I Do, I Do Episode 6 Review

Episode Recap

Tae Kang runs after he figured out that Ji An is pregnant. He knew this thanks to the ultrasound picture. He remembers that Ji An told him that it can be ‘taken out’ and blames him for her pregnancy. He arrives at Ji An’s door and his hands tremble over the doorbell.

Eun Sung is shocked after hearing from Ji An that she is pregnant. Ji An apologizes and admits that she’s made a huge mistake. She deserves to get this punishment. She is still in the midst of whether to keep the baby or not including the fact that she was in front of the hospital which makes Eun Sung stares in horror. She questions herself why she must have a baby in her womb. Her feels wrong if she kills the growing fetus.
Eun Sung asks if she is seeing him for consultation or comfort. Ji An acknowledges that she has no right to either since they’re just two people who’ve met on an arranged date. Eun Sung gives her the box containing the shoe necklace, assures her that he’ll speak to the parents, and storms off while holding back his emotional rollercoaster.

Ji-an walks back completely dazed and meets Tae-kang who greets her in jondae. Unable to face her that he knows about the pregnancy, he tells her about his efforts to recover the bag. Ji-an cuts him off, “Get lost.”
Tae Kang consults his sorrows with Choong Baek. He assures that the baby is his. They are afraid of the Medusa’s character. Choong Baek comes up with a ‘brilliant’ plan: leave the country. Choong Baek asks Tae Kang whether he is going to marry Ji An just because of the one night stand. With his good looks and steady income, the girls will be lining up down the block for him so he can’t get locked down with Ji An. Tae Kang’s father pops in to drag Tae Kang out to retrieve a thrown out leather sofa. Before Tae Kang follows his father behind, he gives a stern warning to Choong Baek to not to let his father know about this.

Tae Kang doesn’t have an appetite at dinner. However, his father orders him to enjoy the meal they will not be having financial problems. His father says that the savings should be kept for Tae Kang’s wedding and marriage life. Tae Kang asks whether it is okay he gets married before then. His father has no issue with it. He hopes to come home and relaxes with his son while the housewife is preparing a nice meal. Tae Kang smiles while fantasizing Ji-an as the perfect housewife but he comes to his sense. Then, his next fantasy is more realistic and entertaining. His father is taking care of the baby while Tae Kang is cleaning and cooking. Meanwhile, Ji An is relaxing on the chair. Tae Kang protests that he is the man of the household. However, Ji An walks up to him, grabs one of her high heels, and hit him.

After he sees Ji An half-asleep during the meeting and chooses milk over espresso, Tae Kang sends a text to Bong Soo. Bong Soo gives Tae Kang a funny lecture about pregnancy symptoms. Tae Kang listens intently as he learns about morning sickness, constipation, and cravings for food which they’ve never eaten before. Tae Kang falls back into the chair as he knows that Ji An does have these symptoms. Bong Soo rushes to him to ask who is pregnant while Tae Kang is silently in dazed.

His father encounters a huge problem. He is conned by his friend, who works at the real estate office. Thus, there is no house for both him and Tae Kang. Choong Baek suggests that Tae Kang has to know about this but Tae Kang’s father ask him to keep his mouth shut.

The staffs talk excitedly about the possibility of their design being introduced to a global level while Team Leader Ma looks on. She takes out a drawing of their family which her child drew. Only the drawing has her child, Aunt, and their pet. Ji An refuses to accept Team Leader Ma to be excluded from the collaboration due to her family issues. She points out that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Team Leader Ma explains the opportunity to make a shoe design a brand will eventually come anytime. However, she believes that she will not have the opportunity to be a good mother to her child as she also points out that she and the father are not in her child’s drawing.

Eun Sung hangs around the newborn wing and smiles at the infants. He thinks about the time when he brought Ji An here but he comes back to his senses.

Madame Jang brings Ji An to a boutique because her intention is to change Ji An’s image which represents her as the future CEO of the company. Na Ri enters the same shop just as Ji An goes to try on the outfit which Madame Jang suggests. Na Ri bravely greets Madame Jang but she gives Na Ri the cold shoulders. Just when she’s about to ask her to help choose her own clothes, Ji An walks out of the dressing room. Madame Jang is being kind to Ji An which makes Na Ri jealous.

