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Episode Recap

Choi Young is surrounded and he’s brought to his knee. Since Choi Young can’t fight back, Hwasuin’s hand is on Eun Soo’s shoulder. Choi Young is taken away in chains. The officers take his sword and knife. Eum Ja checks on him again because he knows that he still has weapons hidden. He smirks and lifts up his pant lef so they can get the weapon which he has. Choi Young admits that those are the only weapons he has.

Ki Chul checks on what happened to Chung Jeong and he finds him dead from the poison he gave. Eum Ja joins him and they come to a conclusion: Choi Young fed the poison to the boy to save himself. Ki Chul is happy to see Choi Young’s sword which is given from his Jeokwoldae leader

Eun Soo paces back and forth as she thinks it’s all wrong because based on history, Choi Young lives to be a well-known general so he can’t die now. Hwasuin curiously asks if she knows the future and wonders what’s written about her. Eun Soo feels that there are some little changes in the history that she read. She asks what’ll happen to Choi Youn if he’s taken away like this. Hwasuin decribes that a painful death awaits him. Eun Soo asks if there isn’t a retrial or anything because she could be the witness. Hwasuin says that she has to talk to Ki Chul and she asks if he has any weaknesses. Hwasuin laughs that if he did, she’d killed him long ago. She advises her not to show any fear and wishes her success.

Choi Young is napping in the cagé. The governor comes by to say that he shouldn’t be mad and Choi Young won’t blame anyone since he is the one who walk into the trop. The governor tells him three steps to be successful: (1) figure out who has the power, (2) stick to that person, and (3) believe that you make a right decision. Choi Young remains calm until Eun Soo appears behind Ki Chul. They give each other the looks before she rides along with the others behind the cage.

Princess Noguk hears the Ki Chul’s men are now guarding the king instead of Woodalchi. She believes that Ki Chul thinks nothing of killing her. She worries about the king who is locked away alone since there’s no one by his side. She remarks that the king is a dummy. Gong Min is locked up so the guards can ‘protect’

Deoki distracts the guards while Dae Man sneaks into Woodalchi headquarters. Choong Seok asks where their leader is, whether he’s okay, and why Joo Seok didn’t come with him. Dae Man stutters when he’s under pressure and come out only a few key words. Joo Seok is on his way to see the king to deliver the message from Choi Young. The rumour is spread out that Choi Young has been captured. The men are angry and decide to go out and save the leader. Choong Seok reminds them that they don’t have their weapons to go out and save him.

Choi Young is locked up in the prison cell. He cries over Chung Jeong’s pain and death and Eun Soo’s terrified expression as she backs away from him. She told him to get his dirty hands away from her, how she was disgust with the blood smeel. He pulls out a little bottle of aspirin and the flower she gave to him. He takes it out and thinks about her, and then puts it back in the bottle with a sigh.

Eun Soo is also locked in the room. She walks around in circles. The doors open and she remembers how Choi Young saved her, and drank her drink to make sure she won’t drink the poison. Sadly, Eum Ja is here to escort her to see Ki Chul. She appears to be strong by acting like a thug. When he offers her a chair at the table, she kicks it, and then perches her foot and leans on casually. She points out that the last time she was in this room, she was treated badly. She wonders why he’s being nice and offering her food now. Ki Chul laughs that if he wanted to kill her, it wouldn’t be poison. He wants to cut the deal and she agrees because she has a request. She coolly tells him to bring out his card. He brings out her medical equipment and a box of identical items. She grabs them in shock and asks where he got these. She picks up the scalpel and etched into the handle which says ‘Made in Korea’.

Joo Seok makes his way to see the King thanks to Jang Bin’s help. The king trusts Jang Bin as he told him to take some medicine. Joo Seok bows before Gong Min and tells him what he knows. He admits that he break the king’s loyalty, but Choi Young has been framed. Gong Min points out the ill timing his message, which comes after Choi Young has been captured. Joo Seok swears that it’s not true. Gong Min coldly throws down his sword at Joo Seok’s feet and orders him to kill himself. The king turns his back and Joo Seok draws the sword and puts it to his own throat. He conveys the message from Choi Young to the king. He says his last words of loyalty, bows, and raises the sword to slice. Gong Min nods to Jang Bin. Jang Bin knocks the sword way with his fan which means Joo Seok’s life is safe. Gong Min tells Joo Seok that he still has work to do.

