I Do, I Do Episode 14 Review

Episode Recap

As the couple lie on the sofa together, Tae Kang wonders what happens next. Should he not go to America? Ji An looks back at him and questions wait humans have to wait so long to have a baby. She just wants to have pregnancy for two or three months so that she can have her own child as soon as possible. She presumes that Tae Kang needs some time to become a father. She doesn’t expect to return and be the Father of the Year but become a father whom Ankle can respect. They wrap their arms around each other tighter.

Ji An brings up the courage in her life by taking the control of the collaboration from Na Ri. Na Ri can proceed and deal with the external affairs but she’ll be taking the hands approach to lead the collaboration.
Tae Kang is surprised when he hears that Ji An has alrady had her morning milk. Then, he gives her a backhug which gets her flustered. They break apart as Team Leader Ma walks in. Ji An scolds as she worries that someone could see. He gives her a surprise peck on the cheek before leaving happily.

Madame Jang is not pleased to her that Na Ri persuaded the Chairman to let Ji An lead the project. She reminds Na Ri that she holds the largest stakeholder in the company, not her father. Na Ri assures her that she will settle the problem. Madame Jang gives her a surprising task: find out who the Baby Daddy is. She brings out the photo evidence of Tae Kang and Ji An together which is quite obvious. She is already aware that Tae Kang was hand-picked by Ji An and his father was hired to work for the company. Na Ri immediately correct Madame Jang, to protect Tae Kang whom they going to train him to become the next star designer. Thus, they can’t use him for their benefit against Tae Kang.

Tae Kang’s father hears the rumours about guessing who the father is. He doesn’t care as some people are so caught up over someone’s personal life rather than working. He wonders if Bong Soo’s office ever comes looking for him. Bong Soo keeps on wondering about who the baby’s father is until Tae Kang’s father tells him to leave.

Tae Kang makes sure that she drinks the freshest milk. He even doesn’t force her out of her chair so she can rest. He does these things because Ankle is previous. He puts Ji An and Ankle to sleep, say in banmal “Sleep well”, and give another quick kiss. Tae Kang checks his calendar and sighs as he has almost less than a week left before he leaves. He starts to write down a list of things to do before he leaves. Na Ri unexpectedly gives him a set of clothes and tells him that they are going to an event. So, he has to wake Ji An up and tells her that he has to go somewhere for a while. In the car, he casually comments that he is leaving too soon and asks to leave on a later date, or probably early next year. Na Ri asks if he worries about his father but she assures him not to worry.

Ji An is scouted by another company who has heard about her situation. He suggests that Ji An come to work for them. She is offered a competitive salary package and a more expectant-mother friendly environment. Ji An asks what they want in return. At first the scout is uncomfortable after hearing that, and then he points out some requirements: exclusive rights to Italian leather companies and next year’s design concept. After that, she give her stern answer with her last sentence “I decline”. However, the scout points out those other companies in the industry are talking about her. They view her single mom outlook with sarcasm and find her shameless for proclaiming about how she became pregnant by mistake, how she’s stuck in this awful situation because the father won’t marry her. They’ve also heard that Madame Jang is taking advantage on Ji An. Thus, she won’t be able to survive in this industry. He pushes the contact back to her and instructs her to think about it since Ji An is in the tough situation at the moment.

As she thinks back the warning that being a single mother won’t last, tears stream down her face. She tells Ankle that she was prepared but it still hurts. She fights tears as she calls her mother who worries that no one is taking care of her. Her mother heard Ji An’s cracking voice and asks if she’s crying. Her father overhears the phone conversation. Ji An immediately hangs up but her parents are worried about her situation.

Meanwhile, Tae Kang storms out of the building while Na Ri catches up with him. He’s upset that Na Ri is making him lie about being the prodigy and winning the collaboration. Na Ri points out that Ji An is the one who publicly declared. He questions about his status since the company isn’t some philanthropic organization, sending future designers abroad because of their socioeconomic status. Na Ri makes Tae Kang as a product that he will help out the company in return. If Tae Kang continues to do something rash, they’ll have to reconsider his overseas internship which is fine by him. He storms out and he thinks about Ji An’s words on being a respectful father to Ankle.

Ji An is happy to hear the sound of Ankle’s heartbeat. Eun Sung sighs that she must be a mom just like anyone else if her child’s heartbeat comforts her. He asks her whether she can still hear it as “gudoo/gudoo” which she does. He jokes that woman who works in a real estate hears it at “dogok/dogok”. He presents Ji An with a gifts after the examination: a pair of baby pink shoes. She realizes that she is going to have a daughter.

Bong Soo tells the story about how Na Ri’s parents got together. Tae Kang’s father wonders if Na Ri can be his future daughter-in-law and is delighted to hear that she’ll become the CEO of the company soon. His father blushes as he thinks that it is impossible for Tae Kang to marry a guture CEO and Bong Soo tells him to dream big. Then, Tae Kang’s father starts to daydream about him being the man in the company and happily skipping with Na Ri. Choong Baek interrupts his dream by bringing over his alcoholic creation. Then, one of Na Ri’s employees comes to pick Tae Kang’s father up at the restaurant.

