy attitude that makes the whole world shake. The interesting thing is when each character converse among each other through their use of words and expressions. It is like using the right choice of words to use when battling against their opponents. I hope this style stays the same while not making the storyline confusing. There is still so much to know about Choi Young’s personal story as the drama continues on. That brings up our curiosity, agree?

I don’t think Noguk has feelings for him at all. She is just concerned about him. You can see both Gong Min and Noguk truly care for each other even though they had bitter conversations. What Noguk says is right. Gong Min might lose both Choi Young and Eun Soo if he doesn’t made the right move. Looking at her expression, she really cares about him and I hope he realizes that. All they have to do is to have a nice heart-to-heart talk and know that they love each other. Gong Min better listen to what she says. He has to realize what he has done especially when he decides to ‘lend’ Eun Soo to Ki Chul. He better come to his senses.

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