Ki Chul show Eun Soo more of Hwata’s instruments and say there are more like these. She asks to see them all and he hesitates. He admits that he made a bet to win her heart. He asks where her heart is and she replies that her heart belongs to her. He asks if she’ll become one of his people and give her his heart. She says no. She offers a bargain. She says that the items came from her world and she wants Choi Young’s life to be saved. Ki Chul corrects that she should give her heart to save Choi Young’s life.

The guards report that Choi Young has been sleeping for days. He’s in his dream world. His father asks if he still hasn’t found it yet. Young asks if he was searching for his memory. He takes a step closer but the ice cracks beneath him and he falls into the water below. He struggles to breath but he starts to drown and he clutches his throat. Then, he’s at a grassy riverbank in spring. He is at dry land. His father asks what he’s doing. Choi Young asks when the ice melt. His father wonders that he’s talking about and says this lake has never once frozen over. Choi Young looks out at the water and back at his father. He’s confused and turned around. Back in the cell, he opens his eyes and the mouse friendly greets him.

Gong Min still thinks about Choi Young’s message and the time when he was presented with the written decree from Chung Jeong who will free Choi Young from his duty as Woodalchi. Gong Min had already given one last task before considering that request and Choi Young had argued. Gong Min shouted at him for which king he should serve. He honestly said that he serves Gong Min and no one else. Gong Min smiles as he realizes that Choi Young is following his orders.

Gong Min appears before the council and Advisor Jo speaks for everyone. He says that the traitor must be dealt with swiftly and decisively. Gong Min agrees and he decides to see the prisoner himself. The whole council insists that he shouldn’t do that as they will deal with them directly. But, Gong Min asks if they’re challenging the king’s authority which makes the whole council shake.

He storms into the prison while the advisors follow him. He orders them to open the door and Advisor Jo argues that it’s not safe for him to go in the cell .Gong Min says he’s chained up. Ki Won insists that the chains are secured and strong. Then, Gong Min should be fine and he tells them to open the door. He shuts it behind him before they can protest, and walks into the inner chamber. Choi Young stands up and bows before the king. Gong Min understood what the message Choi Young is trying to say. He completed one of the tasks. Choi Young hasn’t figure out why Gong Min should fight. He adds that he’s going to die for treason and Gong Min asks if he’s planning to die just like that. Choi Young just hangs his head and Gong Min bends down to his eye level. He requests Choi Young to teach him how to fight so he can save him. He places his hand on Choi Young’s shackled arm. Gong Min admits that he sent the doctor to Ki Chul because he thought she’d be safter there and he’s powerless and he had no other way. Choi Young asks whether she’s find but Gong Min regretfully says that there’s no way of finding out.

Meanwhile, Eun Soo makes cocktails and offers a glass to Hwasuin and Ki Chul. Hwasuin laughs that she’s not a doctor but a boozer. Ki Chul complains that she said she’d give him her heart, not cocktails. However, she argues that a person’s heart is not like a designer so you can’t buy it with money. She asks how she can win her heart if he’s not taking the drink from her. He drinks it and threatens her by grabbing her wrist as he can’t stand for anyone making a fool of him. She counters that she doesn’t joke around with her heart either and says to win her heart he must at least have one drink a week. For now, he lets out a laugh.

The guards notice that there’s a pool of blood beneath Choi Young. They notice that he slits his wrists and worry if he succeeds to kill himself before he’s being sentenced to death. They immediately enter and cautiously check on him. Then, Choi Young knocks them down easily. He takes the keys and unlocks the chains. He leaves the mouse behind.

