I Do, I Do Episode 13 Review

Episode Recap

In the collaboration “copetition”, each team present their own products. Jake introduces their concept shoes, “The Closet of the Countess”. Next, Ji An gets up to describe her creation. She explains that butterflies represent innocent love but our reality is far from fantasy. She adds that shoes are that fantasy and by wearing it, the person is ready to fight battles of life. She calls this shoe, “Romantic Armour”. While she is presenting, Tae Kang smiles with pride. After Madame Jang puts in her vote, she overhears the staffs’ conversation about who the winner might be. She is surprised as their shoe design actually belongs to Jake, not theirs. While the votes are being counted, Ji An and Madame Jang have a little chat and Madame Jang thanks Ji An for the wreathes which are sent to her office. Ji An acknowledges her thanks while Na Ri is clueless about what are they talking about. The votes are in and the entire room holds their breath in anticipation. Tae Kang places his hand over Ji An’s with an assuring nod. Team Leader Ma announces the winner with a huge smile. It is Ji An who is the winner.

Jake and Na Ri stare in shock while the audiences applaud for Ji An’s team victory. Tae Kang holds his happiness on the celebration and gives the other team a merong. Ji An feels relief and goes up on stage to give a victory bow. She calls Tae Kang out on stage and introduces him as “Designer Park Tae Kang”. He laughs while cutely bowing which causes Ji An to smile. Later, Hilda praises Ji An for her work as it’s more romantic and softer. She is impressed with Tae Kang’s design ability. Jake butts into the conversation and claim that Tae Kang is with him. Tae Kang, who can’t speak and listen English, end up saying yes as Ji An looks on with suspicion.

Once they are back in Ji An’s office, they silently jump for joy in celebration. Tae Kang picks her up in the air as she hisses because of Ankle. Then, they immediately pretend to be serious people when Na Ri enters the room. Ji An coolly dismisses Tae Kang to resume her job. Surprisingly, Na Ri admits her dirty actions that she was the one who sabotage the sample. Na Ri decides to bring this up because, she wants to admit that she lost to the amazing shoe design. However, Na Ri worries that something bad will happen to Ji An. Ji An will accept her future apology like the one now. Na Ri teases her that she will always watch her back.
Eun Sung is happy about Ji An’s victory and suggest that they to go out and celebrate but Ji An tells him that she has already made plans. Also, she plans to tell Tae Kang everything about her pregnancy issue which has been drawn out too long. Eun Sung sits for a while and decides to call his friend for a drink to distract his thoughts.

At the parking lot, Tae Kang goes giddy for his proposal and glances at the ring. He gets a scolding from his father but he rudely hangs up when he sees Ji An approaching. She taps her foor to purposely showing off the shoes that he redesigned especially for her. He brings her to a special place by using Bong Soo’s borrowed car. She is anxious as she asks him whether it is working. Tae Kang show himself as a perfect gentleman and she reluctantly gets in.

While on their way to the destination, Ji An asks what Jake meant by Tae Kang is with him. Tae Kang lies that Jake might like him but Ji An thinks otherwise and lets the subject drop. Ji An’s mouth open when they arrive at the destination: flowers, food, and umbrella. That made her speechless. Tae Kang sweetly takes her by the hand and she narrows her eyes. He smiles that he knew that they are going to win and she is satisfied with the answer.

They clink their glasses of milk in celebration and blow out their cake. Both of them try to tell each other the truth. Ji An is not ready to tell the truth yet. Tae Kang walks around the table and slowly turns her around. He drop down on one knee and sings “The Woman in the Rain” to her. While singing, Ji An tries to hold back her tears. After he finishes singing, he declares with confidence that he loves her. He presents the ring and tells her how long he wanted to give to her. He slips it onto her finger and takes her hand to his. Tae Kang courageously suggests that they should get married and vows that he will be a good father to Ankle.

Ji An musters up her courage to tell him the truth. She gently places her hand on top of his. He expects to get a yes from Ji An but Ji An tells her the truth: Tae Kang is Ankle’s father. Tae Kang shifts his expression into a shocking mode as Ji An apologizes that she didn’t tell him sooner. Tae Kang pulls his hands away. He stands up to catch his breath after hearing the news and he remembers that Ji An remarked that the Baby Daddy was no different than sperm from a sperm bank. Being angry hurt, and confused, Tae Kang demands to know why but Ji An continuously says that she’s sorry.

Tae Kang continues to be angry as he points out that she gets pregnant with a loser who used to sell counterfeits. He realize that Ji An nicknamed the baby fetus “Ankle” which expresses “grabbed by the ankle”. Being hurt, Ji An admits that it’s true because of that one night’s mistake which cause her life into chaos. She ended another relationship even before it began and gave up a CEO opportunity. It is impossible for her to immediately tell Tae Kang that she’s pregnant with his child and she doesn’t know what the future will hold. Tae Kang still insists that Ji An should have told him earlier.