At dinner, Madame Jang says that she prepares some media publicity and meeting well-known people. However, Ji An asks that she needs more time to consider the offer. Madame Jang tells her not to worry about firing Na Ri after taking over the company. She also says that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Ji An escorts a tipsy Madame Jang to her car. She looks back and Ji-an, calling her “President Hwang”. With a hug, she assures that Ji An will be the CEO because she supports her.

Na Ri drives up, gets out of her car, and walks up to Ji An. Na Ri mentions to Ji An that she thought Ji An is not the type for backstab others. Ji An is too tired to hear Na Ri but she tells off that she looks noble in front of others but she play dirty tricks from behind. Ji An bravely replies back that whether it has got to do with Madame Jang who bought her clothes today. Na Ri’s evil plan is once she becomes the CEO, she will blacklist Ji An so that she never gets to work in the industry again. Na Ri will do the same as she believes that Ji An has dirty tricks which she intend to use.

Ji An arrives home and stares at her shoe closet. She thinks about what Madame Jang had said about the once in a lifetime opportunity to become CEO of the company. Then, she starts pulling pair by pair of shoes off from the shelves.

Tae Kang wonders whether Ji A went through with the abortion or not. Choong Baek points out that if she hasn’t contacted him, she probably did. Tae Kang doesn’t believe as he points out that he was born thanks to his father who ‘accidentally’ made his mother pregnant. The phone suddenly rings and both men freak out because Medusa is calling. They argue about who is going to pick up the call. In the end, Tae Kang picks up. After saying yes many times, he hangs up. Tae Kang tells Choong Baek that Ji An wants him to buy pork feet and bring them to her house.

She invites Tae Kang inside, with pig feet in hand. She cleans up a bit so that Tae Kang can sit comfortably. Ji An digs in and she casually asks whether he is going to eat some. Tae Kang hints that there’s another reason why he’s here. He thinks about pregnancy while Ji An talks about the design. Ji An mentions that Tae Kang vowed that he will take responsibility. So, Tae Kang will be her slave. He has to do what she says including getting her some pig feet. Tae Kang keeps asking her why she really wants to see him. She admits that she wants to tell him but he will regret after hearing it but he doesn’t mind at all. He won’t so she can come out with it. After hearing the heartbeats, unfortunately, she decides not to say.

Tae Kang whines that there IS something but she maintains her cool. Ji An points out that he keeps on asking because he knew something but he replies that he is just curious. She insists that there’s nothing to say and marches in her shoe closet. Tae Kang yells not to regret if he doesn’t hear anything from her. Then, he changes his mind, enters the shoe closet, and sees Ji An polishing her shoes. Ji An points out that she polishes her shoes to kill time.

Tae Kang rolls up his sleeves to join her. She sits back and comments that at least he is good at something. Then, he asks about a pair of child’s sneakers which he previously spotted here. Ji An holds them up. She says that these shoes are her very first shoe creation. When she was a kid, she saw a pair of white shoes at the stationary shop. Since the shoes look pale and pitiful, she decided to make these shoes pretty. Thus, she became fond of creating beautiful shoes. Tae Kang asks why shoes are that important. She replies that shoes do not need to be noticeable and comfortable. Tae-kang looks at her as she says all this with a warm smile. All of a sudden, Ji An farts which she feels so embarrassed that she exits the shoe closet.
His father is at the bus station. He determines that he will never return until he catches the guy who conned them for money.

After some time, Tae Kang finishes polishing the very last pair and, then, stretches his arms wide. He finds Ji An is sleeping in the living room. He carries her to her bed. He watches her sleep while admiring her beauty. He carefully puts his hand to her cheek and nearly wakes her. He spots the sketchbook and curiously looking at what did she write. After seeing the mess at Ji An’s house, he decides to clean up the place. On his way out, he wonders how Ji An will raise a child but then smiles.

The next morning, Ji An wakes up and find that the place is clean and the breakfast on the table. She reels after a bite of the kimchi stew and spoons out a huge pepper.

She drops by to visit Jun Hee. Ji An admits that she didn’t go through the surgery and Jun Hee knew about it. Jun Hee asks Ji An about what is her plan since she might keep the baby. Ji An gifts her friend a pair of heels which she like as an apology gift. While having a meal, both Jun Hee and her daughter has similar personalities and wearing the same outfit. As she watches Jun Hee play with her child, Ji An looks on with a bit of longing. She imagines sketching and chasing after her own daughter. She smiles but she thinks that it is impossible that it will happen.