Ji An places the new pair of baby shoes on the shelf. She whispers to Ankle to come out soon. Tae Kang appears at her place and she gripes if he thinks he can come by anytime to a stranger’s house. He responds that his child lives here. He goes behind her and gives her a backhug, asking to stay like this for just one minute. Ji An asks if something is bothering him and he replies that being a respectable father is harder than it looks. She teases as she wonders if he thinks that being a parent is easy. Ji An turns around and takes his face in her hands. She says that it’s a new beginning and they should stay strong. She gives him a kiss.
To make him happy, she wants to cook some food for him but Tae Kang stammers that he prefers to eat ramyun. She whines that she wants to do something special for him like the last time which makes Tae Kang’s eyes wide open. When she insists, he says that she doesn’t need to overdo it. Later, while Tae Kang is eating Ji An’s homecook ramyun, Tae Kang plans to raise Ankle as a future soccer player since exercise is healthy while Ji An intends to do no such thing. She rather wants Ankle to be a shoe designer since her conception and Ankle’s heartbeat goes “gudoo/gudoo”. A doorbell rang and Ji An’s parents are at the door. Tae Kang wants to properly introduce himself as Ankle’s father but he is being thrown into the shoe closet. Suddenly, his phone rings and her parents come to the closet. He kneels down and introduce himself as Ankle’s father much to Ji An’s parents astonishment.

Ji An’s father finds it difficult to accept the truth including the fact that Tae Kang is leaving to America soon which makes him even more angry. Tae Kang assures him that he’ll come back soom a father whom Ankle will be proud of. He honestly tell them he’s 27 (Korean age) which causes her father to sigh. Ji An adds that they decided to be Ankle’s parents without getting married. Tae Kang is shocked upon hearing that. After he leaves, her father notes that an intact family structure is necessary for the baby. He doesn’t see why Ji An is not going to follow Tae Kang to the States if he’s leaving. She requests him to respect her own decisions which she feels comfortable not only for herself but the baby too. His father attempts to scold her but she is saved by her mother who speaks up that she is a grown daughter who can make her own decisions. With that, he grumbles and not continues to say what he wants. Ji An and her mother exchange secret victory glances.

Tae Kang’s father shows off the pictures of the apartment which Na Ri had gifted them. He points out that it would be great to have Na Ri as his daughter-in-law. Tae Kang prepares himself to tell his father about Ji An’s baby. Then, sounds of pots and pans erupt. His father cries out that Tae Kang should have bought the “thing” at the convenience stores and pharmacies. He is not pleased to hear that there will not be a wedding and demands to know why Tae Kang likes that woman so much. Tae Kang answers that people commonly say that a couple goes nuts for each other when they fall in love. However, his father thinks differently. Tae Kang places his hand over to his father’s and he assures him that he was never left in want under Dad’s care. He was always grateful but wondered why he was even born when he saw his father going through hard times. He assures him that he will make sure that his child will think that he/she has made his/her parents happy. His father agrees with what he say and requests that Tae Kang should keep his promise as a respectful father.

Later that night, Tae Kang writes down a few things in his list: (1) setting up a place for Ji An to rest (2) letting Ji-an eat all the jokbal she wants (3) making shoes for Ankle.

Next morning, Na Ri arrives at her office and finds a little apologetic note and thanks from Tae Kang.
Ji An bumps into Tae Kang’s father at the hallway who tells her that she should take care of her body and dress more appropriately. He hands her his number to call him anytime if she needs him which confuses her. As he walks away, Bong Soo asks whether he interested in Ji An.

Team Leader Ma informs the team that the high management have decided to let Na Ri be in charge of the collaboration with Ji An’s design. This makes Tae Kang angry as he crumples his little feature article in his hands. Ji An sits in her office as Na Ri’s voice says that “nothing that they could do” about the collaboration. Colleagues gossip about Tae Kang’s career opportunities out of jealousy and Na Ri’s feelings about Tae Kang. However, Na Ri overheard their conversation.

Bong Soo walks into the pattern design office because he thinks he knows who the baby father is. Unexpectedly, Tae Kang’s father covers Bong Soo’s mouth that they can’t tell anyone that it’s Tae Kang and Bong Soo’s in shock. He repeats that Tae Kang is Ankle’s father. Again, Na Ri gasps in horror once she hears the news. Na Ri and Tae Kang’s father have an awkward lunch together. He tells her that it was a drunken mistake and asks about Tae Kang’s oversea studies. Na Ri raises an eyebrow while asking if Tae Kang intends to leave a single mother behind. However, she finds it hard to believe that he would want to return in order to become a better father. She’ll have to reconsider and his father needs to keep Bong Soo and his lips tightly sealed. She returns to her office and cries.

