Faith Episode 6 Review

Episode Recap

Choi Young storms into Ki Chul’s area to rescue Eun Soo and declares that he’s on a personal mission because he loves Eun Soo. Ki Chul laughs out loud while Eun Soo just gapes. Ki Chul only cares about one thing and asks his sister, Hwa Suin, about Choi Young’s abilities. She approaches him and says that he didn’t use all of his either. She reaches to Choi Young’s hand but he takes his hands away and blocks her when she attempts to approach Eun Soo by slamming the police shield in front of her. Ki Chul asks Eun Ja about Choi Young’s lightning power and he believes that he didn’t use much power. Ki Chul asks if that’s true or if it’s because Choi Young is injured. Choi Young is surprised about how much he knows but ask him what he should be in a best position. Ki Chul points out that Choi Young should be called the warrior who uses more than his sword. Choi Young replies that he does as he sometimes use a bow and arrow, and if nothing’s
around, he’ll use his own fists. Ki Chul is impressed and asks him for a drink.

Princess Noguk visits the king again and shares her plan to get Choi Young and Eun Soo back – Gong Min should send her, as the Yuan princess, and Ki Chul will have no choice but to listen to her request. Gong Min wonders bitterly if Noguk is having a hard time as a queen in Goryeo. He asks her if she honestly thinks that he should send her and announce to the world that he is the powerless king who uses Noguk to settle things for him. He adds that if she really is the Goryeo’s queen then she shouldn’t do that way. She bows her head as she realize that is her mistake. He asks what she is thinking right now. He thought that she thinks that the king is saving his only face. Noguk cries in tear and he dismisses her coldly.

Court lady Choi stops and tells Gong Min that the queen is having a hard time. The queen even decides to lay down all her pride to come and meet him tonight. Gong Min confesses to Court lady Choi that he gave the doctor to Ki Chul for a week to win her over his side. He doesn’t have a plan but that will made Eun Soo alive within a week. He asks Court lady Choi whether she thinks of him as a young and foolish king.

Ki Chul pours drinks for Choi Young and Eun Soo. She reaches for her cup but Choi Young snatches it away to drink it first. She realizes that he make sure that she wasn’t being poisoned. She thinks that he’s crazy but Choi Young replies that she’s a doctor who will definitely treat him. Ki Chul’s advisor step in to tell off Eun Soo by calling her a wench and laughs that no one believes that she is Hwata’s disciple. Then, Eun Soo crosses her arms and starts to swear back at him. Choi Young laughs. Eun Soo asks about the patient and tells Choi Young about the bet between Ki Chul and the king. Hwa Suin points out that Eun Soo didn’t know that if she fails to heal the patient, she will be beheaded. Eun Soo is frustrated and reaches the entire jug of liquor. Choi Young nags her to put it down but she just pours herself some drinks for herself. They want to see the patient. Ki Chul says that he was going to choose someone nearby but he changed his mind since Choi Young has arrived. He selects the perfect patient: the little king whom Choi Young served for the last three years. Choi Young’s face goes pale and asks what Ki Chul is trying to do. Ki Chul points out that he was planning to strike two birds with one arrow, but now, he has a way to capture all three. Ki Chul tells Choi Young to accompany his lover, Eun Soo, so she can treat the sick former king.

The queen decides to go and see Ki Chul. Court lady Choi tells her that she needs to get the king’s permission and plan a secure exit from the palace. However, Noguk wants to go there secretly especially when she insists to climb over the palace walls. Court lady Choi pushes Jang Bin into speak out about going against Noguk’s idea but she is not listening. Court lady Choi says that she’s know Choi Young from a very young age and he’s quick-witted enough to get the doctor back. Noguk asks about her relations to Choi Young. Choi Young’s father is her brother so she’s his aunt. Noguk tells them she doesn’t know how to wait like they do and still insist to go to Ki Chul’s place.

Eun Soo and Choi Young start their journey to Gang Hwa. Eun Soo nervously looks at the horses and Choi Young about the carriages. Choi Young replies that they are going on horseback. Eun Soo suggests that they should ride together on a horse and she gets an awkward stare from him. He says that it’s going to be a long journey and they should think about the horses. He tries to help her up but she says that she needs time to be mentally prepared. He sighs and leaves while Eun Soo catches up with him.

They walk the horses through the woods. She asks Choi Young about his love confession. She says that she’s quite shy when it comes to this stuff and that’s impossible since he always fights when she treats him and don’t meet her eyes. When he looks away, she points out that he’s doing it again. She runs up and asks how old he is and reaches for his arm. Then, he whirls around and pins her arms behind her. He warns her never to sneak up on someone who’s carrying a sword of touch him without a warning. When he lets her go, she boasts that she is not going be get scared easily. He tries to say that the love confession is a misunderstanding but she cuts him off with a knowing look. She continues to stop him from saying anything. She says that she’ll pretend that she never heard it…but she already did. She hits him on the shoulder and runs off. Choi Young grabs Dae Man by the collar and asks why on earth he brought her. He asks Dae Man to bring the doctor’s medical supplies and meet them by nightfall. Dae Man stammers as he thinks that Choi Young is going to spend the night with her but Choi Young raises his hand which sends him off away.

