Japanese master of horror Takashi Shimizu, the writer-director and overall creative force behind the nerve-shredding and hugely successful ‘Ju-on/The Grudge’ franchise, takes J-Horror into a brand new era with the spooky and mysterious Shock Labyrinth 3D, which comes to DVD in January 2011 and features both the 2D and 3D versions of Shimizu’s latest spine chiller complete with two pairs of 3D glasses.

Directed by Shimizu and based on the world’s largest walk-through ‘haunted house’, The Haunted Hospital attraction situated at the world famous Fuji-Q Highland theme park, Shock Labyrinth 3D is the first Japanese film shot in HD Digital 3D (and J-Horror’s first ever live action 3D movie) and stars some of Japanese cinema’s hottest acting talents, including Ai Maeda (Death Note: The Last Name), Suzuki Matsuo (Robo-Geisha) and Shoichiro Masumoto (Goemon; Ichi; Tokyo Gore Police).

When a small group of young friends spending the day at a theme park near the foot of Mount Fuji sneak into the park’s haunted house attraction after hours, the innocent children’s escapade results in the mysterious disappearance of one of them, Yuki.

On a rainy evening ten years later, Yuki inexplicably reappears, turning up at the apartment of one of the girls who was present when she disappeared. Yuki is soon reunited with her friends but shortly afterwards collapses and the group rushes her to a nearby hospital where they are unable to find anyone to treat their friend. With little option but to wait in the hospital, they begin to look for help but soon find things are not as they seem. As the night wears on, the friends begin to relive the events from a decade ago and soon come face to face with the terrible truth behind Yuki’s disappearance.

With the highly entertaining Shock Labyrinth 3D, Shimizu expertly combines a series of striking 3D visuals with his trademark filmmaking style to create a foreboding atmosphere and sense of unease that permeates the film until its final, alarming revelation.

Shock Labyrinth 3D (cert. tbc) will be released on DVD (£14.99) by Chelsea Films on 31st January 2011.


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