I Do, I Do Episode 11 Review

Episode Recap

Eun Sung still hangs around outside Ji An’s apartment. Meanwhile, Ji An explain that she’ll support Na Ri with the company. She hopes that Madame Jang can understand her situation. Madame Jang asks why such a strong woman like Ji An would have reason to hide her pregnancy. She wonders that Ji An is afraid that she might lose everything. Madame Jang believes that the company is more important than the baby while Ji An clarifies that she has no intentions of abandoning the company. At first, she agrees that Ji An let her take care of the child but she warns her that she will soon know which one is important: her child or the company. She drops the doctor business card on Ji An’s lap and leaves.

Eun Sung anxiously going to press the doorbell until Madame Jang comes out. Both of them exchange awkward glances. Once he enters, he finds Ji An completely shaken. When she faints, he rushes her into the car to take her to the hospital. Madame Jang looks on and asks her secretary to look into Eun Sung.
At the hospital, Eun Sung watches as Ji An sleeps peacefully. He takes her hand but stops himself from brushing the hair aside with his hand. Tae Kang, who can’t sleep, smiles as he thinks back about the gentle kiss which he gave to Ji An. He tosses and turns while hoping he will be with Ji An as a couple.

Next morning, Eun Sung makes a formal morning greeting. Ji An sighs as a relief that Ankle is find but her health isn’t. He asks her to take a few days off. However, she doesn’t want to because the collaboration is just around the corner and doesn’t waster the time. She tells him about Madame Jang and really wants to win so that she can stay in the company. Eun Sung still insists that she needs to take care of her health and asks whether is it possible to work from home.

Tae Kang hands Na Ri a leave application to sign. Jake comments that it will be less embarrassing since Ji An is sick. About the opportunity to study abroad, Tae Kang asks a few more days to think about it and discuss it with his father.

Tae Kang unpacks the samples at Ji An’s apartment. He is worried that she is sick so he puts out a hand to her forehead which she evades from. He smiles as he wonders what she expected. She pinches his ear in response. Ji An lets Tae Kang know about a list that they need to do for this collaboration. Tae Kang is willing to be as Ji An’s protégé. She raises an eyebrow at his confidence and asks where it came from. He cutely responds and point at his face.

Bong Soo explains about Tae Kang’s offer to go overseas to the rest of the co-workers. He has lunch with Tae Kang’s father and remarks that he doesn’t seem happy for his son. His father replies that he feel sad that Tae Kang might be leaving immediately. A few minutes later, Tae Kang and Na Ri walks up to them and immediately notice that his father is working in the company. Luckily, Na Ri let’s his father work in the company and polish and let his skills shine. Tae Kang thanks her for her kindness. She hints that she will only be around with Tae Kang. He laughs it off and points out that he will treat her for dinner as a thank you gift.

Madame Jang reviews Eun Sung’s file. She wonders why Ji An didn’t tell her about her ‘boyfriend’.
Ji An frustrates on choosing which designs is the best. Tae Kang cutely suggests that they do the eeny-meeny-miney-moes on the drawing board as a way to take the stress away. She orders him to silend for the next hour. Next, he writes on his hand, “Aren’t you hungry?” Ji An ignores and Tae Kang immediately write, “Jokbal” while his cute smile. He goes out to satisfy her cravings while Ji An gives a tiny smirk.

After she thinks about what Madame Jang has just said at the previous visit, she recalls back about her Christmas date some years ago. It was her two year anniversary with her boyfriend but she is still focus on her work more than the relationship. He decided to break up with her by leaving his couple ring behind. Young Ji An did her work at the later night to avoid being sad and pain. At present, she wanders in her shoe closet. She places her finger on Ankle’s baby shoes and whisper that she can’t live like that with pain and sadness.
Jun Hee and Eun Sung arrive with groceries so that Eun Sung can cook some nutritious dinner for her. Tae Kang came back with instant jokbal. Jun Hee comments about Eun Sung’s cooking until she points out that instant food is unhealthy for pregnant women. Tae Kang shoves the jokbal under the table and says that he will bring it home. Ji An saves him by asking him to leave the jokbal as she wants to eat it as a late night snack. Tae Kang and Eun Sung ‘battle’ against each other on washing the dishes. Jun Hee admires how the two men treat Ji An well and wonders if she can’t keep them both.

