I Do, I Do Episode 15 Review

Episode Recap

After saying “Hi” to Ankle, Tae Kang holds on to Ji An’s hands and his tears fall down as he hears the sound of Ankle’s heartbeat. Ji An is touches that he’s moved but is a little uncomfortable about the tears. Tae Kang explains that his son’s heartbeat is strong. However, Ji An tells him that Ankle is a girl and Tae Kang scratches his head as he thought that jokbal cravings meant it would be a boy. He sighs as he can’t teach Ankle to play soccer and he is fine about having a girl. Ji An caught Tae Kang’s reaction. They start to quarrel on whether Tae Kang is disappointed or not while Doctor Yang is pulled into the argument.

Eun Sung anxiously wait until Doctor Yang returns. He smirks when he hears that the two lovebirds bicker among each other. When Doctor Yang keep asking him whether Ji An was the woman in the magazine, he shoos him away with annoyance. Tae Kang gets ditched at the side of the road and Tae Kang thought that Ji An is still mad at him. Ji An goes to Jun Hee’s store. She ignores Jun Hee’s suggestions about the new clothes which will fit her waist.

Jun Hee is curious because Ji An asks about the cost of setting up one’s own shop. She warns Ji An that there will be a complicated relationship because there will be money involved. Ji An insists that she is just curious for herself and turns to leave. Jun Hee asks Ji An whether she’s going with that look of death and Ji An replies that she is going to the tiger’s den. Ji An goes to meet Madame Jang who laughs a little at Ji An’s apology for sending the wreaths and her efforts to groom her as a future CEO. She listens about how Ji An understands her situation through anger and disappointment.

Ji An pleads Madame Jang to forgive her past and look to the future. Ji An insists that she doesn’t want to lose either the baby nor the company. She adds that no one else cares for the company as much as she does. So, she needs to be at the company. Later, Madame Jang mocks her for thinking that the company belongs to her and calls her a babysitter who takes care of the company. Ji An thinks for a long moment and brings out her laptop. She slowly starts to type up a resignation letter.

Tae Kang and his father admire over Ankle’s sonogram until they get an unexpected call from Ji An’s father. He wants to meet Tae Kang’s father. There is a tense mood between those two at the café. Tae Kang’s father suggests that Teacher Hwang address however he feels comfortable. Ji An’s father asks Tae Kang’s father whether he really intends to send his son overseas to leave his pregnant daughter behind. Tae Kang’s father replies that Ji An was the one who reject the marriage proposal. They continue to argue about their children and Tae Kang’s father doesn’t like how Teacher Hwang talks about his son. Teacher Hwang doesn’t care as Ji An has caused enough grief for his family.

They continue to argue over who could have been their future in-laws and they throw at each other with petty insults. Neither of them even accept their marriage union because of their own children. Tae Kang’s points out that he doesn’t want Ji An as his daughter-in-law. Teacher Hwang goes angrier as Tae Kang’s father corrects himself as his grandchild’s mother. His father tells Tae Kang that the Hwangs intend to add Ankle to their family registry but his father assures him that he’ll protect the honour of the Park family.

Ji An’s mother sighs about Ji An’s father for losing his temper with Tae Kang’s father. He should have been nice to him since they will be grandparents to the child. He defends about how irritating Tae Kang’s father was but she doesn’t find it a reasonable excuse. She scolds him as Ji An’s life is more important.

Ji An is distracted at work while she discusses the future projects with Team Leader Ma. She knew that she will not be able to participate in those projects since she is soon going to leave the company. Her tears start to fall and she quickly wipes away those tears. Ji An blames it on the hormones. However, Team Leader Ma understands her situation and comforts her.

Tae Kang looks at the list that he needs to do for Ankle and Ji An. He wonders if he has enough time to complete them all before he goes to the US. After work, Tae Kang goes into Ji An’s office and suggests to go out on a date. He have everything planned but Ji An says she has other plans. Tae Kang points out that there are only a few days left until he leaves. He wonders if she is still upset about yesterday’s ultrasound appointment. He adds that she will have a lot of work after he leaves the country. She thought about the work which circles her mind and replies about how a person would know what will happen tomorrow. He leaves after being rejected by Ji An.

Eun Sung is in another blind date. He goes with the “Mommy” strategy but his date counters back with how she would love to marry someone like her “Daddy”. Eun Sung uses another plan by using the mascara. Eun Sung twirls it around and excuses himself to the bathroom. He hangs around at the bathroom until it is the right time to come out. However, he walks out and finds her still sitting while taking selcas. She asks him about his finances and family background while Eun Sung secretly sends an emergency text. Later, he got splashed in his face with water by the hero. That is Tae Kang who pretends to be Eun Sung’s boyfriend. Thus, the plan is successful as his date walks out of the restaurant.

