I Do, I Do Episode 12 Review

Episode Recap

Eun Sung bolsters about his marriage proposal. As Ji An tries to give an answer, Eun Sung interrupts again by saying that she doesn’t have to answer. However, she has an answer: she rejects that marriage proposal. She feels that it is not necessary to get married just to cover the false news article. He once told her that everyone is a coward especially when it comes to something they want to protect. Thus, she wants to face the society with this secret. Also, she wants Ankle to be proud for it. Eun Sung accepts her answer and tells Ankle that he’ll be watching over it.

Meanwhile, Tae Kang gets the beating from his father. He defends that his father once told him that he feels lonely and had a hard time of being a single parent. Through that, he wants to support Ji An and accepts how she is going through because he loves her. His father refuses to believe it and shouts that he should go to America. Then, his father loses his strength. He is told about the whole situation between Tae Kang and Ji An including her pregnancy.

At Ji An’s place, Tae Kang admires her latest design which reminds of a scene from an old foreign film where the leads laid under the shade as butterflies flutter above them. Then, they are watching Elvira Madigen when there are moments they are close together and cry during the most touching parts of the film. She thought about the “love that you can almost catch, like butterflies” approach. Tae Kang suggests adding a butterfly-shaped ribbon to brighten up the design. He points out that the previous one was quite great, this design give him butterflies in this stomach.

She is grateful for the survey results. Although he is happy, but Ji An reminds him that he’s just graduated from the alphabet to simple words in his design education. They sit there while Ji An hesitates whether she should tell Tae-kang that he’s the father of her unborn child or not. When she almost attempts to tell him, a phone call interrupts them. When he knows that Na Ri is coming over he immediately leaves before Ji An mentions the topic again.

Na Ri is blocked by Tae Kang before she tries to confront Ji An about the news article. Tae Kang informs Na Ri that Ji An has started to gain her strength and tells her to leave Ji An alone. Na Ri is shocked after hearing that Tae Kang loves Ji An even though she’s pregnant. Tae Kang asks Na Ri to keep Ji An’s pregnancy. Being shocked and hurt, Na Ri walks away as tears roll down her cheek. Jake finds Na Ri drowning her sorrows away with liquor. Na Ri mumbles about how she hate “that woman” Ji An while Jake is confused about what she’s saying. She vows to win and refuse to lose to Ji An in anything again.

Ji An waiting impatiently for a phone call from Na Ri. Instead, she receives a text from Tae Kang. He asks her to check the email about the ribbons for the shoe design. Also, in the email, Tae Kang cheers for the upcoming collaboration. They agree on the same choice. Finally, she decides to tell him the truth about his unborn child after the collaboration. Both of them mark the date on their calendars.

Bong Soo is surprised after knowing about Tae Kang’s plan to propose. He thought that Tae Kang is going to propose to Na Ri but Tae Kang laughs it off and tells him that he wonders how to propose which is low-budget, sweet, romantic but touching at the same time. Bong Soo suggests that Tae Kang needs to focus on one thing that she likes. He gives an example of how he proposes to his wife: he buys a stack of fake money from the stationary and vow to gain money for real within 10 years. However, his vow is never fulfilled but she trusts him to make her happy. Through Bong Soo’s suggestion,Tae Kang decides to buy a pair of shoes and reform it. He vows to fill Ji An’s shoe closet with the shoes he made.

Eun Sung just stay calm while everyone at the hospital congratulates him on his engagement. Eung Sung tells Ji An that her health has improved but it is too early for her to go back to the office. Ji An apologizes for how the article has trouble Eun Sung. She has an idea to get her revenge on Madame Jang. She is going for the interview with another magazine to tell the truth about her pregnancy and her decisions to be a single mother. She adds that Eun Sung is there as a doctor to support her. Eun Sung is impressed of what she does but asks if she enjoys making things difficult for herself. Ji An metaphorically says that when they were children, they used to be afraid of getting shots because of the needle but they will find that it so not bad once it was over. Eun Sung admires her bravery for doing that. At the hospital, he wears a tag “not getting married” behind his back while walking around when people notice it and silently laugh.

Jake gets his hands on Ji An’s new design and shows it to Na Ri which causes her to be fear. She is worried while Jake doesn’t care as he believes that their team will win. Na Ri goes evil by going to the pattern room and has a char with the pattern designer in charge. Tae Kang’s father is suspicious about Na Ri’s actions. Later, she bumps into Tae Kang and warns that Ji An better leave the company because she will get fired before the secret is out of the café.