Ki Chul’s spy in the palace reports that the queen is on her way to see him about the doctor and Choi Young. The advisor asks for Ki Chul’s order since they can’t refuse the Yuan princess’s request. Ki Chul says they need to take care of her before she arrives since she is supposed to die before she set foot in Goryeo.
Advisor Jo informs Gong Min that the queen has left the palace to meet Ki Chul. Gong Min wonders who he knows. Advisor Jo falls to his knees and begs for forgiveness because he sends one of his spy to the queen’s quarters. Gong Min orders Choong Seok to personally go and save the queen. He grabs his arm and pleads him to bring her back alive even if he has to tie her up and drag her back to the palace.

Noguk walks through the streets with her comrades but she’s surrounded by assassins. Luckily, her female guards start to attack which allows her to escape.

Dae Man returns to the palace and finds the doctor’s supplies which are wrapped in Choi Young’s familiar sling. However, he hears a commotion while on his way out. Ki Chul’s advisor and his men barges into the hospital to get the doctor’s supplies. He threatens Deo Ki to get it. Dae Man busts in to save her from getting killed but he’s not quick enough with a dose of poison which is blown by the advisor. Dae Man collapses and the advisor leaves with the doctor’s supplies. Deo Ki panics while Dae Man starts convulsing and foaming at his mouth.

Choi Young nervously waits for Dae Man and decides to go and check what’s going on. He asks Eun Soo to stay put and eat lots of mandoo. Eun Soo asks him where the door to heaven is. She says that she has no interest in a bet between Ki Chul and the king. He also asks Choi Young to say that he lost her and give her some money since he said that he loved her.

Noguk and her comrades are at the dead end of an alley. Eum Ja looks on from the rooftop and signals his archers to attack. They shoot but Jang Bin knocks the arrows away with one swing of his fan. The Woodalchi army have come just in time. Eum Ja signals another note his archers to kill their own men. Back at the palace, the king paces back and forth while walking along the hallways.

The queen is safely back in the palace and Court lady Choi suggests that she should ask the king for forgiveness since he is really worried about her. Noguk believes that those are lies. At the king’s side, he is shocked to her that she didn’t say a word of explanation or apology. He asks Choong Seok what she said. Choong Seok points out about the queen’s disbelief about the king’s concern on her safety. Gong Mi heard about Dae Man being poisoned and Choi Young and Eun Soo are nowhere to be found. Choong Seok reassures to the king not to worry about it. Gong Min questions how he knows. Choong Seok says that he believes Choi Young who doesn’t get into fights which he can’t win and he’ll be fine.

Meanwhile, Choi Young is trying to get Eun Soo to get on her house. She still says that she needs to be mentally prepared. He becomes impatient and picks her up to get her into the saddle. She clings on top of the horse. After a while, she sits up. He tells her to trust the horse but she insists that the horse doesn’t trust her. He sighs and asks her to trust him. He teaches her how to ride the horse.

At nightfall, they stop and set up camp for the night. He tosses a blanket at her and sits up to keep watch. She starts to walk away but he asks her to stay at the spot right beside him. She glares at him but he says that he’s doing this to protect her. She asks if he likes protecting things with his life. She asks him about the last king. Choi Young points out that he was protecting the last king for three years. She asks if they were close and he says that they are not really close but she thinks that they are really close since he is the one to bring her all the way to treat the last king secretly. He tells her to sleep but she wants to talk especially she wants both of them to get to know each other. Eun Soo asks him if he remembers her name. Since he doesn’t, she says her name and he repeats it quietly to himself. She asks if he’s married but he says he’s not. She admits that she’s not married. She adds that her parents are farmers in the countryside while she is a single girl in Seoul. She sighs that her mother will probably be so worried that her only child has gone missing. She asks him to keep a promise: take her to the heaven’s door after she treats the last king. She says good night to him in English and goes to sleep. After that, he takes an aspirin.

Court lady Choi meets the king because she is worried about him for not eating or sleeping. She suggests making his favourite dish when he was a child. He asks Court Lady Choi for advice on whether he should give in to Ki Chul instead of starting a war and would it be safer for Choi Young and the doctor if he gives up. He asks for her honest opinion and she replies that Ki Chul thinks that he can use the people as possessions he can use to gain more power. She asks the king whether she should give in to a person like him. The king says that there’s nothing that he can do. Court lady Choi bows and says that a king shouldn’t say these kind of words. He smiles and says that she is indeed Choi Young’s family.

