I Do, I Do Episode 16 (Final) Review

Episode Recap

Previously at night, Tae Kang’s father looks through Tae Kang’s old photo. He’s surprised to see Tae Kang return early from Ji An’s place as he thought they will spend the night together. Tae Kang goes being lovely to his father which makes him feel suspicious. Then, Tae Kang slowly grabs the photo album and crashing sounds blast in the background. His father is shocked to hear that Tae Kang decides to stay instead of taking the opportunity to go to the US. Also, his father worries about losing their jobs. Tae Kang assures him that losing job is not the main issue. He believes not seeing both Ankle, Ji An, and his father is the issue. On the other hand, his father doesn’t want Tae Kang to leave. His father sighs and storms out.

Tae Kang looks through the box which is gifted by Ji An. He sees Ji An’s first redesigned shoes. After receiving a text from Ji An, he goes to the company lobby and meet up with her. He finds Ji An staring upwards and asks what she’s looking at. She replies that she is looking at the sky. He corrects her that she’s looking at the skilling but to her it was an unattainable sky. She realizes that she has been trapped in the same well which she dug for 15 years that the whole world was afraid of her. Tae Kang returns her first redesigned shoes but she insists that he keeps it. He tells her that she can’t lose of give them away that means a lot to her. Tae Kang points out that they should take on the challenge. Thus, they agree to face tomorrow together.

Back to the end of previous episode, the entire company know the truth about Ji An’s relationship with Tae Kang. They think that no one will forgive them for their public announcement. However, Ji An is ready to face the public to handle the issue in her own way and take in the President’s offensive comments that they should get married. She points out that marriage is decides by both parties. After the meeting end, Na Ri asks whether she can tear Ji An’s resignation letter but Ji An reminds her that she wants to see how far she can go based on her current situation. Na Ri smiles and wonders whether she will be at the end of the battlefield. Na Ri says that Ji An is too scary, gives her a cheer, and leaves. Ji An is confused about whether she is teasing or supporting her.

The staffs sit further away from the couple in the cafeteria. Bong Soo loudly declares that he would like to sit here for lunch and, later, they are joined by Team Leader Ma and colleagues. Then, the gossipers cheer for them and the entire cafeteria applause as Tae Kang is enjoying the attention. Later, they are interviewed by the higher ups about how they met, to their work environment, and Tae Kang’s father recent employment. In the end, the Board puts Ji An’s employment on him. Madame Jang scolds Na Ri and marks her interview draft in red. She’s disappointed to her that Ji An’s resignation hasn’t gone through yet and scolds her that she should have handle the situation earlier. Na Ri replies that she will handle it as soon as possible.

While going over next year’s projects, Team Leader Ma insists that she is willing to follow Ji An out of the company. She is confident enough to earn a living by following Ji An’s footsteps. Ji An is touched by her loyalty and gently tells her that she has begun to realize her dedication to the team and her work. Ji An believes that it would be a shame to throw away her hardworking efforts. Ji An would rather see Team Leader Ma to become a great shoe designer so that she can take her in to her own company. Team Leader Ma agrees while holding back her tears of joy.

While packing up her things, she tells Tae Kang that she always thought that she walked alone but there are a lot of people she’s grateful to. Tae Kang listens while smiling and informs her that both he and his father have handed in their resignation letters. He already thought about opening up their own store together. He will ask Jake as their investor and create a line of shoes for mothers-to-be. Then, when Ankle arrives, he will create baby shoes. He asks if Ji An doesn’t want to joing them to launch their own brand. She asks if he thinks anyone can start their own brand but he assures her that they aren’t just anyone. He points out that a risk can become an opportunity. He takes her hand, places the ring, and asks if she will become his business partner.

Tae Kang and his father is busy working on the design. Tae Kang seriously researches about setting up his own shop. Ji An watches over his shoulder and lands in his lap. Tae Kang hands out the surverys at Eun Sung’s hospital. Eun Sung is surprised to hear that Tae Kang is going to stay and quit the company. Eun Sung worries about Ji An that she might get panic attacks which are bad for pregnancy which Tae Kang assures him that Ji An is not worried about this.

At home, Ji An watches TV and talks with Jun Hee about whether she should or shouldn’t not join Tae Kang to set up their own brand. Unexpectedly, one of the managers rings the doorbell and tells her that she needs to come to the company. Meanwhile, Na Ri gives a half-hearted speech to the press about success can be achieved when charging ahead and challenging yourself towards a goal. She finds that Ji An has just arrived. Na Ri slams down her notes and declares that the speech doesn’t apply to her. She points out that she’s not standing here because of her own efforts which Madame Jang softly smirks. Na Ri states that she does care for the company but she believes that someone needs to have a strong and firm heart to care for this company. She quotes Madame Jang’s words which reminds her of Ji An’s strong personality.