Ji An and Tae Kang are having dinner at the meat restaurant. He thinks about what Na Ri has just said previously. Ji An orders more meat while Tae Kang reminds her that she had just ate three servings by herself. She points out that she needs to be full of energy from eating before she goes into the battlefield. Tae Kang asks if she isn’t scared for tomorrow as the whole world will know the truth about her pregnancy and single parents after reading the interview article. She admits that she is scared but she hasn’t done anything wrong. He suggests that she should make a night free to celebrate their collaboration and she agrees. After dinner, they spot some flower arrangements and one with a blatant message which gives her an idea.
Madame Jang looks through Ji An’s interview. She fumes at the flower arrangement which are sent by Ji An with sarcastic congratulatory thanks. She orders the staff to throw it away but there are more coming in one by one with a variety of messages.

Ji An frowns while Jun Hee tries to make her glorious sexy return to work to make a strong impression. Ji An is worried that her clothes will not fit her since her belly is growing. Jun Hee gives some advice including asks Ji An to be brave. Later, Ji An, dressed in a white fitting strapless dress with flats, shows up at the parking lot where Eun Sung is waiting. Eung Sung teases her by holding up his hands that she is radiant and opens the door for Ji An. Outside the company doors, she tells her Ankle as she is ready to rock the stage. Ji An’s staff gossip about her interview. When Tae Kang attempts to get up to say something, Team Leader Ma points out that it doesn’t matter if someone is married or not when they’re pregnant. Finally, she says that Ji An is still a mother.

Na Ri and Jake read the feature themselves. He presses the wrong button by saying that Ji An’s story reminds him of Na Ri’s mother. Ji An is amused because she previously received text about the false wedding. Now, she didn’t receive anything about her pregnancy and single mother issue. Na Ri storms into her office and demands to know why she wants to reveal her pregnancy to the world right now. Ji An replies that there is no such thing as “good timing”. She expects to get congratulatory for her pregnancy, not sympathy. Na Ri reminds her that there is no congratulations for single mothers in this industry. She advices Ji An to resign so that Ji An will not go through rough times in the company. Ji An smiles and thanks Na Ri for dividing the teams because it lets her reveal her own creativity. Lastly, Ji An informs Na Ri that she will not become the CEO so Na Ri shouldn’t try so hard to fire her. Na Ri asks why Ji An is throwing her life away and Ji An replies that a person should take a whack at life rather than simply embracing what’s been thrown at you.

Eun Sung visits Ji An’s parents with gifts and apologizes that his father has already called them. Her father shakes his head that he has no plans to marry off his daughter by hiding the truth about her pregnancy. Eun Sung shows them Ji An’s interview including her declaration to live her life as a single mother. He informs Ji An’s parents that although she is a strong woman, she still needs to get the support from them. Eun Sung smiles and points out that Ji An rejects his proposal which causes him not to meet other women in the future.

Madame Jang asks Na Ri to come to her office. Madame Jang instantly treats Na Ri with warmth by complimenting and addressing her. Madame Jang presents her a gift. Na Ri asks Madame Jang if she heard about Ji An. Then, Madame Jang suggests that Na Ri should be the next CEO of the company. Na Ri is happy about it but she feels uneasy as soon as she’s outside.

Na Ri’s evil plan to sabotage Ji An’s design is successful as Tae Kang gapes at the sample. It is totally different than the original one. The pattern designer plays dumb and walks off. Tae Kang’s father looks on. No shoemakers are willing to create the sample within a day. Ji An demands to see the sample but Tae Kang says that it is not ready yet. She doesn’t believe it so she gets up to see for herself and she gets a hug from Tae Kang. For a few moments of standing, Ji An’s phone rings. He holds onto her while he puts the phone to her ear. She leaves while calming her blushing cheeks.

Tae Kang pleads his father but he is unwilling to help Medusa. Tae Kang wonders why his father still wants him to go to America. His father reasons because he doesn’t want both Tae Kang and Ji An to be together. He adds that he know that Tae Kang is close to her because she is a mother who won’t abandon her child, unlike his own mother. He points out that Tae Kang pities Ji An. Tae Kang raises his voice and asks whether his father thinks that being a single parent is pitiful. He points out that single mothers should be praised for their hardwork effort. The word that he hates the most is ‘pity’. He questions why his father wants to make Ji An pitiful. He storms out and tosses the defect sample in the box in frustration.

Ji An’s parents come to her place for dinner. Ji An breaks the awkward silence but her father cuts off by mentioning that he has seen her interview. He comments about her on the picture. Finally, he accepts her by letting her to have the child and raise it well.

At work, Ji An catches a group of employees amused at a humorous photo of a pregnant woman in a bikini with her face photoshopped over it. Bong Soo reads the fan fictions and novels about Ji An’s pregnancy on the company forums. Ji An found out that Tae Kang has the sample with him. Tae Kang immediately hides the ruined shoes behind his back. She grabs the ruined shoes from his hand and gapes in horror. She crumples to the ground as she really needs the sample by tomorrow and there’s no time to recreate the original.

