HaHaHa (2010)

Director: Hong Sang Soo
Casts: Kim Sang Kyung, Bang Jong Sik, and Moon So Ri
Genre: Comedy, Romance, and Drama
Running Time: 116 minutes
Rating: 18

Jo Moon Kyeong (Kim Sang Kyung), a movie director, meets Bang Jong Sik (Yu Jun Sang), a poet near the mountains. They sit down to have makgeoli while sharing their stories at Tong Yeong. They didn’t realise that they came at the same time. Moon Kyeong met Yang Seong Wook (Moon So Ri), a local tour guide, and falls in love at first sight.

Here you have two lads having drinks whilst sharing their funny stories in Tong Yeong. The great thing about these scenes is the use of black and white photographs going in flow with the two actors’ voiceovers. I like how the stories are interlinked with each other even though both guys didn’t meet at the same time. If they were to meet, what would happen? That would be interesting. By the look of their expressions, you can see that they are having a good time laughing and drinking. Probably that’s why the title HaHaHa came about.

There is also another reason why the film title is HaHaHa. The title means summer and the film shows that these two guys had funny experiences at Tong Yeong during the past summer. Tong Yeong is a coastal city of South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. It’s nice to see explore a small city with the sea, a little bit of culture, and others. There is something more to see other than Seoul which we all know. For me, I feel that I want to visit Tong Yeong.

Moon So Ri surely made me laugh a lot while watching this film. Her bubbly character makes the audience have smiles on their faces. She portrayed the local girl who wants to be with the right guy. The story between Moon Kyeong and Seong Wook is interesting and funny at the same time as Moon Kyeong keeps chasing Seong Wook but he couldn’t send in the right message to her. I think the reason why I laughed so much is how he asks her out and how they end up together. There are such a lovely couple who make me laugh. Even though there are some clichés but at least they are quite good. However, I’m not so sure if Western audiences would understand the local flirting jokes. It takes time, I suppose.

One thing I don’t slightly get it is the break-up between Seong Wook and her ex-boyfriend. This is done by giving him the piggyback ride after she found out that he’s been cheating on her. There could be two possibilities: (a) a way to embarrass him or (b) showing him that she has done so much in giving her love to him. Either way it depends on how you interpret this scene. Yet, it is a funny way comment on how she breaks up with her boyfriend.

I laughed at ‘Hahaha’ throughout the film because of the scenes that make me laugh especially the good old clichés. Some might make you cringe over flirty scenes while some might make you sigh about the sweet love. At the same time, it’s nice to know there is a new city to explore. Looks like this will be the town that I should visit. Also, the black and white photos of two men having drinks while sharing their funny stories are enjoyable. This film really makes the audiences laugh all the way.

Rating 8/10

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