I Do, I Do Episode 4 Review

Episode Recap

Ji An is surprised by Eun Sung who kiss her on the check. He points out that he made his mark as an official contract. He offers a mark from her if she finds the arrangement unfair. Ji-an rightfully questions about how many girls fall for his method. He replies that about 20 women fall for him. She realizes that he is a player. He adds that she is sexy when she is angry. Also, he vows that within a month, he will fix those ‘dried up dating cells’.

On their morning jog, Jun Hee is impressed with Eun Sung’s sweet words. Jun Hee insists that Ji An should marry him and not many men like him would fall for women who has furious personalities. Jun Hee tells her that no one will be by her side after her parents pass away. Jun Hee explains that dating and marriage are part of life while Ji An gets tired easily after only less than five minutes of jogging.
Tae Kang is still having a hard time at the office. Although he comes early in the morning to clean up the office but he gets scolded by the seniors for touching their desks.

Ji An is told about the previous company dinner and curious about Na Ri’s response on dancing on stage. She raises an eyebrow at the news that Tae Kang wasn’t fired nor did Na Ri get annoyed. She feels that Na Ri has hidden motives. Madame Jang drops by at the office and tells the good news that she wants Ji An to take over the company. At first, Ji An thought that Na Ri will be the next CEO but Madame Jang insists that Ji An should be the one since she is the one who shape the company into a brand name. Madame Jang did remember that Ji An’s dream is to launch her own brand and display her work. In the office, she is shock and then squeals with excitement in her chair.

Na Ri spots Madame Jang who greets her with an icy cold air. Madame Jang questions her whether she has been telling about herself to become the next CEO. In addition to that, Madame Jang says that she looks like her mother.

The staffs continue to bully Tae Kang by giving him lousy jobs (eg .fixing the copy machine, carrying shoe boxes, and picking out tiny gems by color. He sits alone outside at lunch hour after being left out of the lunch group. He grumbles and then screams about his miserable working life. After he nearly chokes on his food, he sees someone else on the rooftop. It’s Na Ri who is still upset after hearing Madame Jang’s hurtful words.
Unexpectedly, both Tae Kang and Ji An see each other at the office. Ji An points out that she heard about the previous company dinner including the performance with Na Ri. She warns Tae Kang that Na Ri will not let the issue easily as he might be fired. Tae Kang tells her off that Na Ri has nice personality, young, and she is the President’s daughter. They continue to argue right after Na Ri judge his ‘babyish’ personality. He instructs her to check behind his ears if it’s wet or not (an indication that one is young or inexperienced) and places her hand on his head. Ji An slips while she struggles against his grip. He catches her before she falls and ends up on top of her which the staff are surprised at the ‘pose’.

Tae Kang retreats to the bathroom when he hears a strange noise in the stall. He raps on the door to find an intern who is doing his own business. They grab a drink while the intern shares his thought that although he wants to resign but his wife is expecting to have twins. Tae Kang’s eyes sparkles because he wants to have children. However, he is surprised after hearing from the intern that a lot of costs need to be covered for the children. The intern tells him that he is better to be single and unmarried like Medusa aka Ji An. He lights up when he hears that Ji An entered the company at the same time as the intern. In addition that, Ji An used to struggle a lot as an intern.

Younger Ji An speaks out about her work which is criticized by her superior. She is confident that her work would be well-received, by participating in open rounds of judging and bet her job on it. However, she failed and was demoted to customer service. Younger Ji An cries in the toilet stall. She vowed that she will have her own brand and design which will become a reality. At the present day, Ji An is at her shoe closet while admiring her first shoe design. Ji An focused on her work. Also, she scored three hit designs within a year. Thus, she became known as Medusa.

The intern points out that anybody has to work like crazy to be at the same level as her. He adds that her parents disowned her because of her workaholic behaviour. Tae Kang denies that it is impossible that her parents could do such a thing. The intern insists that those rumours are true. Tae Kang gets fused up and raises his voice to defend her. He storms out.

Choong Baek sits at the table and accidently mention about the relationship between Tae Kang and Ji An. The intern swears that he won’t tell a soul and the rumours spread within the company.

Ji An decides to go ahead to make her first design into a reality and orders a sample to be made. None of the staff are willing to step up. In the end, Tae Kang is responsible for this task.

