Go on a round-the-world trip with Star Alliance!

Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline coalition which Asiana Airlines (CEO: Young-Doo Yoon) is a member of, has come out with a new round-the-world flight ticket that can now be reserved and purchased online.
Customers interested in travelling round the world can now log onto the Star Alliance website (http://www.staralliance.com/) and obtain with more ease information on this new round-the-world product, entitled “Star Alliance BOOK and FLY”. They were previously only able to obtain such a ticket through individual airlines or travel agencies.
A ticket that, for example, takes you from Incheon to LA to Miami to New York to London to Frankfurt to Paris to Istanbul to Bangkok to Tokyo, and then all the way back to Incheon again can now be purchased online for just around 3,670,000 Korean won (equivalent to approximately 2,950 US dollars, excluding tax and fuel surcharge, based on economy class fare with a validity period of 1 year).
Star Alliance is the first to launch such a round-the-world product. Allowing round-the-globe travel at relatively low cost, it is a worldwide bestseller, reaping in 3.4 billion US dollars annually.Moreover, Star Alliance is the first in the industry to offer cabin upgrades using its membership mileage system. It also has private lounges set aside for customers of Star Alliance members only in all major airports round the world. As the world’s largest airline coalition, Star Alliance is taking a leading role in developing new products with the aim of constantly delivering the world’s best customer service.

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