Helpless (2012)

Director: Byun Young Joo
Casts: Kim Min Hee, Lee Sun Gyun, and Jo Sung Ha
Genre: Mystery
Running Time: 117 minutes

Before the wedding, a veterinarian, Jang Mun Ho (Lee Sun Gyun), looks for his fiancée, Kang Seon Young (Kim Min Hee) who vanished without a trace. While looking for her, he discovers the dark and shocking truth about her. She wasn’t the person whom he thought would be his future wife. Mun Ho decides to call for his cousin, Kim Jong Geun (Jo Sung Ha) for help to locate her and find out who she really is. Both of them find every single and related place including her hometown where the bigger truth about her is revealed.

For the first two characters, Mun Ho and Seon Young, I love and hate it but in a good way. For Seon Young, at first, it’s the perfect fiancée for Mun Ho, but she turns out to be a psycho murderer. She really made my mind go nuts especially from her facial expressions and shocking eyes. From that, I can obviously see that she’s totally crazy. However, I can understand that because she has been struggling a lot when she was young given the fact she’s been bullied by the loan sharks and treated badly. Basically, her life was totally ruined and she’s mental that she decides to take someone’s life and make her own identity. She wants to be happy the way she wants but with the wrong method. I clap my hands and salute to Min Hee for portraying a psycho murderer.

On the other hand, Mun Ho has been having a hard time especially fulfilling his father wishes. He wants to know who Seon Young is and how she became a psycho murderer. Even though in real life, a too curious person can’t go close to a murderer but I can understand why Mun Ho has to approach her because he still has feelings for her which I find it a bit silly but it’s the feelings that Mun Ho has since he’s been with her for so long. He still supports and cares for her even though she’s a murderer. As for Sun Gyun, I’ve seen him in ‘Petty Romance’. I like his usual sarcastic and common sense style personality that he has in the previous film that I’ve watched. I get to see a different side of him while still using his usual personality. Imagine a ‘guy next door’ in this film with a splash of drama, mystery, thriller. Now, these are the spices that I’m able to see Sun Gyun’s acting skills in a different genre film.

Jong Geun may be funny but he’s rational when it comes to solving mysteries. At the same time, he’s trying to get a good job and doesn’t want to trouble his wife who’s working hard at the restaurant. I am glad that Jong Geun is willing to help Mun Ho to find the truth about Seon Young and support him. If not, then Mun Ho might do something silly and the truth itself won’t be revealed. Well, there is another way for the truth to be revealed but not the silliest thing that Mun Ho could think of. Jong Geun already tried his best to tell Mun Ho that Seun Young is not the ‘perfect’ fiancée but Mun Ho still doesn’t listen. So, Jong Geun is a great detective and cousin who does his best to meet his goals.

Overall, I find this film going slow, smooth, and steady as the truth about Seon Young develops. It made my mind from being calm to being mental. It’s interesting to see both Mun Ho and Jong Geun work together to solve the mystery by looking into a clue and then moving on to the next. While going through the clues and puzzles, they got themselves the big picture. You also have Seon Young which you might think she’s an innocent and lovely lady but it turns out she’s mental psycho murder who has harsh pasts. This film let use slowly understand how Seon Young has gone through the hardships and why she became a psycho murderer. Thus, if you want a slow-paced film with mystery and thriller, I would recommend you guys to watch this because, trust me, it will make your mind blow away.

Rating: 8/10

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