Choi Young stays up to keep on a lookout while Eun Soo is asleep. He asks if she’s asleep or not. When he doesn’t hear anything from her, he calls out and Hwa Suin comes out from the shadows. She complains she has been waiting for so long if he knew that she was following them. He throws the stick near her feet as a warning and she backs off. He points out that Dae Man hasn’t come and wonders if it’s Ki Chul’s doings. She doesn’t know. He starts to ask about Ki Chul’s intentions to send them to treat the previous king but she’s more interested on being lovey dovey with Choi Young. She asks if they’re really lovers because Eun Soo called him a murderer who is sleeping beside him. She sits on his lap and asks about his secret and asks how to get his trust on her. He doesn’t have any interest in what she’s saying. He still asks if Ki Chul is aiming for the king. Hwa Suin comes close to him and says by sunrise tomorrow Ki Chul will go and see the king. She adds that Ki Chul will say that there are five days left for him to win the doctor’s heart and probably will mention about Choi Young.

Ki Chul visits Gong Min and reports that Choi Young stormed in and kidnapped the doctor so that she can heal the former king. His intention is to purposely send them to treat the former king so he get the lack of trust from Gong Min. He asks Gong Min how long he’s know Choi Young and how close they could possibly be. He says that the former king, Chung Jeong took the throne when he was twelve years old. Choi Young wasn’t just a bodyguard to him but a teacher and an older brother. Ki Chul asks whether Choi Young asks the king’s permission before going off to treat the former king. Gong Min smiles as if it’s impossible for Choi Young to betray him. Ki Chul assures that Choi Young is committing high treason against the king.

Choi Young and Eun Soo finally arrive at the house and he opens the door. Chung Jeong rushes out from bed when he sees Choi Young. He rushes to him and hug him. He knew that Choi Young will come and see him. Choi Young smiles and hugs him back but he is sad to see that Chung Jeong is living in an empty house. Chung Jeong says that he heard about the divine healer and asks what heaven was like while she examines him. Choi Young tells him about the buildings that reach to the heavens and carts that run without horses while the former king listen to those wonderful things. Eun Soo has the worried look on her face while Choi Young continues talking to Chung Jeong. Later, Choi Young asks Eun Soo if she can cure him and she says she’ll try. She suggests to bring him back to the palace for surgery immediately but the problem is that he is exiled and he can’t step foot outside of the house or else he’s committing treason.

Choong Seok sends one of his comrades to inform Choi Young that the king is already suspicious. He makes it clear that if he takes one step out of the house with Chung Jeong, it’s a death sentence.

Ki Chul’s advisor hands over the pouch with the doctor’s medical tools and Ki Chul immediately recognizes them. He rushes into a room and brings out a case of medical tools and matches them to Eun Soo’s. After comparing them, he points out that these were given to him by his teacher who said they once belonged to Hwata. He points out that Eun Soo is really Hwata’s disciple. He asks where she is and his brother says that it’s too late to stop their plan from going forward. Ki Chul decides to goes out and voices out that no one can harm the divine healer

Choi Young heads out to pick up the doctor’s supplies and Eun Soo asks him to bring Jang Bin too. Chung Jeong doesn’t want him to leave but Eun Soo promises to tell him all about the heaven and girl groups. She asks Choi Young to leave and adds that she needs to be paid for babysitting.

He comes out of the house and spotted Ki Chul’s men. Hwa Suin throws fire bombs at him but he evade it. He runs back into the house and grab Chung Jeong and announces that they should escape. He tells Eun Soo to stay behind him and just run forward. She nods and follows him. They try to escape while Choi Young fights with the assassins. Then, they are stopped by the royal guards. He announces that he’s a Woodalchi and explains the situation. Unexpectedly, the assassins come to save them by attacking the royal guards which leave Choi Young really confused.

Point of View

Okay, Choi Young and the audiences are confused about the ending but it’s also great. Ki Chul had made a smart move in getting what he wants especially persuading Gong Min that Choi Young is committing high treason. Although I hate him, but he’s one good evil bad guy with his Cheshire Cat smile.

I hope that Gong Min has more trust in Choi Young even though they had just met. I mean he has to know the reason why Choi Young is acting. For Gong Min, he’s jealous about Choi Young because he wants to have a friend whom he can rely on. Well, he better not judge a book by its cover and see how Choi Young feels when he’s currently in a tight situation or else he’ll lose him.

With the previous king, we get to see Choi Young brighter side as teacher, friend, brother, and father figure. So, that’s why Choi Young advices Gong Min how to be a great king because he used to be by the previous king’s side. Besides his harsh past, he has the previous king who gives him support with his smile. I love the relationship between the previous king and Choi Young even though there is a huge age difference. The little king calls Choi Young the big warrior who bows to him and teaches him the ways of the world. I hope that Eun Soo is able to save the little king’s life so that he’ll be her new young friend.

Eun Soo’s attitude is so funny and sweet. She know that Choi Young says that he loves her as an act of a personal mission but she pretends that she is attracted to him. I laughed when she wouldn’t let him explain. This will be even more interesting with the one-sided love game. It was great to see that they spend time together in their journey but it’s too short. I was hoping that they show them developing their relationship even closer. Well, Eun Soo introduces herself is a great start of their journey. Also, she is able to see the warmer side of Choi Young. All they need is time and patience to get to know each other even more.

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