Ji An cries as she thought that Tae Kang might not care after he found out about the pregnancy. Ji An admits that at first she was so infuriated with it all that she thought about telling him right away, wondering why she had to face this pregnancy alone. Tae Kang asks if she will do the same thing if Ankle was Eun Sung’s child. He thinks that she and Eun Sung will get married if it were. Ji An acknowledges that Tae Kang will not understand how she has gone through a lot emotionally and psychologically. Ji An turns away from him and both of them hold back their tears. She drops the ring on the table and leaves. Once both of them are alone, their tears fall freely from their eyes.

While both Eun Sung and his friend, Dr Yang, are having drinks, Dr Yang points out that he knew something was fishy when heard that the wedding was cancelled. He gives him advices but the relationship between men and women. A few drinks later, Eun Sung has to deal with drunken Dr Yang but he gets a call from Tae Kang who is also drunk.

Eun Sung meets drunken Tae Kang at the bar. Tae Kang laments about how stupid he must have been and how much he and Ji-an must have laughed over how he didn’t have a clue. Tae Kang repeats Ji An’s declaration about how the father of the child is nothing more than a speck of dust. He asks Tae Kang whether it’s him and he continues to drink. Eun Sung stops him and remind Tae Kang that he is the one who doesn’t care whose child it was and he focused on his own feelings. Eun Sung can’t understand with Tae Kang’s current state. Tae Kang shouts that he doesn’t need to understand because Tae Kang also doesn’t get it.

Later, Eun Sung calls Ji An, who is sitting in her shoe closet, to see how the conversation went. She lies that it went better than she expected and she can finally concentrate on taking care of Ankle. They hang up and Eun Sung looks on at Tae Kang sprawled on his couch. Eun Sung sighs as he is unable to get a clear answer from both sides. Ji An thinks about all the harsh words and actions she had done to Tae Kang including Tae Kang’s proposal that he will be Ankle’s father. Holding on to the shoes he made for her in one hand, she blames for her stupidity and pride. Then, she looks at the shelf of baby shoes and ask Ankle what has she done wrong and she didn’t want to be that kind of person.

The next morning, Tae Kang wakes up at Eun Sung’s apartment. Eun Sung left a sarcastic message for Tae Kang. While walking to the office, he thinks about Ji An’s cries and suffering that she has gone through. He runs into Ji An at the entrance. While they ride the elevator, he asks if he can still come to the office as he worries that she might be uncomfortable. Ji An says that it’s find but he bitterly replies that it’s nice for her to separate both work and personal lives. She offers him to transfer to another department but he refuses.
Tae Kang’s father pulls him into an empty office because he wants to know whether Tae Kang has been spending the whole night with Ji An. Tae Kang clarifies that he was rejected and he decides to go to America. He promises that he’ll go and study hard so that he’ll come back as a more successful and famous person than Ji An. His father didn’t ask Tae Kang to be famous but Tae Kang talks back that becoming successful and famous is what everyone aspires to be so he’ll run himself to the ground to come out on top.

The high management of the company decides to have Na Ri as the revised winner of the collaboration. That is because of Ji An’s “condition” which make her increase responsibilities more difficult to fulfil and how it will affect the company’s image. Ji An voices out that if all of them, including Hilda and the chairman, are all in agreement that they should transfer the project to Na Ri instead, she is okay with it. They can go ahead with Jake’s product but Ji An will pull out from the collaboration. She stands up and states her right to be a hardworking single mother career woman. She even declares that Tae Kang is part of creating her shoe design. Na Ri follows Ji An out from the boardroom and warns Ji An that she should have expected this outcome because this is reality.

In Ji An’s office, Ji An asks Team Leader Ma if Ji An has ever made her upset while she was pregnant. Team Leader Ma brushes the harsh pasts aside which shows that there must have been a time she was. Ji An apologizes on what she had done the last time. Team Leader Ma offers an advice that it‘s rough at the moment, but after giving birth, it’ll be much harder. Team Leader shares her experiences by saying that she has to sacrifice some things and some people who are around her.

Na Ri is suspicious about Tae Kang’s acceptance and wonders if Ji An persuades him to go. However, he answered that it was his own decision and desire to succeed. He hopes to improve himself as soon as possible. Na Ri asks if Tae Kang being rash because of his feelings but he assures her that he wants to succeed. After he leaves Na Ri’s office, he gets an interview from the company’s journalist. It is about the recent collaboration. They take his deflection of his part of the final product as modesty and ask if it’s true Jake has scouted him. Ji An overhears it as she is on her way to her office and putting all the pieces together to get the whole picture.

She casually brings up the topic only get a cold answer from his wondering whether they should share each other’s secrets freely. Ji An tells him that she hopes that he returns as a successful designer. He says that he’ll be planning to leave within the month. He adds that she doesn’t need to worry because he’ll provide child support as he doesn’t want to escape from responsibility.

