G Dragon is One of A Kind

G Dragon is known for his individualistic ways.

As leader of Big Bang and main music maker he has steered his group to the biggest boy band in the K-pop universe.

Although they are placed in the boy band category, these crazy five piece are known for their unique sound and interesting characters. You could say that this group is made of individuals that just happen to gel well together.

G Dragon has always tried to differentiate himself from the others in the idol scene and many see him as a maverick.

With Big Bang’s highly successful return this year, G Dragon and Taeyang mentioned their own solo projects.
G Dragon released his first single ‘One of Kind’ to much fanfare and rave reviews from underground rappers in the South Korean hip hop scene.

Many rappers did recognise his love for hip hop music but they saw him only through the idol bubble. In a sense his status with Big Bang has not always allowed him to release what he believes is his own homage to hip hop.

One of a Kind produced by Choice 37, an American producer definitely marked G Dragon’s musical return with a bang.

The gritty beat and dirty bassline provide a strong urban sound and is instantly striking. There isn’t a song in the mainstream market like this and G Dragon has managed to stand out from the crowd.

What can I say about the video? It is typical G Dragon, loud and crazy. See it below:

However looking closely at the images prevalent, he makes subtle statements about the way people view him and how he views himself. Furthermore his Big Bang brother Taeyang makes a cameo at the end of the video showing his support and obvious love of the song.

Many people expected him to present another song which was in the same vain as One of a Kind, but he took a 180 and released the acoustic ballad ‘That XX’. See the video below:

He actively sought to turn away from people’s expectations of him. In That XX he laments the fact that the girl he loves is with a less than stellar guy and the fact that he can do nothing about it.

In the song, you can hear his anger and desperation and need for his love interest.

The video also did a complete turn focusing on style and strong visual, furthermore it showcased one of YG’s upcoming members of their new girl group Jenny Kim.

Unlike One of Kind, G Dragon is pensive and portrays the emotions in the song. You can almost see his frustration threatening to come out as he fights to control himself.

Many people loved the different side that he showcased with his falsetto voice full of sadness and yearning.

In true G Dragon fashion, he came back and changed his image again with the single ‘Crayon’. See the
video below:

Crayon is a play on the word crazy, and it seems he wants us to get crazy and silly with him.

The video itself is full of humorous images and crazy antics that only G Dragon seems to get away with (cue the female body double).

For his new album G Dragon has attracted the help of other key artists in the music industry with the likes of Dok2, Tablo, Jaurim and Nell’s Kim Jon Wan.

It seems that G Dragon is seeking to put himself as more than just an idol but rather a celebrated musician.
The album is a joy to listen to and really reinforces his musical capabilities. This is an album that should not be missed.

It is safe to say that he is certainly one of a kind.

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