Ji An is at her office while thinking about Na Ri’s warning on having a public relationship. She tells Ankle that she’d push through as long as it didn’t damage Tae Kang. She couldn’t come up with ideas and she nervously rubs her hands together. In the end, she comes to a decision. She calls a layer about an unfair dismissal.

Tae Kang and Eun Sung have become friends. They hang out at Eun Sung’s apartment while having a few drinks. Tae Kang marvels about the fetus development stages and smile when Eun Sung tells him that the baby prefers to hear the father’s voice more than the mother’s. Then, he knows that Ankle will probably hear Eun Sung’s voice more often. Tae Kang honestly admits that he doesn’t want to go to the US but he sees it as a challenge. He wants to achieve Ji An’s 15 year success in three years since the company is covering his expenses and there’s a job waiting for him. Finally, he made a promise to Ji An that he would run forward while looking straight ahead. On the other hand, Eun Sung wonders whether that statement is true. Then, they tease and chase each other around while spraying beer at one another. Tae Kang is back home and gives a goodnight kiss to a picture of Ankle. He grabs a recorder to record his voice while reading aloud on a story about a shoemaker.

Ji An paces back and forth in her shoe closet for the whole night. The next morning, she breaks down and cries as she has no solution to her problem. She whispers that she doesn’t want to quit now. She goes to the parking lot and finds Tae Kang waiting for her. He says that he had the chance to see her face before he goes to work. Ji An walks to him and asks him to give her a hub. He complies and she wraps her arms around him and dropping her bag. Ji An insists that there is nothing wrong but her voice and eyes are so obvious. They stand there while they hug each other tighter.

Ji An hands in her resignation letter. Na Ri is disappointed when she hears that Ji An was unable to find a solution. Ji An explains that this isn’t the sign of defeat. Tae Kang will go to the US and she will think about what to do within a month. Na Ri promises to keep her resignation as a secret from Tae Kang.
Doctor Yang tries to set up a blind date for Eun Sung but he is not interested. Doctor Yang tells Eun Sung to snap out of it and insists to take Ji An’s case since Eun Sung cares about Ji An and Ankle. Eun Sung muses that he interested in motherhood. Doctor Yang tells him that he is Mat Gandhi which means that he is out of his mind.

Tae Kang sighs when he see Ji An working again but then he brightens when she tells him that she plans to finish work early. Tae Kang leaves and excitedly imagines his adorable date: from taking pictures to having a romantic makeout session.

Meanwhile, Ji An prepares dinner and cleans up the apartment. While she packs a box for Tae Kang, she realizes that she is missing something. She places her first pair of shoes in a box. She tells Ankle to send the father off with a smile and think about her problem later. Tae Kang is on his way to Ji An’s house with a box of goodies. He gets a call from Bong Soo about the “news” which turns his smile upside down by the time he arrives at her apartment.

Ji An drags him over to the dinner which she has bought, not prepared. She thinks about what they should do afterwards. Tae Kang firmly confronts her about her resignation. She lies that she is having a break but Tae Kang doesn’t believe her excuse. He points out that the company is pressuring her to quit because she publicly announced that she is a single mother. They should report to the Department of Labour. He says that he and his father will quit from the company who discriminates their employees.

Ji An raise her voice in anger. Tae Kang says that they are better to be together and the three of them can set up a shop someplace else. In the middle of a argument, Ji An got a emergency call from work. Tae Kang stops her but she insists to go to the company since it is also her child. She adds that a parent will never place their pride over their child. She assures him that she’ll be back and leaves. Tae Kang vows that he will not get involved with work and prays to heaven that bad things will happen to the company.

Ji An arrives at the office as the staffs are anxious. Na Ri is busy talking on the phone to ask for legal advice if it’s possible to sue their supplier. It turns out that the leather shipment is damaged. Ji An immediately asks why it was sent by sea instead of air. Na Ri replies that it is to cut the transportation costs. Ji An comes to the rescue as she propose to sell the flawed leather to bag companies. That method is to advertise vintage. Tae Kang comes in and decides to help. The staff break into teams and go to various bag companies. Tae Kang gets turned away by the security guard who thinks they are scammers. They disguise and manage to get through the security. Tae Kang’s sale skills shine as he pitches the leather to the designers.

Ji An walks into Na Ri’s office and hands her a pile of folders filled with information she’s logged over the past 15 years. Na Ri asks why Ji An is giving those things to her. Ji An replies that this company has been her home, her hometown, her school, and her child. Ji An is sharing them with Na Ri because she doesn’t know what will happen to her in the future. She points out that the similar error on leather happened in 2004 and it was a miracle that she wasn’t fired. Ji An adds that they learn from their own mistakes. She encourages Na Ri that it’s only the first time she has fallen. The good news arrived. The team has managed to sell the leather to their respective buyers. The staffs suggest a celebration and a farewell dinner for Tae Kang. Ji An tries to thank Tae Kang but his expression hasn’t change yet.

