Going by the Book (2007)

Director: Ra Hee Chan
Casts: Jung Jae Young, Son Byung Ho, and Eom Su Jeong
Genre: Comedy and Drama
Running Time: 102 minutes

There have been continuous bank robberies in Sam Po which causes the public to worry about the safety in the city. Thus, the newly appointed police chief decides to solve these cases by putting a stimulation training program. The traffic cop, Jung Do Man (Jung Jae Young) is assigned to be a robber.

To me, it is a paradox between reality and fantasy. Although the bank robbery scenario is part of the stimulation training, it looks to me that these scenes seem so real. Imagine that if the robbers come to rob the bank, what would you do? My mind was a bit out of place because even though I know it’s fake but it comes to my attention that it look so real. Thanks to Do Man for making my mind being in a see-saw. These scenes are depicted perfectly from how the hostages were treated till the ending which I’m not going to tell.

As for Jung Do Man, he is really naïve. Well, not too naïve. Probably because his expressionless face and saying things that make sense lets me give thumbs up to that. Also, I do feel sorry for him after knowing what actually happen to him. He is just doing his job. He doesn’t want to be neglected. He has a good heart and he knows what he’s doing. He has the reason to why he has to be a robber in the first place.

Well, I would say this: my mind was in a maze. I had a slight trouble with what is reality and what is illusion in this film. Yet, it is a good thing because imagination runs wild when you’re in a bank robbery scenario. Also, it is beneficial for people who would use this stimulation training program concept: the what if and what you’re going to do with bad situations. So, I would say it’s interesting to watch but at the same time I wonder if your mind can handle it.

Rating: 7/10

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