Na Ri believes that Ji An’s declaration as a single mother is an act of courage for her strong and firm heart. Thus, she steps out from being the future of CEO and declares that Ji An should be the next CEO. The press immediately crowd around Ji An. Na Ri calmly steps down from the stage and gently hugs Madame Jang who forced to smile for the cameras. She asks Na Ri if she is crazy to pull a publicity stunt but Na Ri replies that she has always wanted to tell her that she is not stupid. In Na Ri’s car, she calls Ji An that Ji An doesn’t need to be surprised since backstabbing is her specialty. She informs Ji An that she has gotten rid of her resignation letter and return her business logs to her. She announces that she will take Tae Kang’s place to go to the US since it was always her dream to become a shoe designer. Ji An asks what they will do if the Chairman finds out and Na Ri replies that he is too busy to get angry on making decisions. Thus, she leaves the company in Ji An’s hands and asks Ji An to become the real mother of the company.

Before she leaves the country, Na Ri stops by to visits her mother’s resting place and apologizes that she couldn’t keep any promises that she made: being happy, receiving mother’s love, and making a family. However, she feels that she did the right thing for the first time since she came back to Korea. She promises that she will be a more mature and stronger person when she comes back.

Tae Kang’s father invite Ji An’s parents to his house. Ji An’s mother sympathically hears both Tae Kang’s and his father’s struggles. Then, both Tae Kang’s father and Ji An’s parents admire Tae Kang’s baby photos.
Tae Kang shares the good news: Jake has agreed to become an investor in their brand and Tae Kang found the perfect place to set up the shop. Ji An tells him that she has been offered to become the next CEO of the company which leaves him surprised. He congratulates her with a moody tone even though he tries to cover up his disappointment. Until she comes to a decision, she tells Tae Kang to focus on building up the brand. The men are at Choong Baek’s restaurant. They look forward to what roles they will get while working for the new brand. They hear the news from Tae Kang that they can go ahead to launch their own brand without Ji An.

Ji An sits in her shoe closet while making the decision: become the next CEO of the company or set up a shop with Tae Kang. She takes her sketchbook and lists down the pros and cons on both options. She writes out the ‘taking over the company’ section and she couldn’t think of the reasons to set up a business with Tae Kang.

She goes to the clinic for another ultrasound. She wants to listen to Ankle’s thoughts about the situation and Eun Sung’s remarks that Ankle’s answer takes after her mother’s stubbornness. Eun Sung teases that Ji An is a bad friend for not telling him about her resignation and then got an offer to become the next CEO of the company. Ji An admits that nothing has gone her way ever since she was pregnant. Eun Sung tells her to think hard because things will not go smoothly according to her plan. He believes that Ji An has come to make a difficult decision which is best for herself, Tae Kang, and ankle. He honestly tells her that he planned to leave their first date early for a fishing trip with the guys and then puts a smile on her face that he probably would have fell for another expectant mother. He advices Ji An not to try to plan ahead since life is not a smooth road. He asks her to trust her heart and places his hand to his heart. Ji An asks if there is anything good that had happened since they met. Eun Sung hold back his tears and said that he met Ankle.

Tae Kang assures Ji An if she wants to become the CEO but she tells him that she hasn’t made a decision yet. He sighs that although both of them have differences from age to personalities, they still have Ankle. Thus, he supports her on whatever decisions she made. With a smile, he tells her to follow her heart and reminds her that she told him that it was the best path to take.

At the shoe closet, she thinks about her choices: the collaboration on shoes or being with the family. In a voiceover, she believes that it is not deciding as a mother or a director, but what she wants as a human. She knows that life doesn’t always go as planned. So, she needs to be cautious with efforts and live diligently. She reaches her hand out for the shoes.

Five months later, pregnant Ji An is having a meeting with her staff members while Tae Kang pitch his brand “Tae & Kwang” to some investors. They turn it down and sighs as he had promised to Ji An that he’ll work hard to set up a shp. The others ask whether they should ask Ji An for help but his father thinks that it is not a good idea. Ji An struggles to get up after the meeting and she gets a surprise visit from Na Ri who is back in Korea. She points out Ji An’s protruding belly and Ji An boasts that she is a sexy tadpole. Na Ri is surprised to hear that Ji An is planning to hand in her resignation and wants Na Ri to take over the company. Ji An explains that she has no one else to trust and that all the preparations have been made for the collaboration.

It’s Christmas and santa Eun Sung drops by to give presents to expectant mothers. They are having a mini Christmas party with gifts and a cake.

As Ji An walks into Tae Kang’s shop, there is tension within the space because this is her first time for coming here since it opened two months ago. Once they all left, they remark that they must be busy that they didn’t call each other on the phone. She compliments him on the shoes which he sent her that were pretty good. Tae Kang’s is moody until she asks if they are planning to hire a female employee since she already hand in her resignation at the company. Tae Kang’s eyes grow wide open when she asks if he could hire her and ask for giving her bonus because she is quite competent at work. He tries to hug her but she has the belly. So, he kisses her and looks into her eyes. He tells her that, this time, he is not letting her go. She replies that she has to go which makes Tae Kang confused but then realized that Ji An’s water broke.

