I Do, I Do Episode 7 Review

Episode Recap

Eun Sung confesses his love for Ji An but she just says that it would be better that they are not together. She adds that he is a good man and she is sure that there is a better woman for him. They go back inside and Ji An attempts to break the news. That is when Eun Sung stops her. He kneels in front of the families and calls off their marriage because he feels that it will not work out. All of the elders were shocked upon hearing from Eun Sung’s mouth.

After Eung Sung and his parents left, Ji An’s parents ask whether she is behind all this. They knew that she previously lied about the fake business trip. Her father orders her to go to Eun Sung and apologize to him. If not, he’ll do it himself. Ji An blurts out that she is pregnant. Both parents stare in disbelief as Ji An informs them that Eun-sung knows that it isn’t his. Her mother collapses. When she hears that her pregnancy was an accident, her mother cries and beat Ji An while she protects her stomach. As she protects her baby, she cries.

Tae Kang waits outside of Ji An’s apartment with his grandmother’s ring given to him by his father. It slips out of his hand. The rings roll until it meets Eun Sung’s feet and Eun Sung picks it up. They both wait. Tae Kang starts the conversation by saying that he has waited for more than two hours for this lady and he thinks she is working which is the reason why she has forgotten about meeting him up. He adds that she is a workaholic which reminds Eun Sung know someone like her. Tae Kang asks why Eun Sung would date such a woman and Eun Sung asks him the same question. Tae Kang smiles and said that he is not in love with her but just curious with love. When Ji An walks towards them, Eun Sung approaches to her. Tae Kang realizes that they’ve been waiting for the same woman. He hides behind the bush and Eun Sung brings her into the apartment.

Eun Sung sighs deeply at the sight of a nearly empty refrigerator. He mentions that he did not mean to be harsh towards her and her parents. Ji An asks if he’s here to apologize but he does not want to end the relationship like this. Ji An tells him that people tend to have their own lives while being guarded from others who will backstab them.

She tells him that she had told her parents about her pregnancy. She points out that this is the first time in her life that her mother hit her. In that moment, Ji An touches her stomach and doubts about what her life will be as days go by. In the end, she decides to keep the baby. Eun Sung, with a mix of relief and shock expressions, accepts her decision. Before he leaves, Ji An returns the shoe necklace to Eun Sung. They exchange a polite handshake as Eun-sung gives a final squeeze of her hand.

At the restaurant, Tae Kang is still having doubts about Eun Sung who had enter Ji An’s apartment. However, he thinks that maybe a friend or a relative as he believes that Medusa wouldn’t let just any guy in her house. Choong-baek points out that Tae Kang went to her place twice. Tae Kang defensively argues that he is not any guy. Choong Baek refers to him as tsukidashi (a tiny snack/appetizer) in Ji An’s life. He still doesn’t admit that he likes her. He storms out and cools off his steam.

Ji An settles in her office while she thinks back about the conversation with her parents on the previous evening. Her father let her make her own decision with her life and she didn’t need to get married. But on one condition: she has to go for an abortion. He’d given her three days to consider keeping the baby or keeping the relationship with her parents.

After thinking about it, Ji An buries her head on her desk. Tae Kang brings her lunch. He is about to ask about last night but her phone rings. It’s Eun Sung who suggests that Ji An receive prenatal care at his hospital. Ji-an politely refuses, since it would be awkward and uncomfortable to run into each other but Eun-sung insists that a doctor would maintain professionalism with his patient. Curious Tae Kang eaves dropping at the phone conversation until Na Ri gives him a surprise from behind. She invites Tae Kang for lunch at the rooftop.

One the rooftop, Tae Kang grumbles while chomping down the kimbap. He expected that Na Ri will bring him out for a fancy meal but she explains that it is odd to go out and eat alone. Tae Kang finds out that he is a month older than Na Ri. He goes on saying that he is the oppa but Na Ri is still his boss. Na Ri asks what kind of relationship he has with Ji-an. He tells her that Ji An falls under the ‘spam’ category of his phone list. Na Ri barely shows a smile.