In the car, Na Ri has a smile on her face even though she lost the competition. She believes that everything worked out as plan. Jake points out the reason that she is happy because she likes Tae Kang. Na Ri denies and Jake jokingly says that he’ll make Tae Kang suffer and introduce him to all the ladies. Na Ri warns him not too.

Na Ri is having a meal with her parents, including the Chairman, Na Ri’s father. She points out about the project to have a 1:1 apprenticeship to build up a new designer. His father agrees with her idea and Na Ri smiles but Madame Jang questions that Tae Kang is a high school graduate. Na Ri believes that it is great to nurture a designer from someone who is going through hard times. Her father dotes on her and agrees while Madame Jang smirks. Once her father leaves to meet someone, Madame Jang drops the bomb. She hears that Na Ri will let Ji An be for the time being. She comments that Ji An reminds her of Na Ri’s mother. Madame Jang coolly tells her that Ji An used to be Na Ri’s rival and if she intends to succeed as a CEO, she’ll take off Ji An before then. Na Ri advices that she needs more time because if she fires a single mother, that would be discrimination in the workplace.

Eun Sung notices that Ji An’s mood is quite bad and says that he will provide some medicine if she’s going through depression since it’s not good for the baby. The other option is that they should hang out. Ji An stares at him and he protests that he has to maintain his pride. He counts how many times that he got dumped by Ji An which makes her laugh. Eun Sung proposes that they should remain friends. Ji An informs Eun Sung that Tae Kang is heading to the States to study abroad and how she’s totally find with it. Eun Sung remarks that he likes her because of her straightforward actions. However, he reveals that even though she is strong and cool, she needs to reveal her feelings straight like her actions. Ji An mutters that it’s not like and adult to do so. Eun Sung asks when they become an adult. Basically, he means that even though we are adults but we are still young at heart. He asks “child” Ji how she feels now and Ji An replies that she feels filthy.

Tae Kang thinks back the moment he spends his time with Ji An from her sketch to the kiss to kiss on the cheek. He runs out of the room to visit Ji An. At the same time, Ji An ponders around the shoe closet while thinking about Eun Sung’s words about her actions should follow her heart. Then, she receives a text from Tae Kang that he’s on his way over. She primps herself in the mirror. Tae Kang reaches her apartment and curiously asks her why she didn’t tell him. Ji An’s answer is still the same that she doesn’t know but she wanted to tell him. She admits that she has no intentions to marry him. She is worry about the future because of Tae Kang’s immaturity. Tae Kang confirms that Ji An actually wanted to tell him. She nods. He boasts about his goodness but she tells him that he acts without thinking and take risks on everything. Thus, he does childish things and doesn’t have a serious side. However, she still wanted to tell him. He gently prods her for what else. When she can’t answer, he says that he can take a guess and slowly pulls her in for a gentle kiss.

Point of View

What good way to see both Ji An and Tae Kang having the cold shoulders and then end with the kiss to make things up. An enjoyable episode, indeed. Finally, Tae Kang knows that he is Ankle’s father. I am starting to like the story progression especially the climax. I actually want something like this to happen: what will happen when Ji An tell Tae Kang that he’s Ankle’s father. Both Ji An and Tae Kang are blossoming. Kim Sun Ah is one of my favourites, at the moment, because of her strong and sensitive character especially when she portrays as a single mother who struggles in life, love, and career.

My expectations are right. Tae Kang is shocked after hearing the baby news from Ji An. Even though he did say that he will support her through the pregnancy, but because of that news, he is in dilemma about being the father. If I were in his shoes, I will feel the same: having doubts about being a parent. The flow of this character is perfect in this episode. First, he is angry, doesn’t accept Ji An’s ridiculous answers, and giving her the cold shoulders. In the end, he asked Ji An, with sincerity, why she told him that he was the father of the child. Whenever he asks her, the same obvious answer is because she loves him but she hesitates a little bit about her feelings.

After having a nice heart-to-heart talk, or should I say a sincere kiss, I hope Tae Kang goes to America to pursue his career and come back to be a proud father to Ankle. I’m sure he doesn’t want to abandon both Ji An and Ankle alone while he is pursuing his dreams. Throughout this drama, Tae Kang did work really hard to be a shoe designer. So, let Tae Kang be a proud shoe designer and father. On the other hand, now that they both know that Ankle is their child, it’ll be great see more chemistry between Ji An and Tae Kang. Also, I am looking forward to more of Ji An’s strong personality through her career and pregnancy.

It’s great to see that Eun Sung is a friend, not a lover. I like the fact that Eun Sung tells Ji An that even though she is a cool and strong person, she has to reveal her true sensitive feelings. At least, I don’t feel annoyed by his cheesy comments and him sticking around with Ji An like a piece of gum. I like the part where he talks about being an adult when living in life. Although when we grow older as adults, we will definitely face reality. We make mistakes but we learn from them. There is no escape from that. However, even though we become adults, we are still young at heart. Totally agree with Eun Sung’s advices and inspirations in life.

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