On his way to the factory, he guards it like his life depended on it. In a distracted moment, however, he gets pickpocketed. He reports to the police that the design is more important than worthless items in the bag.
An urgent meeting is called to discuss about the rumours being circulated. Na Ri explains that the company forums are rift with the rumour that Ji An and Tae Kang are involved. Then, Na Ri called in the intern to the meeting room. Na Ri threatens him that there will be punishment for slandering and ruining the company’s image. He stands there, trembling in fear, and confirms that he heard it from Tae Kang himself. The president demands Ji An for an explanation. Na Ri smirks as Ji An clenches her hands into fists.

She storms out of the meeting room and spots Tae Kang at the hallway. Obviously, she throws angry glares at him. In her office, Tae Kang starts to apologize (thought it is about the design) but she slaps him on the face. She accuses him for spreading the news that they slept together. Tae Kang exclaims that he didn’t do anything but Ji An fumes over the fact that she worked so hard until the ‘obstacle’ that she has to deal with.
He just takes it and emotionally says that he is a fly which gets in her way but he is not going anywhere. In the midst of conversation, angry tears welling up in her eyes, Ji An tells him to get lost and he retorts. He insists that if she wants him gone, she has to fire him herself. Tae Kang turns to leave but then looks at her and says that night means a lot to him.

Madame Jang, who heard the news, meets with Ji An and tells her that she has already settled the situation by removing the intern and Tae Kang from their positions. She warns Ji An to be careful not to expose her weaknesses since she has chosen Ji An as the candidate to become the next CEO.

Tae Kang sits alone at the office and sorting out the gems, again. Being frustrated with Ji An’s words about what he did to her, he throws the rest of the gems off of the desk. He walks home, cursing himself for trying to make it as a designer when his father grabs him in a headlock. He’s got good news: their old house is back on sale. All they need to buy back the house is using Tae Kang’s prize and hard earned salary. Suddenly, Tae Kang walks out with frustration. His father follows him and reminds him that he vows to get the house back. Tae Kang looks at him and asks his father whether he stills believe him. His father boasts that Tae Kang is his son and he has talented skills like he has. Then, Tae Kang decides to go and sign the contract which makes his father smiles.

During the dinner date with Eun Sung, Ji An still thinks about the previous quarrel with Tae Kang. Eun Sung snaps her out of her thought zone. Eun Sung offers to hear and offer her some advice. Ji An admits that she damage two people’s lives. Eun Sung comforts her that everyone is a coward especially those who wants to protect their close comrades. He’s sure that there was something more important that she wanted to protect. Ji An agrees but she still feels uneasy with the situation. Thus, Eun Sung suggests a prescription to make her feel better. That is baby therapy.

He brings her to the newborn wing at the hospital. Ji-an is reluctant to look at the infants so Eun-sung shares his thoughts about his moments with these little angels. They visit the NICU next and Eun Sung introduces her to a preemie, Se7en (he was born at 7 months and a reference to the singer). Ji An worries that he might die because he’s not as strong as the others. Eun Sung explains that he used to have health problems after he was born. Now, he is the strongest baby in the hospital. He invites Ji An to put out her hand to hold its hand. Just when her pinky hovers over him, the baby grasps onto it with his fist, eliciting a small gasp from Ji An.

Ji An excuses herself that there’s somewhere she needs to go before she turns into a coward again. She immediately goes to see Madame Jang and asks her to revoke Tae Kang and the intern’s dismissal. They also must have something to protect and she feels that it is wrong to be selfish to think about herself. Madame Jang agrees to do but reminds her that a bit of compassion can be a weakness but Ji An clarifies that she’s acting out of her pride.

With her killer red heels, she starts her mission: stop the gossip going around. Seeing a group of employees whispering about her, Ji An butts into their conversation. She agrees to share her stories if they are so curious about it. They scurry away. Her next challenge is to tell off Na Ri. She admits to being offered the CEO position and that she was scared when a new young-faced Na Ri came in. But then she realized that backstabbers can do nasty things. So, if Na Ri wants to get the position, she should run to her daddy instead.

She warns the intern to stay out of other people’s business. Then, he points out that he actually didn’t hear the story from Tae Kang himself but his friend. She lingers around trying to muster up the courage to apologize to him but Tae Kang gets called away.

Ji An calls Eun Sung to buy him dinner as a thank you gift for last night. He invites her to his house for dinner and Ji An gasp about the venue where he suggests. Jun Hee tells Ji An that it is a sign that the relationship needs to be taken to the next level. She advises Ji An to go get a new set of undies which leaves Ji An into shock.

