HADA Contemporary is pleased to present new works by Hong Sungchul (b. 1969) and Park Seungmo (b. 1969) whose works focus on the anxiety derived from the evanescent contemporary lives.

Hong Sungchul’s practice focuses on the anxiety and tension originating from the ontological incompleteness of being. By developing wide range of works in various interactive media, he brings attention to the deformity in the communication in the current ‘society of the spectacle’ – a society where human relations are no longer ‘directly experience,’ but blurred in their ‘spectacular’ representation as G. Debord and N. Bourriaud notes – questioning the existence. Hong uses artwork as a form to generate relationship and reanimate communication by continuous interactive portrayal of the desolated individuals in the virtual world.

In Perceptual Mirror series, each solar LCD units unsystematically blinks in reaction to the movement of the light energy. Like pixelate beings in the society constructed of images, each idiosyncratic units fickers ardently and forms temporal images that perhaps represent the existential anxiety of individuals amongst the prevalent reification and alienation of capitalist society. In String series, two-dimensional images printed on the elastic string create illusionistic three-dimensional fleeting imagerys of the fragmented body parts suspended in time and space like manipulated and fabricated images disconnected from the reality.

Uniquely, Hong’s works simultaneously display his willfullness to adapt into this spectacular society, which is evidently shown from his assiduous engagement with high technology and media as pivotal instruments for his myriad styles of interactive objects. He deliberately brings us to the awareness of the illusion of an interactive democracy in truncated channels of communication, and strives to revive lost passages of communication within the context of contemporary society. To the artist, the interactivity is the highway to approach such possibility as Bourriaud mentioned that ‘art is a state of encounter,’ producing a specific sociability .

Park Seungmo’s works fundamentally derive from the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, which seeks a consciousless determination to be enlightened with the true nature of identity. A common Buddhist quote, ‘we can see the universe as it is and our true nature when delusion and defilements disappear’ finds a physical form in the hands of Park. They are a product of a search for self, contentment and existence. For years he experimented with aluminium wires to develop an artistic and religious practice to pose the question of identity to himself, the audience and the object, from where the initial stage of meditation by Zen practitioners begins.

The neutrality and impersonal nature of aluminium wires distance the familiar figure and object from the viewer. By depriving the subjects of their functionality and individuality Park question them of their existence and significance. Furthermore, his ephemeral portraits of Maya (환, 幻) – meaning illusion in Sanskrit – created by snipping layers of wire mesh comments on the transient nature of being. His labour-intensive process coincides with the religious fulfillment of the selfless state that begins with emptying out of himself.

Date: 5 – 29 September 2013
Venue: HADA Contemporary, 21 Vyner Street, London E2 9DG

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