On the other hand, Eun Soo goes on a ‘date’ with Ki Chul. Eun Soo points out that is not a ‘date’ because there are guards following them. He complies and tells them to leave. She smiles. Without noticing, Choi Young is watching from a distance. They sit for a while and she tells Ki Chul about how politics work in heaven – the citizens choose who will be the president. He laughs at her opinion. She sees yellow flowers which remind her that she gave one to Choi Young. Ki Chul is told that the king visit Choi Young in prison and Eun Soo finds the opportunity to run. She creeps behind while Ki Chul is not looking. She makes a run for it and then slips which make her nearly fall into a ditch. Luckily, Choi Young catches her from behind. She’s terrified because she thought that saviour is Ki Chul and she insists that she wasn’t trying to run away. By the time she turns around, Choi Young is gone. Ki Chul catches up with her and she walks off in a daze. She holds her waist where Choi Young’s arms were around her. Ki Chul asks if someone was here and she doesn’t answer.

When they return, Ki Chul’s advisor reports to Ki Chul that Choi Young has escaped from prison. Eun Soo realizes that Choi Young saved her. Ki Chul sends his men to Woodalchi headquarters. Ki Won enters in where Choong Seok and his men are waiting in formation.

Jang Bin walks along the king’s chamber with a strange gas that drops the guards to sleep. Choi Young arrives in a black hood while Dae Man follows. Choi Young walks into the king’s room and Joo Seok happily greets his leader. Choi Young pulls back his hood and greets the king. Gong Min laughs that he sure knows how to get around. Choi Young smiles and says he’s here to ask a question and to answer one.

Ki Chul arrives at the Woodalchi headquarters but Choi Young isn’t there. He believes that Choi Young has gone to see the king. Choi Young asks the king why he wants to fight and Gong Min replies that he wants to become king. Choi Young points out that he already is one and Gong Min is aware that Choi Young doesn’t see him as king. Then, Choi Young answers to whether he should teach him how to fight. Choi Young says that a king doesn’t fight but to possess. He asks him to possess and he’ll do the fighting.

Ki Chul arrives to find that all the guards are down and Gong Min is alone. He says they tested the guards for safety reasons and have determined that they need to be replaced. He asks if Choi Young put them down and Gong Min pretends to be confused. Next, Ki Chul goes to the prison and finds Choi Young sitting in his cell. Ki Chul reminds him that he wants him by his side. Choi Young asks what’s the point to put him into ‘all of this’ including treason frame job and giving Chung Jeong the poison. Ki Chul says the doctor begs for Choi Young’s life. He leaves but Choi Young comes right up to the door. Choi Young coolly tells him that he wanted to die slowly and quietly but since he’s been disturb, he decides to wake up and stand up to live.

Gong Min puts his seal on some documents. Then, he goes to see Princess Noguk and asks for help. There’s someone he seeks to have and needs to show his courage first. He says that he needs her help to help to have that courage. She would help him even if he is a powerless and pathetic king. He presents her a box containing a hanbok.

Ki Chul and Eun Soo arrive and join the council. The king announces that there will be some changes. He stands his arms out as attendants disrobe him in front of everyone. He’s taking of the Yuan’s robe and putting on a proper Goryeo king’s robe. He calls out Princess Noguk who enters as a Goryeo queen. He declares that he’ll be the Goryeo king and not a Yuan puppet. Ki Chul is not pleased to hear it. The king announces that he will reward to those who protected Goryeo in the years of his absence. He calls them forward and Woodalchi comes in shiny new armour, led by Choi Young.

Point of View

That’s a great start for Gong Min with his lovely comrades including Choi Young. This is just the beginning. I’m happy to fine that Gong Min has faith in Choi Young especially how he talks with him with loyalty. It’s a great reunion of friendship. Gong Min has to know how he leads the people for the greater good but he has no clue on what to do so there’s Choi Young who will guide him I guess. We are definitely looking forward to see the transformation of those two and how they go against evil Ki Chul. However, how long this friendship and loyalty going to last?

‘Faith’ has a meaning to it. It portrays how each character tries to win someone’s heart and gain trusts. Choi Young and Gong Min trust each other. Right after Gong Min wears the Goryeo robes before the court, they believe they will protect Goryeo with all their might and heart. Next, you have the relationship between Ki Chul and Eun Soo. Eun Soo is ‘teaching’ Ki Chul how to win people’s heart. I still like Eun Soo for how she talks even though it’s funny that he doesn’t understand what on earth she’s saying. You could say Eun Soo is the ‘guide/angel’ to Ki Chul for lightening up his heart and giving him a sense of realization on how to win people’s heart. You never know when a villain has a change of heart.

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