Date: 1 October – 6 November 2011, Mon–Sun 11am-6pm
Venue: Teasmith Gallery, 6 Lamb Street London E1 6EA
Admission: Free
Tel: 07810466872
Email: press@emoriya.com
Web: http://homelandscape.emoriya.com/
Organiser: Elina Moriya

Is your home where your heart is?
Or is it where your breath emanates?
Where is your homeland when you are sleeping?

Homelandscape is the first collaborative project by two Finnish-Japanese artists, Elina Moriya and Miika Osamitsu. The exhibitions consist of Elina’s photography and Miika’s essay and sound installation. The exhibition is a part of a larger series that the artists are working on at the moment.

The exhibition concentrates on the theme of home and the variety of ways in which we conceptualize and experience home and its counterpart homelessness.

This exhibition, like the forthcoming ones, includes an essay on the subject. The philosophical posture is central to the collaboration and the series as a whole, so that visual, audible and textual layers are inseparable from each other. This is how the collaboration started in the first place, by a deep philosophical conversation in the midst of photographs and sounds, by a realization that a home can vanish in an instant, by tsunami, by earthquake, by war, by phone call, by arising of a thought.

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