Jun Hee asks if she’s decided to keep the baby. Ji An tells her that there must be a reason why having abortion bothered her. Her did set her own path but another path came her way. Ji An asks Jun Hee whether it is possible for her to be a mother. Jun Hee got through on getting custody of her daughter by reading the legal documents. Basically, she mostly talks about the hardship that mothers had to go through.

She fills the space in the pro list. She is curious what will happen if Jun Hee goes back to study and Team Leader Ma for not working as a shoe designer.

Tae Kang rushes to help Ji An so she doesn’t carry anything heavy. He asks whether she had a good weekend. He adds that he enjoyed the weekend that he didn’t complain about the sore which he gets. She tells him to drop the act and then adds about how the stew was too spicy. Tae Kang glances at her belly while having a worried face. But, he feels relieved after Ji An says that the stew wasn’t half bad. He asks her to dinner but she’ll be out with her parents. Ji An asks him to come by after 9 and he agrees to do so.

Ji An redistributes the projects among the staff which surprises everyone, including Team Leader Ma. She says that everyone should work as a team. Tae Kang raises his hand and asks what he should do. Ji An asks him to clean which make the staffs giggle. Then, Tae Kang wonders where should he start cleaning.

Eun Sung is having an abortion debate with the representatives. He is in dazed while others argue back and forth. Finally, he cuts into the argument. His opponent asks if he’s being too personal about it but Eun-sung asserts that he would do that because he wouldn’t want to beg for his life if his parents said their lives would be happier if he was aborted. He storms out mid-debate and thinks back to Ji An’s feelings about her pregnancy and abortion. He gets a sudden phone call from his mother that he is asked to join dinner with his parents.

Choong Baek sighs because Tae Kang is taking his time to look good just to ask if the baby is his or not. Tae Kang is willing to take responsibility for it: marry her and take care the child in a stable environment. Choong Baek stammers and asks whether Tae Kang has fell in love with Ji An.

Ji An and Eun Sung meet outside the restaurant. Ji An asks for his address so that she can return the necklace. However, he asks her to throw it away If she doesn’t want it she can throw it away. She tells him to do it himself. Eun Sung immediately replies that she has done a good job for not throwing it away. They both step inside and sees their parents who are sitting at the same dinner table. The parents exchange compliments about each other’s children as the two sit silently. Ji An interrupts and intends to tell the truth.
However, Eun Sung cuts her off and excuses themselves for a moment.

Outside, she accuses him for not informing his parents and that someone has to tell them. With his genuine feelings, he confesses his love to her.

Point of View

I feel relieved that both Tae Kang and Eun Sung know that Ji An is pregnant. Obviously, both of their reactions are different. Tae Kang is being honest and earnestly supports her till the very end. He is so nice to do house cleaning, cook a nice meal for her, and polish the shoes at Ji An’s house. Where can you get this kind of guy who is supportive? Tae Kang also just so curious about wanting to know whether the baby in Ji An’s womb is his. It is very obvious that whatever happens, he will take the responsibility of Ji An’s both child and pregnancy. He does admit that he starts to fall in love with her. In addition to that, he admires her sensitive personality as she shares her childhood days when she starts to like designing shoes.

On the other hand, I sympathize Eun Sung who is having a hard time after hearing from Ji An about her pregnancy. He even thinks about her from time to time. At first, I admit that I don’t like him from the beginning because of his jovial and cheesy personality he has including when he goes acting like a future son-in-law. However, he shows his genuine feelings to her that she does really like her not as a ‘pretend’ lover but a real one instead. I think most of the men don’t find it easy hearing that someone they love is pregnant. You can see that Eun Sung’s emotions are both sad and stressful at the same time. Eun Sung even save her from being scolded by her parents. It is nice to have Eun Sung and Tae Kang who helps her while she is facing obstacles. Let’s just say that they are like angels who will support her along the way.

I am glad to see some parts where Ji An exposes herself about motherhood through Manager Ma and Jun Hee. This does give her some time to think about what it will like to be a mother. Where is her mom when you need her so badly to talk to? I’m sure Ji An doesn’t want to tell her mother too soon about her pregnancy. Maybe later on, when the time is right, she will tell her mother and I’m sure that her mother will support her. That’s what mothers do. I like when Ji An looks into the future about having a daughter who has similar tastes and personalities as her. It is so sweet when I look at the mother and daughter time. For her, at least Ji An gets the picture of what is like to have wonderful times with the child. I will say this: always look on the bright side. I believe that she will be much happier with the child in her womb and have the love that she receives and gives to her close friends and family.

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