Jun Hee and Ji An end up at Eun-sung’s hospital and Ji An ends up getting an ultrasound examination from Eun Sung. He applies the cold ultrasound gel on Ji An’s stomach which she feels that it’s cold. He maintains his poker face once the fetus comes into view as the he comes with a moody expression. Ji An notices his reaction and asks if there’s anything wrong, but he reports that it appears healthy. Jun Hee points out that Ji An didn’t hear the baby’s heartbeat last time. Ji An’s eyes grow wide at the sound of the beating heart fills the room and then asks to stop for a moment. She asks about the heartbeat as she says that her heard “Gudoo/Gudoo/Gudoo (shoe).” They think that she is cray. However, for Ji An she smiles while looking at the screen and hearing the baby’s heartbeat.

As Ji An places the cutest pair of pink baby heels at her shoe closet, she recalls the conversation with Jun Hee about the baby’s father. Ji An argued that they will not be living together but Jun Hee reminded her that half of her baby’s DNA belongs to him. Ji An is advised to keep an eye on factors like IQ and physical looks. So, she has to find out whether Tae Kang is the father.

She starts texting Tae Kang to bring pig feet to her house in 15 minutes. Tae Kang rushes over and then looks around her house. He asks her whether she is alone or not but she is not. He whines why she keeps ordering him around. Ji An reminds him that he’s her slave until he recovers that design. Tae Kang excuses himself to go to the bathroom. As he steps away, Ji An checks how tall is he. In the bathroom, Tae-kang hilariously praises himself in the mirror. Then, he sprays Ji-an’s perfume into the air and then rubs it on himself. Meanwhile, Ji An thinks about what she wants to ask Tae Kang. Unfortunately, she gets a phone call from Eun Sung who says that he is on his way to visit her. Tae kang runs into Eun Sung after he’s hurriedly ushered out the door. His imagination takes over as he fantasizes both Ji An and Eun Sung having a romantic evening. In reality, he sees that the lights from Ji An’s apartment are off.

Actually, Eun Sung gives her gifts: a star projection system and a relaxing sound machine to help her sleep. Ji An points out that he thinks he’s her Daddy Long Legs and Eun Sung says that he is. While looking at the projected night sky on the ceiling, Ji An shares her experiences with her family when she was young: she used to fall asleep on her father’s lap as a child and her mother used to shoo away the mosquitoes. She starts to cry but she says that it is her hormones. Eun Sung silently listens to her stories. They’re interrupted by Tae Kang at the door who angrily gives a business card to Ji An. He says that she should order pig feet herself and he storms out of her apartment. Eun Sung is in his car putting all the puzzle pieces together on the relationship between Ji An and Tae Kang. Tae Kang convinces himself repeatedly that he did the right thing. However, even though he thinks he is free from Medusa, but he drinks down a bottle of soju to ease his suffering.

Ji An looks at the projected sky while thinking about the same memory that she shares with Eun Sung. As she falls asleep peacefully, the adult Ji-an replaces the child Ji-an as Dad watches over as she sleeps and Mom shoos away the mosquitoes.

The phones keep ringing at the office because of the rumours: famous fashion designer, Jake Han, is joining the company. For Tae Kang, he just asks who Jake Han is. Suddenly, he mistakenly mops Jake Han’s shoes. Jake goes berserk about his shoes. On the other hand, Tae Kang taps on his shoulder to move so he can continue cleaning. Ji An walks in, surprised at first about his vist but she is displeased to hear that he’ll be the supervisor in their next project.

Bong Soo gives Tae Kang information about Jake Han who has awesome credentials. Jake Han is Na Ri’s friend. Bong Soo thinks that this is part of Na Ri’s plan on getting the stockholders to vote her as the next CEO. Tae Kang feels frustrated with their first meeting. He polishes even harder on Jake’s expensive shoes.

Na Ri apologizes that she didn’t inform Ji An about Jake’s arrival in the company. Ji An doesn’t budge as she tells Na Ri that she enjoys surprises. Na Ri continues to pressure Ji An by saying that she doesn’t need to be brave but Ji An points out that she can’t pretend that she is scared. She feels that it is an honour to work with the famous Jake Han. She sarcastically impressed with Na Ri’s ability to bring in a well-known designer in the company which, for sure, Na Ri will be selected as the next CEO. She give Na Ri a thumbs up.

