Faith Episode 7 Review

Episode Recap

Choi Young leads Eun Soo and former king Chung Jeong away but they are under attack. The ambushers, who are led by Hwasuin, fights with the guards. They’re so confused that the men are battling with the king’s guards. Hwasuin gives him two options: Go home a traitor or come along with her. He prefers the third option: go home. Eun Soo asked which side they’re rooting for but he doesn’t response. Then, she suggests slipping away and they should pretend that they don’t know about this. He smiles to her suggestion.

He sends Eun Soo and Chung Jeong away and then starts to fight. His protect with his shield but not even Hwasuin’s fireballs are enough to stop him. He joins the others and orders Eun Soo to continue
accompanying Chung Jeong as he has things to take care of us. She’s freaked out but he tells her to do as he says. As long as they move forward and hide well, he’ll be able to find them.

In the woods, Joo Seok runs into a hunter’s campground. He’s been ordered here by Choong Seok to secretly bring their leader back. A hunter approaches and assures that he’s not an enemy. Joo Seok is suspicious but follows the hunter because he knows how to find Choi Young. He hears the bad news Young is the traitor to
Gong Min which means the situation is going to be worse.

Advisor Jo reminds him that Choi Young cannot be trusted His words make Gong Min wonder if he could trust Choi Young or not and whispers his doubts about how it explains how Choi Young was able to accomplish everything alone since he was the one who plot against Ki Chul at the beginning.

Aunt Choi rushes to the royal clinic and asks whether Dae Man is awake yet. Luckily, he’s revived but still weak. Princess Noguk demands to know what’s going on. Dae Man explains that Choi Young has not given his loyalty to Ki Chul, but nobody can explain why he followed his orders to see the former king. Both Jang Bin and Aunt Choi points out that he might be threatened with the doctor’s life. Noguk dismisses them and remarks that she doesn’t care to see things from Choi Young’s point of view.

Eun Soo and Chung Jeong take shelter in an old cottage. She hears someone and feels tense. She grabs a dagger and swings but the person that she heard is Choi Young. Choi Young criticizes her approach: (1) she stabbed without knowing who it is and (2) if she wants to stab, she really has to do it. She asks him to clean the blood from his face and pushes him away from Chung Jeong. Choi Young realizes her intentions as she’s taking care of the boy. She notices that Choi Young hasn’t been sleeping for so long and joins him in sitting by the wall. He relocates himself to sleep at the pillar. She follows him again. She pats her shoulder and tells him to lean. He asks whether a man should sleep on a woman’s shoulder. She corrects that the person who’s more tired should lean on the one who’s more refreshed. She points out that he’s good at sleeping and mimics his men’s voice. Then, his head drops onto her shoulder. Eun Soo checks his pulse and his temperature. He’s fine.

The hunter leads Joo Seok through the woods by following the path to catch up with Choi Young. Shouldn’t be a problem since the hunter knows the signs easily which leads to the right direction.

The next morning, Eun Soo checks on Chung Jeong’s ear condition. Chung Jeong is having headaches. She gives him an aspirin to lessen the pain but Choi Young asks her to do something about it. She can’t do anything because she doesn’t have the right medical equipment and medicine thanks to Choi Young who kidnapped her away. Eun Soo shows Chung Jeong the ‘special technique’ from the future of how to deal with pain. It’s a funny routine that makes Chung Jeong smiles. Choi Young senses a presence and asks them to keep quiet. He goes outside and finds that Joo Seok arrives with the hunter. Choi Young wonders what the hunter is doing here.

Hwasuin informs Ki Chul that they lost Choi Youn and he tells her good job as it won’t be fun if they had caught him.

The hunter explains that he was told to find Choi Young and bring him back to the governor who wants to hear the truth from Choi Young himself. With that, the governor can decide whether he should be on Choi Young’s side. Eun Soo worries that Chung Jeong can’t travel in long journeys while Choi Young figures that they can’t run away forever. Though he doesn’t know or trust the governeor, he still has to meet him. He tells Joo Seok to return to the palace and convey the message to the king. Joo Seok worries that it’s a bad idea since he was sent here without the king’s permission. Gong Min will not be pleased to hear what they’ve been doing behind his back. Choi Young says the king won’t kill the messenger and he tells something to Joo Seok in case Gong Min gets angrier. He apologizes to Joo Seok.