Eun Sung is enjoying himself at the party until he gets a phone call from Tae Kang. The nurses bring Ji An to a hospital room while she cries out in pain. She keeps shouting at Tae Kang as she blames him. Tae Kang helplessly stands by her side. When the hospital staff advises that Tae Kang should leave because she needs a C-section, she grabs his collar and vows that she will have her revenge. She orders to him to treat her and Ankle with royalty and be a slave for the rest of their life. He asks if she’s proposing to him but she demands an answer. He nods before he is dragged away. He tells Ji An that everything will be fine and he loves her.

Eun Sung arrives at the operating room and performs an emergency C-section on Ji An. He scrubs in and tells Ji An that she’s going to meet Ankle soon so she needs to wait just a bit longer. The family rush in after the operation and are glad to hear that it was successful. Tae Kang silently thanks Eun Sung and they watch as Ji An sleeps peacefully. There is a knock on the door. The nurse arrives give the baby Ankle and passes her to Tae Kang. He looks at his daughter for the first time and calls him Princess as he is going to make her happy. The parents look on with pride while Ji An’s father look at his newborn grandchild. Tae Kang looks back at Ji An who has a little smile.

In Ji An’s dream, she walks down, while barefoot, down a hill which are lined with shoes. Suddenly, she hears a voice calling out for mother. She finds Tae Kang holding Ankle. She runs to Ji An who kneels down to match Ankle’s eye level. She lovingly look at her daughter and points out that she is Ankle. The three of them walk hand in hand. These are Ji An’s last words: “What is the right path? Where should I go from here? I’ll probably live But I’m no longer afraid. Life doesn’t always go as expected but it brings unexpected gifts. My love, my child… and the people I’m grateful to. I received such great gifts from them in a short timespan. What gifts will await me in the difficult future? I’m already curious about them. No, I’m definitely looking forward to them.”

Point of View

A perfect icing on the cake for this drama. The ending is perfect as you see the family walk along the road to where it leads to and the things will come to them along the way. I love what Ji An says her final words about life. Throughout this drama, it reflects about the importance of our lives. Let it be carer, family, love, passion, and our dreams. How we feel when we are with our close friends and family who support us throughout our lives. What decisions we can make which might affect our lives and identity? A very inspirational drama indeed.

This drama is not only just romantic comedy but also it shows a heartwarming journey of woman’s life to appreciate her life. You can see issues are brought out about pregnancy, abortion, motherhood, and parenthood. At first, I thought it will focus mostly about her career like how the shoe design companies run including fashion business. However, it mostly focuses on the woman’s life and decisions she makes which is good. It shows difficult decisions that one makes: love for the child, a career, and a desire to be a mother to both.

Kim Sun Ah did a fabulous job in portraying the women in society. We are able to see her struggles from being an independent career woman to a woman who is having feelings for a man who chase her. At first the relationship is rough but the relationship starts to develop smoothly even though it takes so long for Ji An to tell Tae Kang that he is Ankle’s father. After they know that Ankle is their child, they cooperate together on every single decision because they knew it might affect both of their lives. They actually want to do the best for each other, too. Jang Woo has become one of my favourite actors who put the audiences’ smiles on their faces. I enjoyed a lot with his jovial and boy next door personality. Also, Jang Woo is able to show his maturer side when it comes to making decisions and hardworking efforts to make himself happy and to those around him. A great actor which I truly admired.

Na Ri, oh, Na Ri. You are one woman whom I can’t read your expressions really well. I don’t think Lim Soo Hyang has given enough opportunity to develop and shine her acting skills in this drama. Like I said before in one of my previous articles, I still like Lim Soo Hyang in ‘The Tale of Gisaengs’. On the bright side, Na Ri proofs herself to be a fragile woman who wants to have love from her parents and pursue her dreams to be a shoe designer. The question is whether she wants to bring Ji An down or support her is a mystery.
Eun Sung, at first he’s annoying from the very beginning. Then again, I forgive him once he starts to be just friends with Ji An and Eun Sung. He is always there for them when they are having troubles. He is funny and annoying but he’s just a nice friend whom you could talk to.

The whole series from episode one till the last one gives a great impact of the storyline itself. One little problem though: why on earth the writers need to make the long time period on Ji An’s truth about her pregnancy to Tae Kang. I guess it is a way for me to say “Just tell Tae Kang the truth already” when I lose my patience. However, thank goodness the storyline itself is back on track and we see the lovely Ji An and Tae Kang couple which they should have been together in the first place.

The last words from Ji An is perfect. Sure we worry sometimes about the choices we make might affect us today and the future. However, we should overcome our doubts and look forward. Who knows? Our gifts and dreams are there at the end of the road. This drama is truly breath-taking when it comes to the struggles of women in life and society.

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