At Na Ri’s office, Jake mentions that Ji An is Na Ri’s role model. He is curious about whether Ji An is a role model or a rival. Na Ri points out that Ji An is not considered to be her rival. Tae Kang brings in Jake’s polished shoes. When he is about to leave, Jake calls him out as ‘rag’. Tae Kang looks back and Jake kicks off his slippers. He wants Tae Kang to put the shoes on his feet. When Tae Kang hesitates, he say it out loud again in English. Na Ri tells Jake to stop fooling around but Tae Kang puts the shoes on for him. After Tae Kang leaves, Na Ri says to Jake in English ‘You suck!’.

Tae Kang’s father found the bad real estate man. He beat the man pretty bad. Both of them are at the police station in cuffs. Choong Baek hurries to call Bong-soo to find out where Tae Kang is.

Tae Kang is busy dancing to 2PM’s “Heartbeat” at a noraebang (karaoke). He is joining the party with the colleagues including Ji An, Na Ri, and Jake Han. He sings a few verses to Ji An ‘Listen to my heartbeat/Is beating for you’. Ji An turns down a drink which is offered from Jake. However,Na Ri says that this party is to welcome Jake into the company, Then, Jake gives her one bif glass of whiskey. Na Ri keeps asking to Ji An to drink as it is disrespectful for not accepting the drink from an honoured guest. On the other hand, Ji An thinks that it is rude to force someone to drink it. But Na-ri insists that it’s the Korean way to accept. Ji An attempts to take the drink but she is saved by Tae Kang as he grabs her drink and drink it in one shot. He proclaims himself as Ji An’s Black Knight and then continues to drink shot after shot. Then, he is completely drunk as he ordered Jake to give him another shot to the ‘rag’.

Bong Soo finds him, pulling him out of the room and telling that his father is in trouble. He has trouble trying to find a cab. Ji An pulls over and offer them a ride but she has to bring them to Incheon. After hearing that, Ji An asks them to get out of the car. But, in the end, she brings them to the police station at Incheon.

Ji An overhears Choong Baek explains that Tae Kang hits the man who scammed them out Tae Kang’s money. He also adds that Tae Kang sold their house to get his father out of jail. She finds out that his father made and sold knockoffs that led him to prison. She even recalls what Tae Kang lied about his father who worked at a shoe company. Suddenly, drunken Tae Kang shouts out that he wants to say something to Ji An. Ji An calmly walks up to him. Then, Tae Kang argues that how Ji An treated him badly even though he is being nice to her until he say that she is the first woman. Before he continues on, Ji An immediately places her hand to his mouth to shut him up.

Point of View

I start to see that Ji An is going to keep the baby. She has a change of heart in wanting to experience motherhood and love. She even heard the baby’s heartbeat that I believe she imagines of being a mother real soon. On the other hand, she has another obstacle which comes her way: her parents. In order to keep the relationship with her parents well, his father advises her to go for abortion. That is harsh and I thought that they are going to support her. Ji An is also having a hard time, you know. Your daughter is much more important than pressuring her to get married and you hope that she’ll leave her job behind. You could at least support what she is doing especially her being pregnant. After hearing what her father has to say, she is in a tight position. It’s either she’ll keep the baby or maintain the relationship with her parents.

Eun Sung has been quite annoying in this drama. He shows up every time when Tae Kang wants to know whether the baby is his. It’s awkward to ask Ji An to come over to his hospital to do an examination. He evens give him gifts. Eun Sung, you just announced in front of the elders that the marriage can’t go on. Why on earth do you keep looking for Ji An when she keeps on giving you hints of ‘Leave me alone’? It is very obvious that you have feelings for her. I know that you are really concerned about her pregnancy but come on, really? When she says no, she means it. When she wants to be alone to make a decision, she means it. So, just leave her alone until she says ‘you can come over and see me’.

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