Film and Talk event : Tough It Out: after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011


A one-day film and talk event will be held in London at SOAS reflecting on the events of Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami which happened on 11 March 2011 and to look at how lives are being rebuilt for those affected by the disaster. The day will include a screening of the documentary film Tough It Out: One Year After the 2011 Great Sanriku Tsunami (99min), directed by Norihito Morioka, filmed in the immediate aftermath of the disaster.

Tough It Out: One Year After the 2011 Great Sanriku Tsunami
(99min/ 2012/ Japan/ Produced by MBS)

Norihito MORIOKA
Born March 16, 1976 in Suita, Osaka After the Great East Japan Earthquake struck in March 2011, spent one year to film the town of Minami Sanriku in Miyagi Prefecture.

On that fateful day, the town of Minami Sanriku in Miyagi Prefecture, surrounded by the mountains and the sea, lost nearly 1000 of its citizens. Our crew left Osaka immediately after the disaster occurred and began coverage 28 hours later.

A middle-aged man loses the love of his life and is left to raise his young children alone. An elderly woman is overcome with loneliness and the stress of living in the evacuation center. A fisherman whose daughter is still missing takes to the seas again in hopes of finding her. We encountered many people and for one year, our cameras and our hearts intermingled with them.

Out of the horror and pandemonium came spring. Anger and despair turned into prayers of summer. Glimpses of a provisional life could be seen in autumn. The piercing cold of winter compounded the sense of futility. Then the terrible year was over and a new year dawned. This program covered the town of Minami Sanriku for one year.
It was our mission to faithfully chronicle its citizens and their poignant struggle to make it through the disaster and overcome the odds.

Post talk from UK based charity organizations to report the current situation of the area will follow the film screening.

Date: 16 November 2013, 13:00-16:45
Venue: DTL-Kamran DJAM Lecture Theatre, SOAS Russell Square Campus, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London, WC1H 0XG
Organiser: TERP London, Japan Research Centre

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