Gyeongbuk Corporation signs MOU with Korea Foods Ltd to penetrate the European Market

On Friday 20th November a MOU ceremony was held between Gyeongbuk Corporation and Korea Foods Ltd in New Malden, England. This was the part of the Korea Foods company’s “Globalising Korean Food” scheme and the promotion for the Gyeongsangbuk-do’s products was followed until the 22nd November in the Korea Foods’ main store in New Malden and Golders Green’s Seoul Plaza branch.

During the MOU ceremony Lee Young-seok, Director of Division of international Relations and Trade at Gyeongsangbuk-do said, “We are pleased to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a trading portal with Gyeongsangbuk-do province, the largest of the nine provinces of the Republic of Korea. Established in Setember 1994 by the Gyeongsangbuk-do provincial govemment, we perform overseas marketing for small and medium-sized producers in our province so that they maintain their competitiveness by sharply reducing their export- related overhead costs. We hope British people enjoy our beautiful healthy products at a better price with a better service.”

Mr Bernard Suh, President from Korea Foods Ltd emphasised, “Established in 1999 Korea Foods has since grown to become the leading importer of Korean food in the UK. The company offers the widest range of Korean products in the UK and has an extensive range of Japanese, Chinese and Thai food. Our company is involved in a number of many different marketing activities. Our primary aim is to unveil Korean food as ‘Hidden Treasure….the next big thing’ in Europe. We will take on the role of Korean food ambassador and do our best to promote Korean food to the European market.”

After ceremony Gyeongbuk Corporation introduced several products at the Korea foods’ main store. Gyeongsan Dates, UiseongYellow Rice, Sobaek Goryo Red Ginseng, Youngyang Red Pepper Powder were most popular items amongst those products. During the promotion, many customers praised the quality and the package of the Gyeongsangbuk-do’s products.

A customer who purchased Red Ginseng said, “I did not know that Red Ginseng was more effective than normal ginseng in its medical efficacies. Also it is very interesting to find out that Red Ginseng is selected from good quality 4~6-year-old ginseng and steamed unpeeled and then dried either in the sun or mechanically many times and this biologically active substance is beneficial to our body and shows excellent pharmacological effects on various diseases.”

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