As time passes by, she impatiently attempts to fix the ruined shoes. Tae Kang looks on worriedly while telling her that she is going to get sick if she keeps doing this. She refuses to listen to him. Eun Sung comes in and Ji An evades his hand. She ignores his warning about her health conditions. Ji An cries as she worries that she will not be able to show the design tomorrow.

The saviour, Tae Kang’s father, steps into the office. He pulls of his wig and reveal his true identity as others are shock while Tae Kang smiles. His father orders that Bong Soo and Tae Kang help him with recreating the shoe while Ji An is asked to go home and rest. Tae Kang assures her that they will win and the shoes will be done before the collaboration starts. His father sends Ji An off as she feels touched for his actions. The whole night, they have been working on recreating the shoe. In order to keep themselves awake, they place some toothpaste beneath their eyes. Tae Kang thanks his father for helping but his father has one condition: Tae Kang needs to follow Jake to America since he believes his son.

Ji An gets some rest and, later in the morning, she drops by at the office and finds them fast asleep. She sees the completed sample and gently picks them up in her hands. Her eyes well up with tears as she is relieved that her design has been made into reality. Ji An nervously prepares for her presentation. Tae Kang walks in and presents her a gift for her special day. She receives a reformed flats and she gives a lame excuse by saying that it doesn’t match her outfit. He offers to put them on her himself and she smiles as he places it. The shoes fit her. Tae Kang gently takes her hand and reminds about the dinner celebration. Ji An gives him a kiss on the cheek which surprises him. They stand outside the doors of the shoe collaboration competition with determined faces. Since they are ready, Tae Kang opens the door for Ji An.

Point of View

The Shoe Design Collaboration Contest has been going on for many episodes. The good thing is that along the way, Ji An helps Tae Kang to polish his shoe design skills. It sort of let us know about what is like to be a participant of this contest. Actually, this gives both of them the opportunity to show their creativity and teamwork to make an awesome shoe design.

Ji An slowly falls in love with Tae Kang as she some gestures that she does care about him. I am still cracking my head to why Ji An still hasn’t tell him that Tae Kang is the father. It’s been long. Ji An needs to invite Tae Kang to be part of supporting her pregnancy. That why the story plot goes well with good and bad times of being together in this whole pregnancy process. Anyway, Tae Kang is helping her out in the shoe design collaboration contest. He should get some credit for putting his efforts on creating a shoe design. I mean look at him: he gathers survey results and fixes the shoe, with the help of his father and Bong Soo during the whole night. He should get the role as a well-known shoe designer so he can show his capabilities. By working together as a team, I’m sure that they will be some steamy chemistry between those two lovebirds.

The main point of this drama is to show that single mothers are strong. Ji An, who declares to be a single mother, is willing to face the society. Let’s just say she is the role model of all single parents. I have a feeling that the ending will not just be a happy family but also maybe how their careers will be. Meanwhile, it is still some romantic development between the main couple, which I like it. Ah yes, the mixture of motherhood and relationship as a perfect combination for this drama.

I don’t get Na Ri. I can’t read her expression and she is not even that evil. I feel sorry for Im Soo Hyang for not being able to show her acting skills that much. I think that she still has a lot to learn especially from expressions to how to act evil. She just needs to work on those facial expressions of her. If you’re sad, then be sad. If you’re happy, then be happy. But don’t do a straight poker face which I can’t understand whether you are happy or sad. If I was to choose between ‘Tales of the Gisaeng’ and ‘I Do, I Do’, Im Soo Hyang acts way better in ‘Tales of the Gisaeng’ than the other. Basically, in this drama, Na Ri is the weak link thanks to Ji An being the champion. On the bright side, it is a good thing that Na Ri split the staffs which makes Ji An and Tae Kang closer. Also, it gives Ji An the opportunity to show off her creativity and create an awesome shoe design. Since Na Ri doesn’t know what to do with Ji An going to win, she has to sabotage it by altering Ji An’s shoe design which is ‘evil’. Now that Madame Jang has accepted Na Ri (control her), I’m sure Na Ri have many complications even though she pretends that she is happy that she is going to be the next CEO. We’ll have to see how Na Ri portrays (with no straight expressions) in the last few episodes.

Four more episodes to go. I’ve been thinking about what will happen to both Ji An and Tae Kang. How the pregnancy will end? Will Ji An deliver the baby at the end? Will Tae Kang take the opportunity to go to US? Will I ever see a happy family including Ankle? When on earth will Tae Kang know that he is the father? All those questions and endings just circle around my head. All those things make me anxious as the drama is going to end within the final two weeks.

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