At the palace, the king and princess have their dinner while both of them eye on each other coldly. Jang Bin acts as the messenger to pass the message between those two. Gong Min asks if she prepared this vast spread for him despite not caring about it because she so worried about Choi Youn. They glare at each other while talking to Jang Bil. Then, Gong Min bursts in anger and calls her crazy to want to go see Ki Chul. She declares that she want to exchange herself to Choi Young and Eun Soo. She adds that as the Yuan princess, Ki Chul won’t be able to mistreat her. She is also willing to offer more like money and soldiers.
Gong Min grabs her and demands how long is she going to make him pathetic and let her do what she wants. He asks if he’s pathetic. She asks whether she has gone to far for Choi Young. Noguk trembles a bit and answer that she thought that Gong Min needs Choi Young more than someone like her. Gong Min doesn’t understand so she explains but Advisor Jo and the government officials interrupt their conversations.
Woodalchi army stop them from entering.

They’re here to say that Choi Young is a betrayer. Gong Min makes an excuse but Advisor Jo declares that they have confirmed reports that Young has been secretly communicating with his men. The king’s council convince Gong Min to cast the Woodalchi army aside and accept the government officials’ trust. They accuse Wooldalchi for holding Gong Min as hostage. Gong Min asks Choong Seok whether it’s true. Choong Seok honestly bows.

At the Woodalchi headquarters, Ki Won informs the men that their leader is a traitor and the rest of them have to stay in confinement for the time being.

The hunter brings Choi Young, Eun Soo, and Chung Jeong to the governor’s house. Eun Soo takes care of the boy while Choi Young speaks with the governor. He explains to him that Gong Min will believe his explanation that it’s a trap. The governor is wise and friendly but Choi Young finds him suspicious. He asks why he is helping. Is it because he wants to make Chung Jeong a king? The governor laughs and says that he’s a civil servant. He points out the three important factors in maintaining that status quo. Choi Young is not interested in it so he offers to tell him another time.

Eun Soo is picking herbs as medicines and she introduces some plants to Choi Young. She wonders how she’s going to transform plants into medicines. She explains the modernity of not having to make stuff, just getting to prescribe it. She plucks a flower and offers it him. He stares at her blankly and she explains that it’s a gift but he ignores her. Eun Soo asks him to stand still while she ckecks something on his head. Then, she places the flower in his hair. She laughs and says that the flower smell will cover the blood smell.

They return to their quarters to join Chung Jeong but they find that the building is guarded by men. The governor assures Choi Young that it’s for protection and ushers them away for refreshment. Choi Young feels that something’s not right but follows them.

In that room, Ki Chul is with Chung Jeong. The young boy trembles while Ki Chul says his plan. Ki Chul says that Choi Young is involved in treason and intends to reinstate Chung Jeong as king. So, Ki Chul has to capture Choi Young to bring him to Gong Min since Ki Chul is the loyal servant. Chung Jeong cries that this is a trap. He continues to say that he wants both Choi Young and the doctor by his side and he doesn’t trust Gong Min who needs to be taught some manners. Ki Chul asks if Chung Jeong wants to be king, he’ll help him out. Chung Jeong tells Ki Chul that although he doesn’t know much, but he does know that Choi Young is not a traitor. Ki Chul points out he may not know what Choi Young does. The important thing is that whether Ki Chul should kill Choi Young or save him.

Choi Young and Eun Soo enjoy their meal with the governor. She eats happily but Choi Young is worried about Chung Jeong and tries to leave the table. The governor stops him and asks what would he do if Chung Jeong were to ask him to make him king again. Choi Young ignores the question and points out that he’ll pretend that he didn’t hear it.

Chung Jeong asks whether Ki Chul will spare his life if Choi Young kneels before him and beg forgiveness and Ki Chul says yes. However, Chung Jeong knows that Choi Young will never bow to Ki Chul. Ki Chul comes up with an idea. He takes out a small bottle of poison that burns the insides if a person ingests it. He tells the boy to give that bottle to Young and tell him that if Choi Young takes it, Ki Chul will spare Chung Jeong’s life. If Choi Young dies, the rebellion dies, and Chung Jeong is safe.

The governor still asks if with the what-if scenarios and Choi Young replies that he has to kill him. He explains that he’s sitting by the king’s side so his job is to eliminate those who would harm the king.

Ki Chul says either one must die a traitor. He adds that Choi Young should die so he can save Chung Jeong. The boy asks if there’s another way to save Young. The answer is that Chung Jeong has to sacrifice his life.
Eun Soo steps in and suggests a solution: send her and Chung Jeong to the heaven’s portal so she can bring the boy for surgery and chemo therapy. He argues that the portal is still closed but she argues that by staying here, all of them will die. She asks him to go with her and tells him that he can stop killing while he’s in that world.