Na Ri has dinner with Tae Kang’s father at Choong Baek’s restaurant. Tae Kang’s father insists that both of them should speak comfortably since they’re outside the office. Na Ri asks if it is okay to call him Father. She offers to pour him a drink. As he drinks, she starts to say that she heard that he made knockoffs which she gets a spray of soju. Tae Kang’s father points out that he did that in his younger days but he is not doing it anymore. She is relieved and adds that if he keeps doing it, he will go to jail. She is aware of his years of experience in the field and offers him a role to be a team leader to help with the collaboration. Na Ri notices that Tae Kang isn’t around and her eyes are wide open when she hears that Tae Kang is at Ji An’s apartment to do the collaboration.

It’s raining outside and Ji An has only got one umbrella. The boys grab for it and Tae Kang whines that Eun Sung can go back home with his car. Eun Sung points out that he came with Jun Hee who has left. Ji An suggests that the two of them should share the umbrella. In the end, they both share and they are reluctantly want to stay closer which means both of them will get wet. Eun Sing grabs Tae Kang’s wrist and looks at him straight in the eye. He asks if he wants to go grab a drink.

He apologizes to Tae Kang for the misunderstanding on Tae Kang’s action towards Ji An since he is concerned about his supervisor. Tae Kang sets down his glass and announces that he likes Ji An. Tae Kang adds that he is fine that he butt into people’s business even though he knows that Eun Sung is the father. He vows that he will do his upmost best to raise the child. Eun Sung points out that he didn’t want to marry Ji An because he respects Ji An’s decisions. Tae Kang focus on his feelings so he will butt in from now on. After drinking another shot, Eun Sung admits that he is jealous of Tae Kang but marvels that Tae Kang knows nothing.

A feature article about Ji An’s “love story” spreads like wildfire. Eun Sung wonders who is behind this. Madame Jang reads the article and informs her secretary to send something nice to the editor. Even though he tries to persuade the magazine editors that the love story is not true, he failed. He receives a call from his father who congratulates him and hoping for an upcoming wedding for Eun Sung and Ji An. Tae Kang hears about the news from the staffs. His face is in shock as Bong Soo reads the false detailed article. Tae Kang refuses to believe the article while Bong Soo tries to comfort him.

Ji An reaches for her laptop and Jun Hee stops her from doing it as she points out that stress is bad for a pregnant woman. Ji An notices that Jun Hee is being suspicious. In the end, she reads the article. She almost starts to fume and Jun Hee calms her down by reminding her that the baby’s health is important. Ji An instantly know that Madame Jang is behind all this. Before she starts to get her revenge, she needs to eat first.

Na Ri finds it suspicious about the article and Ji An’s leave. Jake points out that Ji An must be pregnant and adds on that it happens like in the dramas, including an immediate wedding. Na Ri laughs it off. However, she recalls Ji An’s previous strange behaviour: morning sickness, gain weight, and sleepiness.

Tae Kang rushes over to Ji An house since she didn’t pick up his calls. He asks Ji An about the article and is relived after he hears from Ji An that the article is false. He gives her a hug. Before he leaves, he hands her a stack of surveys which he did to collect survey results from the public. She remembers that she couldn’t get the public opinion to help in the design process. She stares at him as they review them later that day and when he catches her. He assures her that she doesn’t want her to get married. Then, he sings a song with the same verse “I wanna kiss you”. Feeling uncomfortable, Ji An gets up and kicks him before she goes into her room. Tae Kang smiles and continues to sing. Later, she finds him fast asleep in her living room. She places a pillow under his head and covers him with a blanket. She lies next to him and watches him sleep. She smiles as she wonders if Ankle resembles to Tae Kang’s facial features. Then, she feels that Ankle is moving inside her belly for the first time.

The next morning, Tae Kang wakes up and complains that Ji An should have woken him up. However, he looks into the kitchen and sees Ji An struggling to prepare breakfast for him. Tae Kang looks on with a warm smile. Ji An admits that this is her first time making breakfast for anyone. Tae Kang happily asks whether that they are newlyweds. He takes a bit and finds it salty but he adorably pretends that he enjoys the food that she cooks. Thus, he keeps eating until when his mouth is full, he tells her not to cook again since she’s pregnant. His eyes grow wide as she puts more food on his plate. Tae Kang, with his full stomach, comes out and stretches while telling out loud “Good morning.”

Ji An stares with frustrations over the design. She thinks about Na Ri’s and Madame Jang’s words about the company. She realizes that she is trap in the ‘cage’ which means following the rules. Then, she tears each design with her hands. She crumples them into a ball and throws them at the drawing boards. She decides to start over with an awesome shoe design.

