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Episode Recap

Eun Sung walks up to Ji An and scolds her he’s been looking high and low for her. He’s been so worried that he nearly filed a missing person’s report and called her father. Tae Kang apologizes that he took Ji An against her will. However, she cuts off by saying what is he sorry about for. She thanks Eun Sung for his concern but she finds that he can’t be so angry about this. Eun Sung continues to quarrel with her until Tae Kang steps in and tells both of them that people who love each other shouldn’t fight like this. He places their hands in each other and advices them they should communicate and think of unborn baby. Because of that, both of them are shocked about what he just said. Tae Kang leaves and Eun Sung asks Ji An whether Tae Kang knew that she is pregnant. Ji An apologizes for the misunderstanding and she assures Eun Sung that she will tell Tae Kang about the pregnancy at work tomorrow.

Tae Kang waits right outside the gate and confronts Eun Sung about coming to the workplace and making a pregnant woman cry. Eun Sung politely tells Tae Kang to mind his own business but Tae Kang replies that he doesn’t want to see a woman cry. Tae Kang rudely introduces himself. Eun Sung asks Tae Kang about his age but he didn’t give him an answer. Formally, they start to shake hands and tighten each other’s grasp.
Ji An sits at home and telling herself that letting Tae Kang know about his unborn child is not a big issue. However, she imagines that Tae Kang is extremely happy and will take full responsibility. He and his father arrive at her house. His father claims her shoe closet as his room. Ji An shakes her head to come to her senses. Meanwhile, Tae Kang can’t sleep and Choong Baek advices him to cut ties with Ji An or else he’ll be heartbroken later on.

At work, he confesses that he knew that she is pregnant. He saw the ultrasound photo. He swears that he didn’t tell anyone about this. He carefully asks her how long she will keep this secret and she replies that she will let the others know after the collaboration. He is glad that the father of the baby is Eun Sung while Ji An doesn’t clarify that he is the father.

Tae Kang changes the subject by asking her about the shoe design training. She gives him a book about foot and ankle and asks him to memorize it. She adds that he needs to make 100 sketches. Ji An reminds him that he is the one who vow to do anything that he was told and loves to do all things in one go. Furthermore, she tells him to take this an opportunity to show to people who look down on him. Thus, he starts to do the homework which is given by her.

Bong Soo’s eyes are wide open as he hear shocking news from Tae Kang that he didn’t join Na Ri’s team. That is because he worries that he might not have the chance to be in the design team. He grabs Tae Kang by the collar but Tae Kang assures him that this is all part of his grand plan. He adds that Ji An chose him to be on her team as her protégé. He assures that Bong Soo will be in the team within the month which makes Bong Soo whine about waiting for one more month.

Ji An calls Eun Sung to let him know that she hasn’t tell Tae Kang the truth that he is the father. Eun Sung instantly volunteer to be the Baby Daddy until the collaboration is over. On one condition: she has to buy a camping car, with full of amenities like a bar and bathtub, for him. While hearing this, Ji An is surprised and then stares at the phone.

Tae Kang works hard in memorizing the book and drawing sketches. His father helps him by recording the texts into audio while Tae Kang doing some sketches. Ji An covers the face of the old lady because it creeps her out. Tae Kang enters the room and hand in his hundred sketches. Ji An starts off with praise but she knows that Bong Soo did some sketches. Tae Kang gives excuses by saying that Bong Soo helps him out by giving advices with the sketches. However, he receives a harsh punishment by redoing them and asks him to do another hundred sketches. In the pop quiz, he does quite well. Ji An talks to Ankle that his dad isn’t dumb.

Jake’s team goes out for an outing which makes Ji An decides to bring Tae Kang out to do the same. They go to a local park and grab a picnic spot to do some sketches. Tar Kang hands her a pint of milk and tells her that she hasn’t been wearing her killer heels lately. She does it to follow the doctor’s orders but manage to stabilize the heel length to avoid suspicion. Tae Kang voices out why women have to wear stilettos. Ji An is impressed and asks whether he asked his father the same question. He replies that he didn’t which makes him happy that he is making progress. Ji An reminds that it’s only the beginning but he couldn’t help but be proud of himself.