Eun Sung consults his colleague to change shifts so that he can go on a date with Ji An. Both Ji-an and Eun-sung get ready for the date separately: she goes to buy a set of underwear as he goes food shopping. At the florist, he says in detailed about a few bouquets of flowers which made the shopkeeper gives a ‘Are you kidding me?’ look.

Ji An steps out of her office to see Tae Kang sleeping at his desk. She covers him with his jacket as she recalls Tae Kang’s genuine feelings for her. She smiles at his rough sketches. Tae Kang suddenly bolts awake, scaring the both of them. Immediately, he covers himself which cause an awkward aura. Ji-an criticizes his sketches and he should have as his seniors for help. However, he mutters that no one’s willing to teach the outcast. So, she takes it upon herself to show him how.

Afterwards, she admits that she heard that Tae Kang didn’t spread the story. Ji An mummers the word ‘Sorry’. Breaking into a smile he continually asks her what she was saying until Ji An looks at him straight and says that she’s sorry. They both give a small laugh until Ji An asks about her design. Tae Kang braces himself and then laughs awkwardly. Suddenly, a loud scream can be heard across the whole building. Ji An chases after him in the office until she collapses in pain.

Eun-sung readies a perfect dinner with the perfect mood music complete with a sparkling high heel necklace. Ji An wakes in the hospital and the doctor tells her that the danger has passed. She is advised to be careful because she is pregnant.

Point of View

I like Ji An even more as her character to strive for her dreams, dealing with companies’ problems, and her own feelings. You could say that I like her ‘women’ power. Although she may look a bit nasty on the outside but she does have the feelings which is caring towards other. By the look in her eyes and holding onto the baby’s hand, I guess she finds what it is to be loved. I do, sometimes, laugh when she is having troubles with relationship and menopause. Now, she finally knows that she is pregnant. I wonder what her decision will be. Will she keep the child or not? If she doesn’t, then I don’t think the story will be exciting. It will be a ‘full stop’ if doesn’t keep the child. On the other hand, how both Tae Kang and Eun Sung will react about her pregnancy? Tae Kang will obviously will say yes in supporting because (1) he loves kids and (2) he did has feelings for her including the fact that he feels that their ‘night’ together is memorable. For Eun Sung, I wonder what reaction he will give when he hears about her pregnancy. Can he take it or not? That is the question.

Tae Kang just makes me laugh and cry when does his best to survive in the company and not make his father disappointed. I admire his boy-next-door personality. Besides that, I feel sorry for him as he is bullied by other staffs. I just want to tell the staff off to leave him alone. Jang Woo’s personality is similar to Tae Kang’s as I did watch the ‘We Got Married’ Jang Woo and Eun Jung series. He is just like Tae Kang except the crazy overly stressful personalities. As for the lovely noona and dongsaeng (Ji An and Tae Kang) relationship, I enjoy it. I sense a connection between the couple as they are having ‘nice’ conversations and ‘enjoying’ themselves in this episode. It’s nice to know that both of them care for each other. I am interest to see how both of them will help each other out while Ji An is pregnant.

Apparently, Na Ri is not an evil boss but a person with lonely feelings. I mean if I get to know her even more, she’ll probably is a person who has genuine feelings especially when she thinks about her parents. She just craves for love from her family. I think after a few episodes or so, both Ji An and Na Ri, at first they will be rivals to get the CEO position, but in the end, they will be friends. You know what they say: sometimes, enemies can become friends by understanding each other through heart-to-heart conversations. We’ll just wait and see how Na Ri will reveal her characters in the next upcoming episodes.

Eun Sung, I’m sorry but you are way too cheesy. I mean even though you are the doctor, but still if I was your date, I will feel totally awkward when you ask if I want a medical prescription. However, I accept you because you set up a romantic candlelight dinner. 10 extra points that you know how to cook. Eun Sung looks like the perfect guy that you might dream of but what happens if he found out about Ji An’s pregnancy probably it will be a 180 degrees personality change.

From this episode, this drama has become a mix of romantic comedy and drama. It lets me take on a smooth emotional ride. I guess you could say I am drawn to it that makes want to watch even more. The reason is because it is not only you laugh but, at the same time, you feel a bang in your heart as you see sad scenes like the quarrel between Ji An and Tae Kang. Sun Ah and Jang Woo have made me laugh and cry because of their acting by portraying their emotions really well. It is not overreacting. It is like they have push the right buttons to make the audience feel about the characters of this drama. I am loving them and I will keep watching this drama till the very end.

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