Eun Sung hears from his lawyer that someone else might be backing the editors since they’re not afraid for being sued for defamation. He remembers that Ji An mentioned about Madame Jang. Thus, he decides to go and have a word with her. When he is there, she comes out in a few minutes. She pretends that she doesn’t know anything about this and Eun Sung replies that he will sue the publication and hopes that she is not going to be involved in this. As soon as he leaves, Madame Jang points out that he should be thankful since he has feelings for Ji An.

The company gossips about the marriage and how long this marriage going to last. Then, Tae Kang joins in and tells them this marriage is not true. When they ask who he is, he tells them that they do not need to know about him. He approaches to Na Ri about the posts on company forums. He requests Na Ri to state that the marriage rumours are false. Na Ri thought that Ji An is pregnant. She interrogates him if he knows or seen anything at Ji An’s apartment. Upon hearing that, Tae Kang fumes up and is disappointed with her. He leaves while Na Ri stands in frustration.

Choong Baek’s jaw drops after hearing from Tae Kang about being a ‘couple’ with Ji An. Tae Kang informs him that he is planning to propose to Ji An. Choong Baek reminds him that the baby belongs to Eun Sung but Tae Kang doesn’t care since he loves Ji An. He has confidence that Ji An will accept his marriage proposal. However, he has to tell his father the news. Suddenly, his father walks in and hears about proposing to a pregnant woman. Choong Baek tries to change the subject but Tae Kang steps and declaring that he is going to marry to the pregnant woman.

Eun Sung notices that her health has gotten better and she is in a more relaxed mood. She informs him that she felt the baby move twice already. Eun Sung jokingly asks whether it is the gas. He pulls out his stethoscope to make sure everything is normal. He asks her to keep quiet as he is trying to translate what Ankle had said. He points out that Ankle know about the false news article incident. He feels sorry that he didn’t given enough strength to protect her. Ji An passes the message to Ankle: she knows that Eun Sung has done a lot and he shouldn’t be sorry. She is also grateful to him. Eun Sung places the stethoscope in her ears. He holds the other end to his mouth and proposes to her.

Point of View

Ji An realizes that she has to think outside of the box and not follow what people tell her to design. For her to tear each of her shoe designs sketches and throws them at the collaboration drawing boards shows that she is breaking out from that cage. Thus, she wants to show off her capability of creating a shoe which will catch the consumers’ attention.

Eun Sung do you have to take the initiative to break the love development between Ji An and Tae Kang? Ji An starts to have feelings for Tae Kang and you just have to propose to her after knowing about the false news article. Eun Sung is annoying in every way: a stalker, friend, physician. Now, Eun Sung wants her to be the fiancé. At first, I hold my breath for a while after he propose to her. Well, that’s because he has been the Baby Daddy who genuinely takes care of her while she is still making decisions about keeping her secret. Obviously, she will reject his marriage proposal. However, if she is to say yes to that, even more drama comes in. For example, Tae Kang will stop them from getting married.

So far, I didn’t see any great climax which catches my attention at all. I understand Tae Kang points out that he needs some time to think about the opportunity to study and work abroad to fulfil his career dreams. However, there is seriously no pressure from Na Ri or Jake. They didn’t even intend to do some evil plans to make Tae Kang to take up that offer. As usual, throughout this whole drama, I can’t see Na Ri as the main supporting character who will do anything to get into Ji An’s and Tae Kang’s way. Also, when she wants someone like Tae Kang, shouldn’t she be doing something evil? I see there is not much development at all from this character. Same goes with Madame Jang. Other than asking the publishing company to come out with the false news article, there are not much evil schemes that she had done recently. Yes, I wanted her to be nice to Ji An. However, if a drama needs to be exciting, she should have put more pressure on Ji An since she has make a decision to not take over the company. Hopefully, as the episodes go on, the battle between Ji An and Madame Jang and Na Ri will come up. If not, I would blame the writers for not taking up the challenge to make the rest of the story more irresistible.

After many great episodes that I see in this drama, from this episode, I don’t think the writers didn’t have the confidence to move on to the direction where, heading towards the climax, there are no conflicts. Also, they did not focus on Na Ri that much. Now that 11 episodes has passed, one problem: Tae Kang still doesn’t know that he is the father of Ji An’s unborn child. I was expecting that he should know by then and he will help her along the way while facing conflicts. There are few more weeks of episode and still nothing happen. What the writers are doing? There are still about 5 more episodes to go. How they supposed to cover throughout the rest of the pregnancy in these upcoming episodes? I was hoping that Ji An will deliver the baby at almost the end of the drama and have a happy family with Tae Kang. Writers, do something about this?

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