Tae Kang surprises Ji An with a chair to nap in. She smiles and tells him that Ankle and she will think about him once in a while when they sleep. Again, he wonders whether he should go to the states but Ji An assures him that her and Ankle will be happy that he is a successful designer. She doesn’t care who will manage the collaboration as she will just let the company suffer a little without her. Tae Kang is impressed with her strong personality but whines that there is no way he can butt in. Ji An points to her stomach and tells him that he’s already in here. If he really wants to make her happy, he has to buy some jokbal later. Tae Kang pulls closer and tells her that she is the light that leads his way. He will look ahead and walk straight like Ji An.

Ji An takes his hand in hers and placing it close to her heart. She says thank you and Tae Kang comes closer to kiss her but he pulls back at the last moment. He tells her that skinship and kisses are good for the baby. Ji An asks whether it’s true and Tae Kang assures as he has read the book: it is good for endorphin production. He asks whether they should try and Ji An asks whether the door is locked. Later, the male colleague finds a flustered Ji An and Tae Kang who can’t wipe off the smirk on his face.

In Na Ri’s office, Ji An points out that she’ll let the collaboration go this time around. Na Ri asks the big question: Who is her baby’s father? Ji An doesn’t answer and Na Ri asks if it’s Tae Kang. Ji An will be alright to be a single mother but she has to keep an eye out for Madame Jang because she already suspects Tae Kang. It’s only a matter of time until news gets out and she warns that even though Tae Kang might be leaving for the States. Everyone will question their relationship in relation to every career success he’s had so far. Those rumours will soon become reality where Ji An will be kicked out of the company and Tae Kang blacklisted from ever working in this industry again. Ji An insists that the truth will eventually come out. If Ji An keeps this up, then it will be the end for her, Tae Kang, and his father. She advices Ji An to hand in her resignation letter to save Tae Kang and his father. Ji An will need to make a decision by tomorrow.

Eun Sung receives a message from Tae Kang who asks if he’ll be home in an hour. Sometime later, a local jokbal ahjumma comes to Eun Sung’s apartment. She is here to teach him how to make jokbal with her secret recipe. Meanwhile, Tae Kang is taking care of her mother-in-law. Later, Tae Kang drops by to taste test the jokbal and when he comments there is lack of taste, Eun Sung asks Tae Kang to make it. Tae Kang suggests that Eun Sung delivers it to Ji An himself since he’ll be there for her when Tae Kang is in the states. He gives Eun Sung the rules: no skinship and sealed off spaces. However, he reminds Eun Sung to stick to Ji An like glue even if she insists otherwise and Eun Sung agrees. Tae Kang asks Eun Sung for one more favour.

Ji An cries when she thinks about the words on how the world knowing about the relationship with Tae Kang will endanger everyone. She takes the rival company’s contract and put it in the shredding paper machine. Eun Sung comes with fresh jokbal. He lets Ji An know that Tae Kang wants to say hi to Ankle. He tells her to come to hospital with Tae Kang in the morning.

Tae Kang sits nervously at the examination room and Dr Yang starts to perform the ultrasound. His eyes gow wide when he sees the baby fetus pops up at the screen. He realizes that it’s Ankle. With his excitement and tears well up in his eyes while he says hi to Ankle.

Point of View

A perfect ending of this episode: having Tae Kang saying ‘Hi’ to his daughter while he has tears in his eyes. I’m happy that the couple are freely expressing their emotions with each other. Thank goodness that “who’s the father and silently suffering through pregnancy is over”. It’s interesting to see the decisions they made between family and career. Ji An truly supports and loves him while he is trying to develop himself to be a mature and responsible person. Thus, she is willing to wait for him to come back from the US to be an improved person whom she and Ankle will truly admire.

Ji An is happy that she is going to have a daughter instead of a son. I’m guessing that it will happen like the dream that she had in the previous episodes: the one where she and her daughter, Ankle, are sketching in the park. Hopefully, it will happen something like that dream at the last episode. The arguments between Ji An and Tae Kang, in terms of parenting, is enjoyable especially when they are excited to see their child is going to come to the world. It proofs that they are going to be good parents to Ankle.

Alright, Na Ri is slowly becoming one of the good guys even though I was a bit confuse with her intentions while working in the company. I thought she wants to have the power to take charge of the projects including the collaboration. Then again, she asks her father to let Ji An continue to be part of this collaboration. She starts to be concerned, as a nice rival, towards Ji An by warning her about the situation in the company like evil Madame Jang who has the power to make decisions. Well, Na Ri did say that Ji An is her role model in shoe design. Other than that, she doesn’t want Ji An and Tae Kang to suffer since she already knows that the baby belongs to them. I hope this character is able to shine more in the next few episodes and, maybe, have a one-on-one battle with Madame Jang.

Since the final week is approaching, I’m excited but worried about the last two episodes. I’m sure the writers will come up with two final episodes with a good ending. I just want the couple to be happy including their close friends and families. Like I said, I hope to see a perfect family: Ji An, Tae Kang, and Ankle at the park playing and sketching shoe designs. We’ll just have to hold on to our anxieties and wait for the last two episodes.

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