Joo Seok returns to the palace and finds that his comrades are in confinement. He fights back. Dae man helps out by using his sling shot to take out the soldiers from the rooftop.

Choi Young returns to find Chung Jeong shivering in bed. He’s sweating and his arms are covered in rash. Chung Jeong poisoned himself. Choi Young picks up the empty small bottle from his hand and smells it. Chung Jeong admits that he drank the poison. His chest has burns and sore. Choi Young shouts at Eun Soo to do something. She tells him there’s nothing she can do but he orders her to bring water. While he holds onto Chung Jeong, the boy says that Ki Chul told him how to save Choi Young. Ki Chul is surprised to see that Chung Jeong is willing to die for Choi Young. He asks whether he can go to heaven. Choi Young fights back tears and assures him that he’ll go there. Chung Jeong asks him to describe it to him. Choi Young holds him close and tells him about ‘heaven’. Chung Jeong cries that he’s in so much pain. Choi Young tells him he’ll end this pain and asks his permission. Then, he takes out the blade at his belt while holding him, and ends that pain.

Eun Soo runs in with water and sees Choi Young’s hand dripping with blood, holding a knife. She gasps in horror and asks if he killed Chung Jeong. Choi Young wipes his tears before she sees them. He suggests that they should make a run for it. Eun Soo is still in shock. He pulls her to him fiercely and tells her to do as he say and stay by his side. She yanks back and cries out. She asks him to get his dirty hands off from her. He pleads her not to leave but she leaves while crying. He follows her out but she trips down from the stairs and lands in Ki Chul’s arms.

Choi Young calls out Ki Chul’s name and draws out his sword. However, Eum Ja jumps in and have a swordfight with Choi Young followed by Hwasuin. Choi Young uses his power to build up his strength and knocked down Eum Ha and hurls his shield at Hwasuin. Ki Chul uses his power to halt the shield in midair, freezes it, and shatters it into tiny bits. Ki Chul asks about Chung Jeong and Choi Young gets enrage. Eum Ja gets in his way again and he slams his sword with a mighty swing. Too bad Choi Young is surrounded by the governor’s men with swords drawn. Ki Chul instructs them to take the traitor away. Choi Young watches Hwasuin hold Eun Soo back. She cries but she remains where she is. Choi Young drops his sword and gets shoved to his knees.

Point of View

It’s interesting to see the play of trust and winning someone’s heart. How much does King Gong Min can trust Choi Young? Will he continue to believe for what Choi Young does for good reasons? Ki Chul is always the one trying to break the bonds between Gong Min and Choi Young. Although I hate it, but that’s part of making this drama so intense that you continue to hate Ki Chul as the evil character. Ki Chul is too greedy to get what he wants especially when he wants to bring Choi Young to his side. It would be exciting to see what Ki Chul’s sneaky attacks are going to be.

Gong Min’s character is really complicated. He’s weak and yet he gets angry when he doesn’t like the way things go. Again, he’s still confused about what he’s doing and struggles to be a great king that everyone can trust. The problem is whom he supposed to trust. Well, as the story goes on, it would be great to see even more struggles that he’ll faced but he’ll get back on his feet when he knows exactly what he supposed to do.

I know this is just the beginning but the sparks of love have to start, right? It’s like the relationship between
Choi Young and Eun Soo goes back and forth. First, they tried to be close and get to know each other. Then, she asks him to go away after seeing that Choi Young killed the young king. I understand that Choi Young has reason to kill him but Eun Soo should have to listen what he has to say. Basically, she has to trust him.
That’s probably why this drama is called ‘Faith’ which means trusting one another. However, it’s nice to see some sweet loving closeness between those two characters. Then, you have Eun Soo being shocked to see Young as a monster. Thus, she loses faith in him. I’m sure that their relationship will slowly develop and we, obviously, all want them to stay together. So, more romantic comedy elements are needed in this drama so we can squeal, jump, or whatever we can express our feelings about how close they are.

There are two things I like about Lee Min Ho in this drama (beside the hot looks and body): action and emotions. Whatever he does in fighting and how he expresses in sadness and anger, he brings out the character alive. Trust me. I did shed a tear when he cries while hugging the young king who drank the poison. He’s seriously good in acting in historical/fantasy/action dramas. There’s still a lot for him to show what he can do in ‘Faith’ so let’s all keep an eye on him.

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