They sketch in the park together. Tae Kang falls asleep. Ji An curiously listen to his headphones and hears his father’s voice reciting the textbook. She sees Tae Kang’s bare feet and compares hers to his. She asks Ankle whose feet that he/she’ll take after. She falls asleep. Both of them have a short nap under the shade while their heads resting against each other. Tae Kang wakes up and Ji An’s head naturally falls against his shoulder. Tae Kang smiles and gently brushes his finger against her lips. He is about to kiss her but her eyes are slowly opened. To avoid being scolded by Ji An, he lies that there was a bug and he failed to shoo the bug away. Then, they go to the jokbal restaurant. Tae Kang goes moody and looks at Ji An who is talking with Eun Sung on the phone. After she leaves, he is left alone eating jokbal.

At the hospital, Ji An asks Eun Sung what is so urgent that he wants to see her. He informs her that they have a new doctor who is willing to take on the case. Eun Sung comes out and, a minute later, he comes in while wearing his glasses. He introduces himself as the Doctor Without Borders. This doctor is okay with business trips, e-mails, and phone inquiries. Ji An is told that a single doctor will take her case because of her notorious track record and behaviour. Thus, he believes that he is the only doctor who can assist her. She points out that she’s is not willing to show her uterus to a man that she just dated. Eun Sung tells her that he has dealt with his friends’ wives. Ji An finds it weird but Eun Sung says that they’re mothers. In the end, Ji An walks off and meet Jun Hee. She asks her to find a new doctor but she sarcastically says that she rather find a new husband for her. Ji An dangles a sold-out bag and Jun Hee decides to help her out.

Na Ri’s face light up when she gets a call from Madame Hang about dinner. However, she ends up going on a blind date which was set up by Madame Jang. This guy goes on about how they will live abroad and asks about her inheritance. She cuts in and whispers that they should go upstairs and have a good time at the suite. He drops the fork and he agrees to go with her. He is asked to go upstairs first. Na Ri escapes from the evil blind date and scolds herself for being stupid.

Tae Kang is at the rooftop while thinking about what Choong Baek and Na Ri has said that he’ll end up heartbroken. He turns around and sees Na Ri which he is scared because he thought that he saw a ghost. Na Ri suggests that they should go out and have drinks. They head over to Choong Baek’s restaurant and Choong Baek admires her beauty. Na Ri introduces herself as Tae Kang’s colleague. Choong Baek declares that she can order anything she wants and it’s free. In the kitchen, both Tae Kang’s father and Choong Baek enjoy watching Tae Kang and Na Ri enjoying their meal.

Ji An finds her mother at her apartment. She prepares some soup for Ji An. She nags about how messy the place is and how there isn’t anything in the fridge. Ji An gives her a back hug while both of them hold their tears. They sit to eat. Her mother tells Ji An that his father is not quite ready to face her after he hears about her menopause. Ji An jokes that she is healthy enough to deliver her child and assures her that she is fine by telling her mother that she talks to Ankle, her own prettiest body part. Her mother holds Ji An’s hand and tells her that she is jealous about her having an independent life. She lets Ji An know that she will support Ji An in her pregnancy. Her mother gets up to leave but Ji An asks her to stay over for the night. However, her mother says that she needs to catch the last train and adds that her father is waiting outside. By the window, she sees her father scolding her mother for being late and they leave. Ji An tells ankle not to mistreat the parents like she did.

In an open air, Tae Kang and Na Ri look over the city of Seoul. Na Ri asks about his family and he replies that he only has his father and he doesn’t have a mother. Tipsy Na Ri declares that she has two mothers. Na Ri reveals that she wants to be a shoe designer like her biological mother. However, no matter how hard she tried, she can’t beat the well-known shoe designers. Then, she breaks her heals and Tae Kang offers his sneakers for her to wear. They walk back home. At home, Tae Kang tries to fix the heel but hands it to his father because it is difficult. His father accidentally rips it and Tae Kang whines that the heels belong to the Vice President. In the end, both of them argue and almost cause more damages on the heels.

Ji An waits for the doctor, found by Jun Hee, who meets her requirements. She ends up getting Eun Sung as his doctor. He asks her about her parents as he was the one who as them to visit her. She thanks him for doing that. She agrees that Eun Sung will be her doctor. She will do her best to learn about pregnancy and motherhood. However, on the cervical tests, she needs to be examined by a female doctor which he agrees. They move on to check-up. He runs through the question until he asks her some embarrassing question which makes Ji An feels awkward. He even asks her to change her undergarments into maternity wear. What’s worse is that he shows her how to massage her breast if they get sore. In embarrassment, she is shocked while he keeps going with the massage and she escapes from him.

