Song Hye-kyo as Han Ji-eun
Rain as Lee Young-jae
Han Eun-jeong as Kang Hye-won
Kim Sung-soo as Yoo Min-hyuk

Han Ji-eun (Hye-kyo), an aspiring script writer, and lives in a house called “Full House” built by her late father. One day, her two best friends trick her into believing she has won a free vacation. While she is away, they sell her house. On the plane, she meets a famous actor named Lee Young-jae (Rain). Through comedic events, they get acquainted during her vacation and when she returns, she discovers her house has been sold to him.
Though they don’t get along with each other as she is messy and he has a bad temper and likes cleanliness, they agreed to live with each other. At first, Ji-eun works as his maid in order to buy her house back, but because of Young-jae’s wish to make the love of his life and Kang Hye-won jealous, they get married. They set up a contract for the marriage to last six months. During that time, complications arise and Ji-Eun and Young-Jae become attracted to each other.

According to some netizens, Full House is DAEBAK! They think that Full house is the best drama that they’ve watched for the first time that it was aired. And they think that Bi (rain) and Hye-kyo did a good job, portraying their characters so well, and the audiences really loved them.

Hye-kyo and Bi (rain) is such a wonderful but crazy couple. The two is setting up a good mood every time the audiences are watching them. When Full House is aired here in the Philippines, some Ahjumma, Ahjussi, and others are enjoying watching the drama, because of its unique story (at that time).

I hope that in the future, they’ll produce this kind of drama.

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