Falling in Love with Korean Hip Hop

We’ve all been there. Heart beating fast, you can’t think, eat or sleep. Yes it’s official you’re in love!

The love bug has hit me hard and I just can’t get enough.

You would think it would be a handsome K-pop idol? But no, my new love interest is Korean hip hop.

I’ve always been a hip hop girl (even though my teens saw me become an obsessed Nysnc fan). I prefer rappers Kanye West and Common over Cheryl Cole and JLS.

When I was introduced to K-pop via BoA and the Wonder Girls it seemed my hip hop days were on the back-burner. I hurriedly digested every single piece of K-pop music and in turn grew to become part of the Big Bang VIP fraternity.

It seems my hip hop girl status has been rekindled, not by a mixtape by Jay Z but rather a Korean rapper named Crucial Star.

I must admit I fell in love by accident.

Browsing through YouTube (as we all do) I came across a video which looked interesting so I decided to click on the link and see what it was all about. I’m glad I did.

The video in question was by Crucial Star who I’ve now discovered is one of the key figures in the Korean Hip Hop scene. The song titled ‘Flat Shoes’ featuring rookie singer Lovey is so smooth and relaxing that I had to replay it over and over again. It reminds me of a summer day cruising with friends

Following on from this I searched for other songs that he had featured on and even downloaded his mixtape. The music was fresh, different and reminded me of the old school hip hop I used to listen to before autotune came into play.

Granted I had heard of other hip hop acts from Korea before such as Dynamic Duo and Drunken Tiger. But my relationship with the music scene was more of a flirtation than a full-blown romance. Although I classified myself as a Drunken Tiger fan my understanding of the group was limited.

Crucial Star brought my love of hip hop back and I have been hooked ever since. His latest offering, the mixtape ‘A Dream Spokesman’ features 18 tracks with guest vocals from other key players in he field such as Donutman and Geeks. It’s the kind of album that fills you with nostalgia and leaves you bopping your head.

Following on from this I delved deeper into the scene and discovered other artists that got me hooked from the first bars of their songs: Verbal Jint, Jazz Ivy and Mad Clown amongst others.

I have now begun a love affair, I can’t get enough of the music and I want to grow my knowledge.

However, there is one major problem. I don’t speak Korean.

Hip Hop is all about the lyrical flow and content of a song. You can have a great beat but if you’re lyrics are lacklustre or unimaginative then it defeats the purpose. How can I love songs that I don’t even understand?

Music is international and goes beyond borders and languages.

Crucial Star’s music hit me in the heart. I could feel his words even though I understood nothing.

That’s the beauty of music, it hits you hard and without a need for explanation.

I aim to learn Korean to further my knowledge of the culture and listening to Korean Hip Hop provides me with all the motivation I need to succeed.

Korean Hip Hop is the one and I hope this lasts forever.

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