Bong Soo declares the heels are ruined and suggests that he should see his fortune teller. Tae Kang decides to tell Na Ri honestly about the shoes and promises to pay her back. She smiles and suggests that he gives her the sneakers which she borrowed last night. He goes downstairs and feels relived that he doesn’t receive any punishment from Na Ri.

Ji An calls him in and gives him a pair of heels. She asks him to wear these for a week and then write down his experience so he can understand why women wear heels. Tae Kang asks whether Ji An is not planning to marry Eun Sung. Ji An insists that she has no plans in marriage. Tae Kang tells her that Eun Sung is not willing to marry her and points out that he should be responsible for her pregnancy. Ji An tells him off that she makes her own decision and takes her own responsibility. She reminds him that he grew up with a single parent and asks him whether he is happy or not. Tae Kang replies that he didn’t’ feel lonely and unhappy.

Eun Sung is by the newborn ward and his colleague asks him about what is he thinking. He encourages Eun Sung to have babies with his lady friend if he likes kids that much. Then, Eun Sug asks about adoption. Doctor Yang knows that someone has make Eung Sung’s heart beating and he bets that Eun Sung will have a baby.

Na Ri buys a pair of shoes, which she recognizes, from the cleaning ladies who found them in the trash. Jake is impressed with the shoe design. Na Ri realizes that Tae Kang was the one who redesigned them.

Meanwhile, Tae Kang hobbles around in the heels in Choong Baek’s restaurant. He whines and still doesn’t understand why women will wear these heels. Then, he has a brilliant idea: dress like a woman. He changes his outfit, does waxing, and does his hair and makeup. The people were shocked then they see Tae Kang and Choong Baek walking at the street. The awkward thing is that Tae Kang adjusts his wardrobe in public. Also, he goes to the men’s bathroom. After dressing as a woman, he still has so many questions to ask. He already asked his father about the troubles that women have to dress themselves up. His father’s answer was women want to seduce men. Suddenly, Tae Kang notices that Eun Sung is dating with another woman, Jun Hee, at a nearby table. In his eyes, he sees Eun Sung massaging her hands. Eun Sung actually teaches Jun Hee about what she needs to do to help Ji An in her pregnancy.

Tae Kang gets up and to get ready to fight with Eun Sung while Choong Beak holds him back. Eung Sung shows Jun Hee how to reduce swelling in Ji An’s hand. Jun Hee points out that this is what the baby’s father supposed to do. She lets him know that the father is an employee at the same company where Ji An works. As soon as he is about to asks for his name, he gets the punch from Tae Kang which leaves Eun Sung a black eye. Eun Sung gets up as Tae Kang grabs him by the collar. They stare at each other and Ji An shows up and witness the fight.

Point of View

Tae Kang still hasn’t heard that the baby is his from Ji An. I feel so annoyed that Eun Sung just barges into Ji An’s business including when she needs time to have her own space. Doctor Without Borders, really? After hearing that Ji An is pregnant, you still want to be his doctor. Can’t you see her expressions on her face that reads ‘NO!’? When she says no, she means it. Yet, you still insist to be by her side. This means he has to be by her side until he is the one who delivers the baby. His words and actions are inappropriate. For example, at the café (in public), Eun Sung asks Ji An awkward health related questions and he shows her how to ‘massage’. Obviously, if I was Ji An, I will be so embarrassed especially when he is doing this in public. Eun Sung, for goodness sake, that baby is not yours. I wish that you stop being the annoying middle person between Ji An and Tae Kang.

I am glad that Ji An’s mother have calm down and support her daughter. She comes over to the house to be there for her. Also, she is willing to help Ji An along in her pregnancy. I cried a bit when there is the mother and daughter moment. On the bright side, her mother will give her advice on how Ji An should take care of her own health and unborn child. As for her father, he better reconsider to let Ji An to keep the baby. Actually, both of her parents will definitely support her since she is having a hard time with her health, relationship, and career. I do hope that when her parents find out that Tae Kang is the father. They will welcome him with open arms. I wonder if Ji An is going to marry Tae Kang.

In this drama, we see that both Ji An and Tae Kang are doing their bests to overcome problems through hard work and determination. Ji An is handling both motherhood and work while Tae Kang is improving his inner talents as a shoe designer and making sure that Ji An is happy. Thus, I am sure when they help each other out along the way, they will, for sure, achieve what they want and makes them happy.

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