Tae Kang offers to bring Na Ri over himself. At her office, he gives an envelope to Na Ri. She asks what it is is and he tells her to open it herself. Na Ri is shocked to see that it is Tae Kang’s resignation letter and is surprised to hear that Tae Kang heard about Ji An’s resignation. He expresses his disappointment towards the company. The company will be at losing without her including her dedication to fix the crisis. Na Ri is aware of all this and asks if Tae Kang knows the real reason behind her resignation. He states that because she is a single mother but Na Ri corrects him that Ji An gives her resignation letter because she wants to protect him.

He finds it ridiculous that Ji An wants to quit because of the rumours about the relationship with him. Na Ri tells him that the rumours will go around which will affect Ji An’s career and Tae Kang who is the father of the child. Tae Kang suggests to quit instead of Ji An but it won’t solve the situation. Ji An has made a difficult decision and Na Ri advices Tae Kang to think about the real reason behind Ji An’s decision. Later, he realizes about Ji An’s earlier words about uncertainty of where would she be in the future and her request for a hug. When Ji An calls, he asks her to see him at her place later. Meanwhile, Na Ri looks at Ji An’s note and sighs deeply.

Ji An arrives home and opens the large box which is given by Tae Kang. She sees three pairs of designed shoes for Ji An, Tae Kang, and little Ankle. He left a note which says that he wants to make shoes for the family. She stares at the shoes and cries until the doorbell rings. Tae Kang comes inside and he receives a backhug from Ji An. She tells him that she was moved by his gift and he should go to the US and work hard. Tae Kang whips her around and announces that he’s not going to US. Ji and is confused and Tae Kang says his reasons. He admits that he wants to go to the US because he was mad at first. Then, he made a promise to Ji An and Ankle. However, he never wanted to go to the US in the place and he still doesn’t. Ji An insists that he should go so that he can nurture his skills to become a great shoe designer. Tae Kang points out that becoming a shoe designer isn’t the only way to become a father whom she and Ankle can be proud of.

Even though there is an opportunity to work for Jake or study abroad for free, Tae Kang is more curious about
looking at how Ankle grows. He will miss those milestones if he is not there with Ankle. Ji An argues the same for his chance to go to the US. However, he says that she comes first in his heart and for Ji An’s is the company and the shoes. Ji An replies that she has no other choice. Tae Kang takes Ji An’s hands in his and declares that she likes Ji An, the workaholic, who charges straight ahead. He hugs her and says that he will always be by her side and asks her not to push him away.

The next day, Bong Soo gossips with his colleague and a staff rushes over to tell them that something is happening. They follow him to the entrance and see the commotion. Tae Kang and Ji An are wearing couple shirts and ties while showing to the crowd that they are in a relationship. Tae Kang gets the attention and pose for the cameras while Bong Soo is surprised. He runs over to tell Tae Kang’s father, who swivels in his chair, dressed in the same attire. Meanwhile, Ji An asks Tae Kang whether they should go and start work. The two of them intertwine their fingers as they are ready to take the company by storm hand-in-hand.

Point of View

A great ending indeed for this episode. I am proud of them for marching in together while wearing matching outfits with confidence. This makes me even more excited to look forward to the final episode.
I enjoyed seeing Ji An is making a very tough decision: for the sake of her career or for Tae Kang. It’s interesting to see which are most important in her life. In addition to that, being a mother and pursuing her dream career are equally important and the decision is how it represents her identity. Look at her. She pleads Madame Jang to give forgive her or thinking about all the happenings she had gotten through on making decisions throughout the whole night. This proofs the struggle she has to make which reminds me of me making a hard decision between two things.

Ji An’s supporting Tae Kang’s future is also her priority. Tae Kang has to understand that she is doing this because of his dream career and his father. I’m not saying that Ji An should throw her career away for Tae Kang. I’m not saying that Tae Kang tells her to send in her retirement letter. It is very complicated choices among those two lovebirds. They don’t want to give up their dreams for each other’s sake is really eye-catching. I hope they will stay strong to the very end, support each other including Ankle, and pursue their career.

Since almost the final episode is coming soon, I think there is going to be a time skip. From the beginning till now, you can see that Ji An was in 3 months pregnancy. Normally, the pregnancy timeline is 9 months. So, I don’t think the director is going to show every single thing about Ji An’s pregnancy. I believe at the end of the final episode, she is going to get herself ready to welcome Ankle in the new world. Hopefully, in the final episode, Ji An and Tae Kang’s career is smooth sailing. I wonder what name they are going to give to Ankle. Obviously is not Ankle. That will be weird. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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