I am the King (2012)

Director: Jang Kyu Sung
Casts: Joo Ji Hun, Baek Yoon Shik, and Byun Hee Bong
Genre: Comedy and Period
Running Time: 120 minutes
Certi: 12

Before Crown Prince Choong Nyeong (Joo Ji Hun) becomes the King Sejong, he explores outside the palace walls. Meanwhile, the slave, Deok Chil (Joo Ji Hun), who is identical, pretends to be him before the coronation. From then on, Crown Prince Choong Nyeong experiences the life of common people and the rough society. So, both of them are facing the realities and decide what is right for the nation.


I laughed again. I can’t help it because films like this one keep on pressing the right buttons to make me laugh. The casts are amazing. Some are funny while some are serious. Some fights even though they look so royalty while some always has awkward personalities. In addition to that, I find their dialogues have the spice of comedy even though some characters are portrayed such as Choong Nyeong’s royal guards and his father who beats up the loser if anybody messed with him. I got more laughter because soundtracks from ‘Wong Fei Hong’ and ‘Secret Garden’ just came out of nowhere. It was unexpected but it sure makes my eyes wide open.

I’m impressed with Joo Ji Hun in portraying two main characters. He is able to show two different characters (the naggy prince and the mature slave). He is able to balance both of these characters that I can easily spot the difference of personality between them. Great job. Even so, he is able to make me laugh especially when Choong Nyeong goes out into the world and Deok Chil is learning to be a well-mannered Crown Prince in the palace. I like how this film shows both characters among each other without leaving me into confusion. Great characters which is portrayed by Joo Ji Hun.

It’s great to see some history about how the common people have been going through hard times during the historical period. This includes the runaway slaves who are suffering. Because of that, Choong Nyeong understands what on earth is going on outside the palace walls. He is determined to be the King to be involved in politics by gaining the people’s trusts. However, I don’t get the inventions that are shown even though it was meant to be funny such as the cannons and the ‘pen’. It doesn’t seem right at all.

This periodical film gives you the medicine of laughter. The great casts are like your doctors. You can see the difference between the two main characters even though these are portrayed by one actor. A brief understanding of the royal history related to the running slaves. So, the storyline is perfect with a mix of comedy and connection with characters.

Rating: 8/10

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